May 30, 2024

Instagram is the most popular social media platform on the Internet.

Around one billion people use Instagram monthly, about 13 percent of the global population.

Also, 80 percent of Instagram users follow one or multiple businesses, and 72 percent of users purchase a product they saw first on Instagram.

These statistics all point to one crucial insight: Instagram can be a goldmine for businesses and entrepreneurs.

How can you tell if your Instagram account is successful?

You might first think about obsessing over your Instagram follower count. However, your Instagram engagement is an even more critical metric.

This article was created to address this exact issue. We’ll show you today how to calculate your Instagram engagement rate.

What is the Instagram engagement rate?

Your Instagram engagement rate can be calculated by dividing the total number of likes and comments you receive on each post by the number of followers you have.

Engagement rates are important metrics to monitor, showing how often your audience interacts with the content you post. They also force you to focus more on essential data than vanity metrics, such as your number of followers.

What is a reasonable engagement rate on Instagram?

Let’s be clear: no “universally good” engagement rate exists. Ideal engagement rates are dependent on many factors. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

You can use various engagement rates to help you determine how you want to measure engagement.

The average engagement rate for Instagram can range from 1 to 5 percent.

You’ll need to research the average engagement rate in your industry to get a better idea, but you can use this range as a baseline.

Remember to keep this range in mind, but it is not concrete. For example, you are doing well if your engagement rate is 0.85%.

You want to reach the highest possible goal. You’ll typically look at an engagement rate between 1-3 percent. Engagement rates of 5 percent and above are considered high.

How to increase your Instagram engagement rate

We’ve now covered how to calculate your Instagram engagement rate. Let’s get down to the good stuff.

You’ll learn our top tips to increase your Instagram engagement and get inspiration from real-life content.

There are many ways to boost engagement on Instagram. The key is to do five things:

Posts should be timed well.

Use the correct hashtags and captions.

Instagram Stories: How to make the most of them.

Giveaways and contests are a great way to get people involved.

You can use omnichannel marketing for Instagram to increase your presence.

This article will guide you through these strategies and show you how to maximize your IG engagement.

Improve your Instagram profile, and your Instagram activity will increase your engagement rate. Need help with how to do this? Find out more!

Timing Is Key

Our research shows that the best time to post to Instagram during the week is at midday. You’ll have better success posting in the evenings since most Instagram users use their mobile devices and avoid browsing during working hours.

The best day to post is Wednesday, while Sunday has the lowest engagement.

According to research, you should post to Instagram between one and three times daily. Major brands, on average, post 1.5 times a day.

You’ll need to create a lot of content to keep up with the pace and maximize your Instagram engagement. Check out our video for tips on producing compelling Instagram content.

Use hashtags to increase your Instagram engagement

Look at the popular hashtags among your target audience, competitors, and even Instagram influencers.

If you sell sunglasses, your first step is to check #sunglasses using Instagram’s Explore function.

Then, you can check out the most popular posts and see which hashtags have been used to create highly engaging posts.

There are many businesses to choose from. Gymshark They have their hashtags. You can use any competitors’ branded hashtags to understand better what type of Instagram content your audience is most interested in.

You can also use tools to search for popular Instagram hashtags, such as Seekmetrics TagBlender and InstagramTags.

Remember that you can use as many hashtags as you want per Instagram post. However, it is optional to fill your captions with hashtags.

Select your hashtags with care. They can attract a new audience to your Instagram posts.

Bonus: Check out our top 100 Instagram hashtags list to get likes.

Choose Your Captions With Care

Your Instagram engagement rate can be greatly increased by the captions you use for your posts.

You can use Instagram captions to add context to your posts and to engage and delight your audience.

Take the example of YouTuber IAMKARENO, who used Instagram’s multi-image feature to create a post that she captioned, “1 or 2?”

This simple technique encourages her fans to interact with her content by leaving a message on their preferred picture.

This strategy will work wonders in increasing her Instagram engagement rate.

Take inspiration from the post of popular fitness model Steve Cook, who added in his caption, “Hit like and save this for next ab workout.”

It’s a win-win situation. His audience can access the video later with Instagram’s feature “Posts you’ve liked,” he gets more likes for his content—a win-win situation.

There’s plenty of room for experimentation with your Instagram captions. Feel free to try out different approaches and see what works best.

BONUS Check out our list of 200+ of the best Instagram captions for your content.

Use Instagram Stories

More than 500,000,000 people are using Instagram Stories every day. This is a large number.

Even though Instagram Stories statistics are not included in the calculation of engagement rates, they are still essential to increase your Instagram engagement.

Why? Instagram Stories is a great way to keep your followers interested, provide more personal, spontaneous content, and direct them to your other Instagram posts or your store.

The Instagram Story is a simple one, but it engages the audience and directs them to content they are likely to find attractive with just a single tap.

Their blog is also on the same domain name as their online shop – if you’re not careful, you might buy something after a few clicks.

Instagram’s algorithm makes it more likely that users who interact with certain accounts will see their content in the future.

Instagram Stories is a great feature to keep your engagement high on the platform.

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