May 22, 2024

Do you have questions about the Ultimate Blocks plugin? You won’t have any problems after reading this guide. I will discuss all the features in detail and share my own experience.

Since I started using Gutenberg, the task of posting content has been made much easier. Prior to that, I had spent a great deal of time coding custom blocks, such as those for FAQs, important notes, etc.

My problem was resolved after I installed the Ultimate Blocks plugin. The plugin has a lot of pre-built blocks. You only need to download it, and all the options will be available by default in the “Add Blocks” WordPress setting. Let’s take a closer look!

Ultimate Blocks Plugin – A Quick Overview

The Ultimate Blocks plugin is an excellent addition to the Gutenberg block editor. It adds additional blocks and features. It’s designed to give WordPress users more control and flexibility when they post or customize content.

Gutenberg has been the default WordPress content editor since 2018. The Gutenberg block editor was introduced in 2018. It allows users to create content and arrange it using different blocks, such as headings, paragraphs, and images.

Gutenberg’s block editor has a few limitations. You must use coding to add new features, such as a featured or bordered box with an image. The only option for those who don’t know how to code is to leave them behind.

This plugin provides ultimate blocks to solve coding issues. You can customize the color of the border and background to add buttons, tables of content, styled lists, testimonials, and more.

8 Admirable Features Of Ultimate Blocks Plugin

The Ultimate Blocks plugin has many features that I find most appealing. Install the Ultimate Blocks plugin on your site before you can use any of these features. This can be done easily by clicking on ” Plugin in the WordPress Dashboard.”

Table of Content

Each article should have a table of contents. In this day and age, we have little time to read. We want the information that is relevant to our topic.

Imagine you have written a detailed post about “How To Fix Errors Establishing Data Connection Issues.” The main solution section is located after the introduction and the second heading in the article. This is where you address the causes of error.

A table of contents is essential for a website. If it’s missing, users will leave rather than scroll the whole page to find the answer. With a table, your readers can quickly find specific topics or sections within your content.

The Ultimate Blocks plugin makes it super simple to add blocks to your website. Click on the Add block or ( + ) icon. Click on the icon, then type ” Table of Content in the search box and choose this option.

After adding the table, you can customize it to your liking. With a few mouse clicks, you can modify the table’s layout, add or remove headings, change the text and background color, and even change the font.

Review & Button

Imagine you’re a competitor with a similar business website. How can you convince them to trust you instead? You can show that you are credible and experienced by using ” Testimonials.”

Testimonials act as social proof by showing potential customers positive feedback to build trust. It was difficult to add reviews before Ultimate Blocks Plugin because you either had to learn coding or buy a theme with a testimonials page.

If you are writing a review of a product, appealingly summarize your points and encourage your readers to respond to your call to action! The Ultimate Blocks plugin output for the Review Block can be seen below.

It’s easy. You only need to click on ” Block ” and type ” Reviews ” in the search box. Click on the ” Reviews” button when it appears.

It’s the same for adding buttons to a web page. You can add “Call to Action” buttons by typing “Buttons” in the search bar.

Want to know how the Ultimate Blocks Pro Button appears? Below is a screenshot. You can customize the icon and color as per your preferences.

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