May 22, 2024

TikTok is quickly becoming one of the top destinations on the internet. The amount of TikTok users across the globe is expected to surpass 800 million by 2023 and around 900 million by 2024. The app’s popularity and reach mean it’s the perfect platform to advertise your business or product.

As with every marketing channel, it’s a bit dark if you’re unable to track the correct metrics. In this article, we’ll walk you through the crucial TikTok metrics to monitor to learn more about the effectiveness of your content and improve your TikTok strategy.

How do I access TikTok analytics?

When you’ve migrated to the TikTok Account for Business, you are able to get analytics directly from the application. You can also utilize an analytics tool from a third party for a more comprehensive analysis of your performance and compare results across various social media platforms. A few of the most popular tools include.

Follower growth rate

This measurement shows how fast your account is gaining new followers. A steady growth rate of followers indicates that you’re providing relevant content to the people you want to reach. To determine your growth rate over a specific date period, subtract the followers count at the start of the period from the number of followers at the close. Then, divide the result by the number of followers at the beginning. Followers. To calculate the rate of growth as a percentage, multiply the number by 100.

Engagement rate

This measure measures the amount of interaction your posts generate by calculating the number of likes and comments. It’s a good indicator of the degree to which your content resonates with your audience. Take a look at the amount of engagements you receive per video and followers. For instance, to determine the percentage of engagement per video, multiply the number of meetings for each video by the number of viewers and multiply the result by 100. If a film with 200 views receives ten sessions, your engagement ratio is five percent. Compare the engagement rates of your videos to determine which ones are doing the best.

Total time of play

This measurement shows how much your viewers spend viewing your content. The longer the time spent playing is, the more enthused viewers are with your content. This is an excellent indication of how engaging and captivating your content is.

Watched the full video

This measurement shows how many viewers watch your video through. It’s crucial to examine this number in relation to the total number of views on your video since it provides you with a greater comprehension of whether your content is getting the attention of viewers. For instance, a lower retention rate might be a sign that people are losing interest in your videos or that your content is too long.

Views per Follower

Your TikTok videos will also appear in the feeds of users who aren’t your followers. To figure out the number of videos per follower, take the number of views a video receives by the number of people you’ve followed. For instance, if your video receives 110,000 views but you only have 1,000 followers, the number of videos per follower is 10. This is a great gauge of the extent to which it is reaching out beyond the followers you have.

Follower tab metrics

The Follower tab of TikTok analytics will provide you with additional information on your target audience. Understanding your target audience is crucial for a successful marketing plan. If you have a clear understanding of your customers and their interests, you can customize your posts to make them feel more effective.

“Gender” and “Territory” provide you with basic information on the gender makeup of your target audience, as well as the location they’re located. You can also get additional information about your target audience by looking at their TikTok behavior.

YouTube videos watched by followers

This measurement shows which videos on different accounts the followers of yours have watched. By analyzing who is watching what content, you can gain more insight into what kind of content your followers are the most interested in.

Best practices to increase the size of your TikTok account

Once you’ve got a grasp of your target audience’s preferences, you can create content. Here are some of the best ways to increase the number of followers on the reach of your TikTok account.

Create hashtag challenges with a branded hashtag. These challenges can be branded and are an excellent way to engage people about your brand. Additionally, it promotes the creation of content by users.

Collaboration with influencers. Reach out to influencers within your area who have an engaged audience and invite them to work with you.

Make use of Promoted content and TikTok ads. Promoted posts and ads will help to increase the visibility of your content and get it to more people.

When you share your content on TikTok, make sure your image shines! Highlight your unique perspective and be imaginative. Content doesn’t always have to be perfectly polished–authenticity is key.

Create effects that are branded to appeal to TikTok users. Branded effects can be a fantastic method of attracting people to share your video content on their own.

Up your social game

TikTok is one of the numerous social media channels available. It’s crucial to be active on several channels. However, each platform has distinct advantages and features. To help you get the most out of each forum, We’re developing guides for the most well-known platforms. Look over our Motive Guide to Instagram, which is geared towards e-commerce.

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