May 22, 2024

Snapchat use is increasing. With an average of 363 million active users per day, Snapchat isn’t as popular as Instagram. But 75% of users between the ages of 13 and 34 are using Snapchat. This figure is a whopping 90% among those aged 13-24; this makes Snapchat the perfect option for online retailers with a younger market.

Snapchat is a messaging multimedia application that allows users to share brief content (that disappears when it’s watched), including videos, pictures, and messages. Users can also upload videos and images to their stories and show them to their friends for 24 hours. For companies, it provides the opportunity to advertise through geo-filters/filters/sponsored lenses and Snap Adverts in Stories.

The Snapchat app can also be updated frequently with new features, like the augmented shopping lenses that are supplemented in real-time, as well as parts that are specifically tailored for ecommerce. As a brand that sells e-commerce, understanding the metrics behind your Snapchat marketing is essential for increasing engagement and growth. However, Snapchat metrics aren’t the same as those of other social channels.

To get the most value from Snapchat for your online company, it’s essential to keep track of and measure your success using the platform. However, determining the success of your business can be difficult due to the fact that Snapchat does not have the same metrics as other social media channels. Luckily, we’re here to walk you through some of the crucial Snapchat metrics, as well as how they impact your online brand. We’ll also go over the tools for analytics that can assist you in measuring Snapchat performance.

Snapchat measurement of engagement to monitor

Snapchat Engagement metrics can be crucial to understanding the effectiveness of your activities through the social media platform. These metrics show how many people are engaged and viewing your content. This will allow you to determine the type of content that is most popular with your target audience.

Story Views

Story views are the amount of viewers who have viewed your Snapchat story or other content for a minimum of one second. Keep track of the number of unique views on a daily, monthly, and annual basis to monitor the effectiveness of your content. This measure is helpful in understanding how many viewers are actually watching your content and interacting with it, irrespective of how often they view it or how long.

The number of people who view your content is vital as it allows you to determine the effectiveness of your efforts as well as the efficacy of the Snapchat messages — which can inform the development of future Snapchat strategies. For example, if you find that your views have diminished, it could be that you should alter your content or the duration of snaps.

Story View Time

View times for stories are the amount of time that people spend watching your stories. As with views, you are able to look at monthly, weekly, and annual view times. You can also get more detail about the average time of view for every weekday and the amount of time viewers stay with your story prior to clicking the next.

The amount of time viewers spend watching your content is crucial because it lets you know the level of engagement your content has. If people spend a longer time with each story, it may mean that they are able to connect with the account and they are eager to know more about the subject. The duration that people view your snap stories can help you determine the length of your snap stories.

The information you gather about the days that have the most views assists you in choosing the best time to publish your content in order that it receives the highest engagement.

Story Completion Rate

The rate of story completion is the number of people who watch the entire story from beginning to end. It is crucial to track this metric since it reveals how many viewers are engaged with your account and if they’re interested in knowing more about the content you’ve put out. If your rate of completion is low, it could indicate that your content should be rewritten or improved for the sake of keeping the viewers interested.


If someone takes a picture or video of the content you share on Snapchat, they likely find it valuable or worth sharing. This means that your content is a hit with their audience and could be beneficial to them, whether they use it for themselves and share it with their friends or their followers. Monitoring screenshots can help you determine the types of content that resonate with your viewers and which ones they’re likely to share and save with friends.

Demographic Info

Knowing the demographics of your Snapchat users and where they are located will assist you in tailoring your content to meet their needs more effectively. Demographics like gender, age, and location, as well as the language spoken and interest, are all vital factors to track in order to understand your Snapchat users. On Snapchat, you will also get a breakdown of the types of claims your audience has that can help you choose what subjects or classes of content you want to include in your stories. Information on demographics collected from Snapchat can be used to inform more general company decisions, like what products to launch and what market segments to target.

Snapchat Ads Metrics

If you’re operating Snapchat ads, There are various metrics that you must be tracking to assess the effectiveness of your Snapchat advertisements. The metrics you choose to focus on will be based on the purpose of your campaign and the place you are in the process. For instance, right after launching a campaign, you’ll want to examine how many people are being reached using metrics such as paid impressions and paid reach. Also, you should check the extent to which your ads are resonating on Snapchat stories and are getting people through tracking things like the number of video playbacks and videos that are completed.

To determine if your campaigns result in conversions, you should look at metrics such as ad clicks, purchases, and signing-ups. It is also important to keep an eye on the effectiveness of your advertising with indicators like cost-effective per 1000 views ( paid electronic CPM) as well as cost per lead.

Snapchat Analytics

While Snapchat provides some inbuilt data analytics (Snapchat insights) that provide you with information about the content you post, it is possible to also utilize third-party Snapchat tools for analytics. Analytics platforms allow you to measure and track Snapchat performance. They also assist marketers who need to conduct Snapchat advertising reporting for their brands.

Tools like Convivia and Mish Guru enable you to analyze your Snapchat data and offer automated features to help you handle Snapchat campaigns more effectively.

When you know which metrics to monitor as well as which platforms for analytics you should make use of, you will have an understanding of the efficiency and effectiveness of Snapchat actions and be able to make better decisions when it comes to creating content.

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