May 30, 2024

Starting a new business is difficult. Enter the concept of the Minimum Viable Product, also commonly referred to as an MVP. Eric Ries coined the term in The Lean Startup.

An MVP is a variant of a service or product that allows you to gather the highest amount of validated knowledge about customers using the minimum effort.

By doing this, the company can assess the value of its product’s marketability by experimenting with variations and new versions with feedback from users and then improving the quality of its development.

One of the most effective methods of building your first version of your business for an affordable cost yet with top-quality output is to use WordPress to create it.

There’s a high possibility that the features you require in the initial version of your app, including billing, managing users, and all the way into the interface for users for your app, are already provided by a WordPress solution.

You’ll be able to effortlessly put these ideas together into an encapsulated, fully functional, and functioning initial draft of the business concept. In this post, we’re going to demonstrate the reasons why WordPress is the perfect platform to build your MVP.

Zapier Mobile App Creation MobiLoud Wrapping Up

According to what Eric Ries summed up in a TechCrunch interview, “Don’t become in a hurry to make it huge. Don’t be in a hurry to build a successful product.”

An MVP can help you save several months spent on development in comparison to when you build everything completely from scratch.

Through making an MVP, You can begin to investigate the needs of your customers and wants by assessing those assumptions early in the development process.

In a nutshell, it is this the goal you must accomplish by using an MVP:

Be attentive, speak to real users, and find out how they interact with it and benefit from it.

Learn from the early adopters, take it, and use it in the future creation of the application.

The benefits of Using WordPress to build your MVP

Don’t waste thousands of dollars creating your first website or application for your company.

Making an MVP using WordPress is a great method to begin your business by allowing you to test your assumptions early with a practical solution.

This gives your company the chance to choose the ideal combination of pricing, product, and marketing to create a solid customer base.

The first version of your website using WordPress is a good idea due to a variety of reasons:

It’s a tried-and-tested solution that has strong features for anything from managing content users’ registration, login, and content management. Websites like that of the New Yorker, TechCrunch, CNN, and Time all operate on WordPress!

There are tutorials, plugins, or a theme that will help you build the majority of the functionality you require because you go through the WordPress plugin directory, which has more than 55,000 plugins. It will help you reduce Time and cost when building your product.

Make your website design simple thanks to websites like ThemeForest, which provides hundreds of WordPress themes.

Websites such as Upwork have experienced WordPress developers on hand to assist you with the creation of your website If you require.

Find new ways to grow your business by converting your website into an app for mobile devices by using a service such as MobiLoud.

You can always choose to update your website in the future when your business is growing, and you are able to afford the resources of a staff of programmers.

WordPress is a mighty tool with a wide range of themes, plugins, and features that can be used in the development of an MVP.

However, it would be best if you utilized the correct tools to build the basic aspects of your website’s products or services.

Start your site with in a matter of minutes, and then alter it according to your needs.

If you create the product completely from scratch, then it’s likely to take several weeks or even months before the first version is completed.

With WordPress, the timeframe could be reduced to only days if you’re using appropriate tools.

After that, you’ll be able to start collecting feedback from your market.

Easily Create a Mobile App for Your Startup

It’s a popular question and one that is difficult to answer since every business is unique. In general, If you notice that people are using your service or app often throughout the week via a mobile device, then it could be a good idea to have an app.

We, as consumers, consume the majority of our time using mobile apps. A presence in the app store on both the iOS and Google Play stores can be an enormous advantage when it comes to acquiring new customers for testing your MVP.

Apps are the place where people spend the majority of their Time, and you should think about the ways you’re mobile footprint (or absence) will impact your business.

When it’s available in App stores and is optimized for searches and searches, your MVP is now available to an extensive market, both on desktop as well as mobile.

What is the significance of this?

According to the comScore Global Mobile Report, More Time is spent on mobile apps than on the mobile desktop and web.

Mobile apps are the perfect way to start and test your MVP in order to see results in a short time.

Many successful companies have created apps in conjunction with their desktop presence and achieved great success. Instagram was initially an exclusively mobile platform. The New York Times regularly releases new apps, like the cooking app as well as NYT VR. For startups in the media industry, there is a compelling argument that creating apps is stronger than ever before.

When companies are trying to find ways to compete in the digital world, mobile apps can assist them in bridging the gap.

For instance, The report from the 2017 Mobile App Report from ComScore reveals the dominance of mobile apps on the device percentage of Time spent on digital media.

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