May 22, 2024

Want to activate the WooCommerce Gift Wrap option in your online store? This post is for you if you plan to do so. We will show you here how to make the gift-wrapping feature in your store more powerful.

If you run an online shop and want to maximize sales, then you need to develop several strategies. There are many ways to increase sales. For example, you can add an opt-in form for leads, run BOGO campaigns (Buy One Get One), set up category discounts, etc.

Have you ever considered adding gift wrapping to your WooCommerce shop?

WooCommerce does not come with this functionality by default. With a WooCommerce-specific plugin, like YayExtra, you can add gift-wrapping functionality to your store and increase customer satisfaction.

No problems. This article will show you how to easily create a WooCommerce Gift Wrap option for your online store.

Before we go any further, let’s take a look at why a WooCommerce gift-wrapping plugin is suited for your online shop.

Why is adding a WooCommerce gift wrap option good?

They love to send gifts to people they care about. This is true for almost all occasions, including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. Perfectly wrapped gifts will spark curiosity and make them love the experience.

You can increase sales by providing your customers with beautifully wrapped gifts. They will also recommend your store to others who are looking for gifts to give to their loved ones.

The addition of a WooCommerce gift wrap is the best option for any online store.

How do I add the WooCommerce gift-wrapping option?

Use YayExtra to add the gift-wrapping feature to the store. This WooCommerce plugin for gift wrapping allows you to complete the task within three easy steps. You can complete the task in 3 steps with this WooCommerce gift wrap plugin.

Learn more about each option by looking at it.

Installing and activating the YayExtra plugin on your store is the first step. In this instance, I’ll be using the Premium version of YayExtra. After activation is complete, the plugin settings will appear under the YayCommerce menu option.

After you’ve done this, you can move on.

Step 1: Create a new options set

Open YayExtra and create a brand new option set.

Give the option to set both a description and a name. These data will not be visible on the front end. This is used to identify the set on the backend.

Let’s configure the device.

Configure the Options

This best gift-wrapping plugin for WooCommerce offers three configuration options.

You can find out more about the options by clicking here.


Product Description

Take a look at the different customization options.

1. You can find out more about the options by clicking here.

This is the main Configuration Wizard. You can choose to display custom fields on your product pages. Focus on this.

Click on the button to add a new option.

Give the option a title and choose the type. We will name it Gift wrapping and select the kind of Swatches.

Add the option values. Here, we will display our gift wrappings. Add as many values as needed. In this example, we’ll add three values.

Configure your options according to what you are interested in. Also, make sure you’ve selected the image. (There will be a small green dot at the top of the picture if it is set.

By going to advanced settings, you can add a CSS class. If you want to add custom CSS in order to style the field better, this option is helpful. This best WooCommerce plugin allows you to choose the swatches’ shape and direction on the same settings page.

We accept the default configuration options.

That’s it! You have now successfully added a field to your WooCommerce product pages! Click Save Changes to save your options.

Once you have saved the file, go to the Actions section.

2. Actions

It is not mandatory, but it will be useful in many situations. Use the action settings to add additional gift-wrapping charges. Configuration is easy. You need to create an action set first.

Configure the condition to suit your needs. Here is our condition:

If you choose to have your gift wrapped in red/white/black, an extra $5 will be added.

Next, we’ll select the products.

3. Product Description

Select the products that you want to use this option on. There, you can find all published products.

You can choose to select individual products or the entire range. In this instance, we’ll fix all the products. Click on the Set As Assigned button after choosing the products.

Select the Select by Conditions option if you want to apply it to products in a certain category.

Select the options that you prefer and then configure your product selection.

You are now ready to go. Then, save the settings.

Step 3: Make the Options Set Active

It would be best if you then made the option set active. It is not a difficult task. Activate the set after saving your options.

Check the front end for any changes. In the front end, you can choose from three different gift-wrapping options.

Clicking on a gift-wrapping image will show an additional $5 fee.

This is a success. YayExtra allows you to add a custom product in WooCommerce’s gift wrapping option without any technical knowledge or coding.

Wrapping up the Integration of WooCommerce gift wrap option

We know that it’s difficult to find an appropriate solution since WooCommerce does not have a wrap option. Beginners won’t feel comfortable with a code snippet in order to add the feature to their store. It can be messy and unfriendly.

YayExtra can help. YayExtra makes it easy to create extra WooCommerce options. Modifying the options for WooCommerce gift wrap is not difficult.

I would recommend adding a WooCommerce Gift Wrap option to your shop. What other methods will you use to increase the conversion rate? Share your valuable perspective! Don’t forget to speed up your WooCommerce website.

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