May 30, 2024

You’ve likely heard of writers, bloggers, and other creators who use tools like ChatGPT in order to streamline their writing process.

If you’re like me and a skeptic, you may be a bit hesitant about using AI for your content.

Can this tool write well?” Does it have the right voice and tone? Does it work? “How can I use it?”

You don’t have to wonder any longer. I used ChatGPT for a blog and will tell you about my experience.

ChatGPT is a great way to generate ideas

Why not use ChatGPT to generate some ideas for your blog posts? I was directed to the main ChatGPT page after logging in with the free version.

ChatGPT provided 15 headlines and blog ideas after I typed my request (“Give Me Ideas for a Blog Post about Cats”) into the chat. Below are the first five.

Let’s go a little further. ChatGPT has responded to my second question, “Give ideas for a post on cat statistics.”

I liked the overall ideas that ChatGPT came up with. I liked that ChatGPT provided headlines and suggestions for how to approach a topic.

ChatGPT suggested that I present a list of popular cat breeds based on statistics collected from breed associations.

I like ideas that involve statistics. So, I chose the fifth suggestion from ChatGPT: “The Economics of Cat Care – How Much Does It Cost to Raise A Cat?” After I have decided on the topic, I can begin to outline my paper.

Pro tip: Be as specific as you can in your requests. ChatGPT provided more nuanced responses when I asked about writing a blog article on cat statistics. You’ll notice this pattern throughout the piece.

ChatGPT can be used to generate a blog outline

The chatbot responded by saying that I asked it to create a blog post based on the topic “The Economics Of Cat Care: What Does It Cost To Raise A Cat?”

ChatGPT has also provided a short paragraph that describes the breakdown of the outline.

This outline offers readers valuable tips on managing the financial aspect of raising a kitten. It covers everything from the initial costs to the ongoing expenses to unexpected situations.

This outline does a good job of separating the costs of cat ownership by initial expenses, ongoing expenses, and more.

But I wanted something more like my outline style, which included headings and underheadings. I then typed another prompt asking ChatGPT for a new blog outline that included subheadings.

This outline is better because it is more thorough than the last one, and the subheadings are short and to the point. ChaptGPT gives an excellent breakdown of what content should be included under each subheading. TheĀ final draft of your blog will be based on the second outline.

Writers have their style of planning their work and outlining it. Think about your preferred outline before asking ChatGPT for a system.

Use ChatGPT to write a blog post

Then, things became tricky. I sent two prompts to ChatGPT for the blog post. Then, I compared the results. In my first prompt, I asked ChatGPT for a blog post to be generated based on the second outline.

I also instruct ChatGPT that the Post should not exceed 800 words and use a positive, friendly, and conversational tone.

The first paragraph in ChatGPT’s posting is almost exactly what I was looking for:

“Hello, fellow cat lovers! You’re at the right place if you’ve wondered what the real cost is of owning a feline companion. Although cats are great companions, they also come with a lot of financial responsibility.

We’ll look at the economics behind cat care today and the costs involved in raising a kitten. We’ve got plenty to help you stay within your budget and provide the best possible care for your cat without going overboard. ”

The rest of the Post reads like an outline. Below is a screenshot.

The Post is mostly numbered and bulleted. I submitted another prompt asking the same question, but I left out the word “outline.”

ChatGPT’s first paragraph is similar to that of the original:

Hello, fellow cat lovers! You probably have a cat curled up on your lap or are seriously considering adopting a furry friend.

Although cats bring us so much joy, they are also a source of financial responsibility.

Let’s discuss the economics of cat care. How much does it cost to care for a cat? And how can you ensure that your feline friend receives the best treatment possible without going broke? ”

The opener is great because it captures the tone I want. The rest of the draft reads more like an outline.

I tried to regenerate the draft several times but got similar results. The bullets and numbers were still there.

Pro tip: When requesting an article draft from ChatGPT, specify the style, tone, and purpose of your piece. The more specific your instructions are, the better the AI will be able to produce the desired result.

Final Thoughts

Although I can see that ChatGPT saves writers time, it is not the method I prefer to generate blog posts.

The opening paragraphs were in line with my vision, but the rest was too bulleted for a blog post that reads like a conversation.

ChatGPT is a very useful tool for planning, for example, topic ideas and outlining.

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