May 30, 2024

In this post, I’m going to show you how Related Post plugins for WordPress will help you increase the time users spend reading your content.

There is a wide range of plugins that can help you add a related posts section to your website.

By using these plugins, you will be showing your readers more content that interests them. This will not only keep them on your page longer but will allow you to be seen as more of a subject matter expert.

What are the reasons to install the Related Posts Plugin for WordPress?

These WordPress plugins can make suggestions to your visitors according to the current page they’re on.

This will keep your readers occupied for longer and engaged while also taking in more information.

We all have been in the habit of purchasing something on Amazon because it is related to another item.

This is why I ended up with a huge amount of cat treats. I was not required to purchase them; however, Amazon realized the fact that cat treats are linked to cat toys, and it was done. The sale was completed.

You, too, can leverage the potential of related posts in order to boost your website traffic pages, page views, the amount of time you spend on content, and, ultimately, your revenue.

The plugins work differently, but they all share the same goal: providing your users with the opportunity to gain knowledge about the topics they’re interested in.

It’s not just a way to keep people on your website for longer; it also helps to demonstrate that you are an authority in your subject (I refer to it’s easy to take a look at the articles you have written! ).


Jetpack is among the most popular WordPress plugins available. With an astounding 18 million downloads and offering more than 35 distinct features, Jetpack is definitely a powerful tool for any site administrator.

If your blog’s website has more than ten posts, Jetpack is able to examine your blog’s posts, tags, and categories to come up with recommendations for your visitors.

Jetpack doesn’t have any impact on the speed at which your site loads since it handles all the analysis on its own. This lets your website run at its maximum speed.

Jetpack comes with many different choices for customization. You can select the location to display your related posts, be it on the top or at the bottom of the blog. You can also decide on the number of posts related to each other to be included within your listing.

You could even go as if you block certain categories, posts, or tags if you believe they will not be relevant to the content that is being read. Include your selection of related posts when you have something that you would like your customers to take the time to

Related Posts for WordPress

Related articles to WordPress can be a good alternative to WordPress. However, it is a light plugin to the more hefty plugins that are available.

Related posts complete all task that consumes resources within your admin area and makes use of a cache in order for the output. This makes it swift while not slowing down your site.

WP Engine even highly recommends Related Posts to use for related posts.

Alongside this suggestion, Related Posts also comes with additional features that I have found to be extremely useful.

The installation is extremely simple and simple, it also Related Posts allows you to manually link your posts (if you don’t wish to link posts automatically). The plugin also comes with a widget that can be added to your sidebar.

The feature included in Pro is the capability to change the weights associated with similar content, which means that certain categories or tags are more prominently displayed. Additionally, you are more in control of the style of your website.

Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Posts can be described as a remarkably customizable plugin that can be made highly customizable. It’s quick and simple to use, comes with amazing features built in, and is extensible.

If you’re looking to build an unremarkable site, this plugin may be ideal for you. It’s a straightforward setup and is able to work instantly, connecting your text-only posts.

You can also find an image within your post and use it as a thumbnail if there isn’t a thumbnail.

This plugin assists in increasing the relevance of your blog by comparing posts in context to each other.

Although this can help in a variety of different ways, Contextual Related Posts have been stopped in the past by WP Engine for being too slow. The plugin doesn’t scale effectively on larger websites.

Related Posts by Add This

You might recognize AddThis through their achievements by using the share button and following buttons. Drawing on their own experience, AddThis’s team has created an excellent plugin that displays related posts.

Related Posts from AddThis is a great integration with WordPress to show related posts in more interesting ways. You can alter the way that your related posts are displayed as well. You can choose from a scroll on the page or at the bottom hovering options, and many other options!

One of the greatest characteristics of Related Posts is its style. It has a method to make your related posts distinct from your pages’ content. It also has statistics for related posts as well as share numbers.

The only issue with Related Posts from AddThis AddThis is that it can slow down your website. If you’d like to make the most of the analytics, you must download the AddThisAccount plugin, which is either free or premium.


Yuzo has a caching feature that optimizes thumbnail images on the widget to improve loading times. The caching system enhances the performance of YARPP (which was later taken off the market) along with contextual-related Posts.

Yuzo is perfect for newbie WordPress bloggers. It’s extremely responsive and features a light design. The admin page is user-friendly and comes with many themes and designs.

The plugin also supports RTL design and can operate both vertically and horizontally.

Whatever powerful Yuzo may be, it’s not a lightweight plugin. Be sure to verify that it does not affect your website’s speed after you have installed it.

Related Posts Pro

Related Posts Pro is a premium plugin for WordPress blogs. The plugin offers numerous options, such as working with various types of content like customized post formats, multiple-site categories, terms, and more.

Related Posts Pro provides an additional level of convenience, providing users with the ability to sort suggestions. Users can sort by title or relevance, as well as taxonomy and the post’s type.

It is possible to utilize this plugin with any content – pages, posts, and customized post formats.

The only negative aspect of Related Posts Pro is that it’s a little more heavy plugin, which could cause it to slow down your site.

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