May 22, 2024

Website Marketers always tell you to create an email list, to use “autoresponders” and “follow-ups,” and to set up email funnels. Still, they rarely explain what Email Automation actually is and how this relates to Website Marketing.

Email Marketing Automation plays a vital role in website marketing. However, it is not well understood and often overlooked due to the other tasks that need to be completed. Unfortunately, it’s easy to make yourself fail before you even start.

What is Email Automation?

Email marketing definition: The strategy of email automation involves using software to send personalized and targeted emails based on certain events or timelines. In place of sending emails manually, they are sent based on the actions (triggers) or preferences of users. This method improves engagement and timeliness, nurtures leads, and streamlines customer journeys while saving businesses time.

Email Automation: How to Get Started

I have written about how email marketing can be a great tool for your business. But don’t get so excited that you set up your signup form and email list in a hurry and miss out on important steps.

The content and copywriting part of email marketing may appear as the most difficult part. However, with the right framework, it can be an easy part of your sales channel.

The wrong email marketing tool, the wrong automation workflows, the false lead nurturing sequences, or the poor customer experience can be very dangerous.

It is for this reason that I set you on the correct path rather than letting you dive into the technology and write a series emails that damage your customer relationships instead of improving them.

The Importance of Getting Email Automation Right from the Very Start

Ideally, everything should be set up right from the start of your website marketing so that your customers and prospects get the best brand email experience.

We have all had bad experiences with email marketing.

You can imagine how I feel about their brand now. I won’t name any names, but I know of a few companies that have beautifully designed templates for emails. However, they continued to email me after I unsubscribed or marked them as spam.

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Begin collecting emails from day 1

Even if the only thing you can offer to your subscribers is future emails, every website should collect email addresses.

Every time someone visits your site, you have an opportunity to make them return. Don’t miss out on a potential subscriber because you are not prepared.

You should have a web page that you can send to people, explaining what they will get if they join. Tell them the benefits they are expecting.

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Decide Your Email Automation Strategy

It’s better to have your email strategy in place now rather than trying to turn around the tanker later after you’ve spent countless hours and done technical work on your CRM.

A well-crafted email sequence that is built incrementally and in phases using email automation software can be more effective than a large buildout based on false assumptions. Your subject lines or social media shares will not matter if you can’t get your subscribers to act and make money.

Rather than rushing in without preparation, create smart, automated, strategic email campaigns to attract, convert, engage, and retain new customers.

High-Reward Automated email sequences

Lead Acquisition Flow – Gain subscribers who match your most desired potential customers. Send them welcome emails and nurture them with a richly rewarding following sequence.

Sales Conversion Flow – Sending highly relevant and personalized emails will increase conversion rates.

Post-purchase onboarding After initial transactional emails like the order confirmation email, send customers follow-up messages that educate and inform them about the product that they just purchased. Email automation can be used to create onboarding drip campaigns that provide customers with the information they require. This will reduce churn and prevent refunds.

Customer Retention Nurture This is automated emailing to people you already know! Send a re-engagement email to someone who has gone cold. Warmer customers can receive an upsell in order to encourage them to buy more or upgrade.

Cart Abandonment Flow – Abandoned cart email is a type generated by your ecommerce system or through integrations. It is intended to bring the customer back if their checkout process is interrupted.

The most important thing is to use autoresponders or follow-up sequences. This will help you attract new leads and convert them into paying customers. It will also limit the number of lost sales.

By implementing and optimizing just the first three email workflows, you will have a powerful, profitable sales engine that will bolster your marketing strategy.

Marketing automation tools can provide you with real-time metrics and customer data.

You can then start using the A/B testing and segmentation features of your marketing software. But it would be best if you also considered the overall strategy.

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