May 30, 2024

Social community sites come in all shapes and sizes. They can be public or private, based on a membership, or just open for everyone. And the focus can range from crazy golf to professional networking and everything in between!

WordPress is the best option to use for developing your social media network website or application.

It’s a very flexible content Management System (CMS) – accounting for more than 60 percent of the total CMS market. WordPress provides a wide range of powerful themes and plugins from companies around the globe, including as well as paid.

Are you ready to create your social network? We’ve put together an inventory of the most popular eleven WordPress themes and plugins for social communities you can utilize to increase the traffic to your site and interact with your customers.

The Best WordPress Social Plugins

Because social networks are so reliant on significant communication components, you’ll require a website for community members that allows users to log in. However, it also provides the ability for members of the community to communicate with each other, engage in various kinds of content, connect to groups, and so much more.

There is a good chance that there are many community-based plugins you can use on your WordPress website, which will save you time and money in creating the functionality on your own.


BuddyPress will be the very first among the WordPress community plugins that must be addressed.

The core of community sites and social networks created with WordPress is BuddyPress. It’s a great base for any community website that you’re planning to develop.

It is possible to imagine BuddyPress being the best and most effective method to create an online social network. It comes with an administration section that lets you manage your community’s website.

It also includes tools for managing profile profiles and activity streams, as well as interactions and reactions to posts, internal communications, and many more.

There are more than 500 themes and plugins designed to be compatible with BuddyPress. Start by using this, and you’ll be able to choose a variety of integration options and the ability to make use of free themes and plugins throughout the process that can assist you in continuously improving your site.


If you’re looking to start conversations in your community, Forums are the ideal place to build connections, get assistance, and generally become involved in your business. bbPress is among the top well-known social plugins that you can install on your WordPress website.

bbPress allows you to create a WordPress bulletin board or forum to facilitate discussion and interaction among users of your website.

It’s designed to be fast and easy for administrators of sites. It’s the ideal plugin for setting up your forum.

If you’re looking to ensure that your discussion board integrates with the theme you’ve picked and the plugins you’re using to run your website’s features, You can be sure that it’ll work with bbPress, too since it’s compatible with 200 extensions.


If you’re in search of an all-in-one, powerful plugin to manage subscriptions on your membership site, MemberPress is ideal for you.

MemberPress is the ideal WordPress membership plugin for sites that are looking to sell online courses, set up an exclusive forum for members, or other features. It is perfect for areas that are just starting and working out what features they should include, as well as strong enough for those who are more advanced. It’s powerful and feature-rich.

It is packed with features like the ability to accept payments, manage what content users can view, sell digital downloads, and much more, all with an easy-to-use user interface and a robust customer support system.

“MemberPress handles subscriptions and has an account for users, a User Account Dashboard, as well as a complete REST API. Plus, it makes use of the power and versatility of WordPress.

MemberPress includes all this right in the box. This is why it’s a great option for those who want to create an app but don’t want to stress about having to reinvent the wheel to implement the account and payment pieces.

This is why MemberPress is an excellent tool for testing new companies, MVP, and many more. We are seeing a rising number of clients who are using MemberPress for this purpose and are enjoying tremendous results.”


JetEngine is a cutting-edge solution that lets you create a membership site starting from scratch. It’s a fantastic option to begin the process of laying the foundation for various types of membership sites.

You can create multiple memberships, create membership plans, add user profiles, and modify their pages. You can then restrict access to pages according to the user’s role, add front-end forms to serve various purposes (submitting feedback, content, feedback, etc. ), set the payment configurations, and then manage visibility for content.

The membership plugin for developers allows complete customizable features that will enable you to build a membership-based website with the basics (custom post types as well as custom taxonomies, content types, etc.).) as well as sophisticated features (dynamic transparency, REST API Pro, file Builder and Query Builder, etc.

For instance, SheSapiens created her community and membership website using The JetEngine plugin.

The JetEngine plugin integrates with the Gutenberg editor for WordPress and the Elementor page builders. Additionally, a Bricks builder integration is in the works.

To summarize the point, this plugin for membership is ideal for WordPress developers who wish to design websites for their clients completely from the ground up.

Nextend Social Login

There are a variety of Social media-related sharing plug-ins which contain WordPress plugins in features. You may, however, only require a plugin to manage the login feature pluginelf.

If so, you’re in the right place. Nextend’s social login and registration is an excellent option.

The WordPress social login plug-in offers your customers the option of logging into Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. It’s a light plugin that makes configuration easier, which means you’ll be able to spend more time running your business.

“It’s not simple to attract more potential customers and visitors for your site, so I believe it’s crucial to allow them to become members of your site in the shortest time possible. The Next End Login to Social Login is the simplest and most efficient method to turn those visitors into users of your site .”

“If you’re not sure if you should install an account login for social media on your WordPress website, I suggest taking a look at the following blog article, which provides a number of reasons why having social login options for your visitors is vital for your site.

Content Censor

Another plugin you could require to run your WordPress forum or community is Content Censor. It’s simple to install and is ready to use out of the box. Plugin on the type of website and the user base. Depending on the kind of website and user base you have, you may need to limit certain types of content, like profanity and sexual content, from being shared in forums. The automatic moderation of this content will likely help you save time in the future.

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