May 22, 2024

Hire a WordPress Developer who takes a holistic, integrated approach to content, design, hosting, and security.

This article aims to provide you with useful information about WordPress development and what to consider when hiring a WordPress Developer. BizBudding focuses exclusively on WordPress website development.

A Holistic Approach To Website Development

Website development involves much more than just hiring a designer and telling them to “go.” It would be best if you started with a plan to match a great design with content that is well-written and attracts search engine spiders. A website that is robust and impressive will be built by a developer who has mastered all web technologies, including content, management, and user experience.

Hire a WordPress developer that takes a holistic approach to web development. The combination of design and content, web hosting, and security is critical. In today’s highly competitive online world, speed and responsiveness are key. Most freelance WordPress developers will offer custom theme designs but then deliver code with either too many features or too much complexity. Or they may use a page builder to create your design. Page builders are easy to use and implement, but they can be overloaded with code. They also perform poorly. Make sure that your custom theme is built on a solid basis.

BizBudding, a leading website development company, has clients in the United States and abroad. With remote clients, project management is an essential skill. Two of our favorite tools for project management are Basecamp project management and Zoom video conferencing.

Our web professionals are full-time and understand both the front-end design of the user interface as well as back-end system development. Our team is made up of WordPress developers, network engineers, content writers, and graphic designers, who are all experts in user experience, web development, software testing, and hosting infrastructure. As part of our deployment method for web services, we also use version control.

WordPress developers must be able to understand all aspects of web development, including web servers, security, information technologies, web design, and MySQL. HTML5 is also important. Our team is always up-to-date with the latest web technologies to make sure your WordPress site performs well for you. We are WordPress experts with the knowledge to create and maintain high-traffic websites.

We are passionate about creating remarkable websites. Contact us before beginning your next website project.

WordPress Development

For years, open-source software has become a popular trend in the development of software. It offers many advantages over proprietary systems. WordPress, the most popular CMS (content management system), is open source. It is maintained and developed by a community of web developers. Google tends to rank websites that use WordPress CMS well.

BizBudding is a WordPress-only company. WordPress lets you customize your user experience through website themes and plugins. Our exppluginsin is creating custom themes and plugins for our plugin, allowing us to develop a popular and performant WordPress Theme. The Mai Theme is one of Genesis Framework’s most popular themes. Mai Theme has been used to build hundreds of custom websites for our clients. Thousands have used Mai Theme to create their websites. Check out our 5-star rating and reviews on social media!

Our WordPress theme and WordPress plugin are developed around the Mai Theme. You can rest assured that if we work on your site, it will run on the same code used on thousands of websites.

The WordPress theme is what drives the performance of a website. The article implements information architecture, content structure, and design. The wrong piece could be the biggest issue in terms of site performance.

WordPress plugins add functpluginsy to your site. Plugins are anothPluginsleneck that can affect performance. Some plugins are so complicated that they can’t be used on the Mai Cloud VIP hosting platform. We can suggest a core plugin set for yopluginsite.

We’ve also developed our own WordPress plugins to add cupluginsatures and functionality to our client’s sites. Our Mai Archive Pages, for example, allow you to create SEO-friendly and robust archive pages using blocks. You can customize the content that appears before and after the archive content in order to optimize your archive pages.

Get Mai Archive pages as part of the Mai Theme Pro bundle, which includes 12+ premium plugins, access to plugins Pattern Library, and everything from Mai Theme Essentials.

We are aware of the issues that can arise from poorly performing plugins and theme pluginsigned the Mai Theme so that it is lightweight, performant, and feature-rich. It’s also fast and secure. Mai Theme has been used by hundreds of websites, with tens and millions of page views per month.

We regularly attend WordCamps and are involved with Make WordPress has a lot of great content for those who want to learn more about WordPress or get involved with the community.

We Offer Custom Website Design Services

It is important to plan and design membership websites to ensure that they balance the free and restricted content, as well as the incentives and requirements to join. We have developed paid and free membership areas, protected file downloads, and other features that are only available to members, such as post/trip/event/submission submissions, commenting on posts, product discounts, and more. There are no limits to the possibilities, and only your creativity is limited. Analytics drive our decisions.


Ecommerce is a term that can be used to describe many different things by different people and companies. The time is used to describe any website that accepts payments directly on its site. Payments could be made for a digital download, membership, or course. For most ecommerce, we love WooCommerce. But sometimes Easy Digital Downloads and Gravity Forms are better solutions to achieve the goals more efficiently. We have built custom ecommerce sites for apparel displays, product filtering, 1-page checkout flows, and more. We make each website from scratch to address the specific needs of our clients and drive revenue.


The planning and functionality of courses are very different from memberships and ecommerce. We’ve created and configured many features for our custom solutions, including free vs. paid, quizzes and certifications, topics and lessons, as well as course progress. Digital courses for our clients feel intuitive and encourage learning in a contemporary environment. Many of our clients have also implemented features such as Facebook comments, Facebook private groups, social login, and other community-based tools with their courses.

Calendar Event and Directory Sites

A directory website must have a functional and clean UX, or else users will quickly become frustrated and leave. The same thing applies to directory entries, whether user-submitted or managed by a website editor/administrator. BizBudding places usability, functionality, and speed at the forefront of all our decisions when creating websites, including directories. We have built websites to display consultants, coaches, events, and much more. Often, front-end (public) user-submitted content is required for automatic display.

Merging, Combining, and acquiring websites

We can help businesses that have multiple websites or website acquisitions combine content and domains from different sites into one website. It can also help with SEO and user navigation. Should connect multiple websites with care. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration. We have allowed clients to connect websites in order to improve their business and boost SEO and content.

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