May 22, 2024

Ranking content in search engines can be important for anyone who publishes a website. Still, it is especially so for those who earn money, whether through ads, selling their products, or affiliate marketing. You should use a WordPress Theme and Plugins that work with your SEO rather than against it.

I’ll show you how Mai Theme has rescued my maker blog from the brink and brought it back to the first page, even ranking #1 on Google.

How Mai Theme Helps Search Rankings

The combination of the Mai Theme and SEO approach can boost rankings for several reasons.

It is well-coded, so it doesn’t introduce lags or errors in your HTML Markup. This means Google can quickly read and understand your content.

You can customize what Google sees and in what order.

Blocks let you highlight and prioritize certain content.

What does it mean in practice?

It would be best if you had a strong foundation before you even consider ranking your content. If you don’t have a solid foundation, then things can happen like:

Once you’ve got a valid and fast code, you can begin optimizing.

Themes developed over the past couple of years may not have been as up-to-date as Mai Theme. I switched to the Mai Theme even though I liked the look of the theme.

My site (and others) have suffered from a failure in that the content grew organically rather than planned. This is due to ADHD and its ADHD-fueled bouts of excitement. Do as I say, not as I do, I guess!

It means that my categories and tags have not been well developed or thought out.

The Mai Theme lets you add content to archive pages, so Google doesn’t dismiss them as “thin,” unhelpful, and ineffective.

The Mai Theme lets you customize the way your categories and archives appear:

Use blocks to improve usability and linking

You can also take your pages to the next level with the Mai Archives Pages plugin, which is included in the Mai Pro Pack. Instead of using a wall of text, you could use blocks before or after the archive listings.

Using the Mai Archive Pages Plugin, you can add block-based content.

I like how Wellness Mama went one step further and added “Trending Articles” that show the most recent blog posts. Then, the chronological listing follows:

See how Wellness Mama uses our Mai Archive Pages Plugin.

The Mai Posts Grid plugin allows you to do this. You can display a grid with various automatic options. But you can also manually select the posts that you want to highlight.

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The SEO Hierarchy in Articles and Keywords

You can choose which elements to display in an article using Mai Theme. This is a great way to optimize what Google and its readers see.

You may want to turn off the author box on posts by the main author if you have a blog with multiple authors.

You can choose whether you want an article to appear before the content or not.

Do you want the featured images to be embedded into the article or only as teaser thumbnails?

Rich markup is the best way to ensure that Google will make your search result listing stand out.

This is a great example: my article got site links because I used a table of contents, and I also received a nice snippet when I highlighted my TLDR using a group block.

The conclusion

It could be your WordPress site’s foundations that are holding your website back.

Check out blog SEO tactics if you already own Mai Theme to tune up your site’s architecture and content process!

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