May 30, 2024

It’s no wonder that more and more businesses are integrating their CRMs with tools for managing social media, such as Sprout Social. Optimizing the customer experience should be your top priority in your social media strategy.

Sprout, Salesforce, and a global partnership that will be launched in 2022 are ushering in a new era in social customer service. The Sprout Social Salesforce Integration empowers your brand’s social customer service to be world-class without disrupting your team’s workflow.

The Service Cloud Integration allows Salesforce customers to manage their social customer service requests directly within Service Cloud while enriching CRM profiles with social information for a more holistic view of customer interactions.

Want to accelerate internal collaboration while gaining valuable insights about your customers? Salesforce integration empowers social, sales, and support teams.

This guide will explain how the Sprout Social Salesforce Integration works. We will also show you how the integration streamlines your business’s processes and helps to prove your strategies.

Why you should integrate your CRM with Social Media ASAP

Integrations of social media with your tech stack cannot be understated. Your CRM platform is a priority.

It is particularly true because customers use social media to research brands, get support and share their opinions.

The growing demand for social media CRM integrations can be seen by looking at the top challenges faced by B2B marketers. These challenges include:

Engaging buyers in the right channel at the right moment (57%).

Giving sales teams relevant content to engage buyers (23%).

Dealing with internal data silos (17%).

Sprout Social’s Salesforce integration covers all of the above.

Before we dive in, Let’s look at some of the benefits of linking your CRM to your social media presence.

Watch out for critical moments during the buying journey

CRMs can help businesses guide leads and customers to purchase.

Social media is the place where many of those crucial moments occur during this journey.

This is true both for B2B as well as B2C. Assume that the average B2B buyer journey lasts around eight months. For people doing their research on a product, social interactions are expected.

Recent research from TikTok described consumer behavior in B2C as an “infinite circle.” When people bounce between channels, the current path to purchasing is dynamic.

Social media is a great way to touch customers as they bounce from platform to platform and content. Answering questions and creating educational content are two ways to nurture leads.

Existing customers are also subject to the same rules. Data from Sprout’s Social Index 2021 shows that most who follow a brand socially intend to purchase from them or buy again.

Get valuable customer insights that you would otherwise miss

The more information you can gather about your clients, the better.

Consolidating touchpoints from social media to your CRM will give you a better understanding of your audience. Using Sprout’s Tableau BI Connector, your team can access all customer data in a single place, giving them a bird’s eye view of social media.

90% of marketers claim that data from social media allows them to differentiate and distinguish their brands from others. Consider how many people use social media to voice their opinions about brands.

The following conversations and activities can provide valuable insights to sales and support personnel, including

Sales objections.

The pain points and challenges.

Wants and Needs.

Advantages and disadvantages of competitors.

This will give your team the confidence to approach potential leads and customers.

What entities are supported by the Sprout social Salesforce integration?

Here is a list of all entities that can be created and modified within Sprout.

Leads Start the sales process with questions, comments, and other social media interactions.

Cases Send customer concerns or issues posted on social media to your support team without leaving the platform.

Contacts You can also keep track of your social interactions with other communications, such as business partners.

Check out the detailed explanation to learn more.

Sprout + Tableau + Salesforce

Sometimes, you want to take your social data out of Sprout and combine it with other data streams, such as customer care or marketing. You can also further customize the data based on internal preferences.

With Sprout’s Tableau BI Connector, you can combine social data with the power of other business channels. This tool allows you to create custom metrics, analyze data and combine different data sources.

This customized and seamless view provides a single source of truth to gain broader business insights.

The integration:

Updates in the broader business.

Builds your perfect dashboard.

Data can be accessed without the Dev Network.

Salesforce users can now include social data and insights in their 360-degree customer view.

Sprout Social Salesforce Integration: 4 Key Benefits

Let’s wrap up by looking at the benefits of Sprout, a Salesforce integration that allows you to integrate social media.

Better customer service

According to Sprout Social(tm) Index 2022, there are two actions that brands can take to gain consumer trust.

Answer questions and concerns promptly.

Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs.

The Salesforce integration will help you both in the departments.

Logging social activity allows you to understand better what your customers want and need. It saves a lot of time not to switch between CRM and social tools. You can also speed up response times.

Our intelligent case routing feature improves agent productivity and optimizes customer experience by automating case creation and routing. Ensure all inbound messages are delivered quickly to the correct agent within Salesforce.

Result: Better solutions and faster responses to customer needs. This is the best way to ensure long-term customer loyalty.

Aligning your marketing, sales, and support teams

36% of marketers report that they need help collaborating with other groups.

Each team can work best when marketing, sales, and support are in sync. You leave yourself open to many errors if you only occasionally record social interactions with customers.

Consider this. Your support team will only know the danger if marketing or sales include critical customer information in your CRM. Marketing should also be mindful of sales objections to understand customer needs better.

Here are some ways that Sprout’s Salesforce integration can be helpful:

Eliminate unnecessary back and forth between managers, vendors, and social managers.

Avoid bouncing around between tools by routing cases quickly.

Give each team the context that they need to help your customers.

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