May 30, 2024

In just a bit, Paul Lee will go into his Facebook ads formula. Paul has made over seven figures with multiple dropshipping stores. These days, he has his virtual assistants run his stores and offers private one-on-one mentoring to aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs. Okay, so we […]

Jessica: In just a bit, Paul Lee will go into his Facebook ads formula. Paul has made over seven figures with multiple dropshipping stores. These days, he has his virtual assistants run his stores and offers private one-on-one mentoring to aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Okay, we know that dropshipping and Facebook ads go hand in hand. You start a dropshipping store with Shopify, then drive traffic to your store with Facebook ads. You see, Facebook ads are great at driving store traffic but also great at driving you crazy. They are challenging to learn because there isn’t a one-ad set-fits-all Facebook ads formula.

That’s why we decided to do things a little differently. We gave four successful drop shippers a trending product from AliExpress, and then we asked each drop shipper to take us through their ad process, from creating the ad itself to launching the Facebook ad campaign. These drop shippers did not let us down, but they also disagreed.

Paul: No, see, that’s not right.

Jessica: Every drop shipper had a unique strategy for running successful Facebook ads and their formula. So to make it easier for you to follow along, we created a blueprint so you can start running your ads right after the video. Okay, ready to hear from the drop shippers?

I want to say something before we begin. We’re going in-depth on Facebook ads, so we’ll throw around acronyms like CBO and all talk about things like conversion events. If you don’t know what any of that means, don’t worry; look at Oberlo 101. It’s the ultimate course for starting and scaling your first online store with Facebook ads. So to learn more, enroll now.

Alright, time to get into Paul Lee’s winning Facebook ads formula. Paul, I sent you a phone case lanyard and told you, “Create a Facebook ad for this, or show me how you would create an ad if you had a cold Facebook Pixel, you were a beginner dropshipper, all of that?” What was your first reaction to that assignment?

Paul: The assignment, I thought it’d be straightforward. My reaction was, first, the product; I wouldn’t have ever chosen that product.

Jessica: Wait, I’m curious. Why were you like, “Ugh, this product sucks.”

Paul: I don’t know, because I’m not the customer, so I can’t imagine buying it. And then it also doesn’t have that wow factor effect for me. I couldn’t imagine having a wow factor for that, but who knows?

Jessica: Yeah. Based on our interview, I know you usually have many criteria for determining whether a product is even worth testing. And in this case, we were like, “We don’t care about your criteria, advertise it.” Given that, I know we put you in some constraints there; what was your first approach?

Creating a Product Page and Product Video

Paul: My first approach would… If I determined this product would be test-worthy, I would go ahead and do the product page and then go into the video. I like to aim for less than two hours for all those things. And then, I go into Facebook ads and work on getting things right for the Facebook Ads formula.

Jessica: I’m interested because you’re the first merchant to discuss product pages when discussing Facebook ads. Can you say a little bit about how you would build this product page before the ad?

Paul: There are different components: You have the product page, you have the video, and then you have the ad copy. All of these are meshed together. What I do is I first hit the product page, and then I already have that content, so that content also gets distributed into a video. For example, with a video ad, you might have different captions and different kinds of benefits derived initially from the product page. And then you have the ad copy, that’s also derived from the product page as well.

Jessica: Okay, by working on the product page you’re developing, what are all the problems this product might solve and all the features, and you’re putting it all in one place?

Jessica: From there, you tease out what might go into a video or your ad copy.

DIY or Outsource Your Product Video Production

Jessica: I see. Since we are focusing on just the Facebook ad, let’s talk about creating a video for a product like this. You’re not excited about it; how would you create a video?

Paul: The Facebook Ads formula likes videos. But the thing is, I never create videos myself. I have dedicated video editors, but I can walk you through how to quickly find video editor, know they’re good, and build a long-term relationship with them.

Selecting a Video Editor

Jessica: Okay. I’m here. Do I search “video editor,” or is there a magic word?

Paul: Yeah, so you could search “video editor.” And then you might wanna put “dropshipping” too, as well.

Jessica: Oh, “video editor dropshipping.” So enough people know about dropshipping that they’re here creating services just for drop shippers.

Paul: The first thing I scout for is reviews. The ones that have the most reviews are those that you will be most interested in, and then you look at their portfolio. You look at the videos they have done previously and determine if that was a video that engages you, the video that checks off the boxes of: Are the first five seconds good? Is the trimming good? Is the music appropriate for the product? Is the footage proper with the inserted caption and the timing of that? So you want to scout that, and then you want to clarify with them, will they source the video footage for you?

Because they often don’t source the video footage, you have to provide them with all the links, AliExpress product pages and stuff. So you want to make sure that they do that.

Jessica: Okay, let’s do that quick, so I make sure I understand. The reviews are the numbers next to the stars.

Jessica: So this one, Soft Bright, stands out to me because they have over 400 reviews and a five rating, and they even say they’ll create dropshipping video ads. So then, from here, maybe I’d press this to take a look at their work?

Jessica: Oh, okay, this is almost a show reel of their work?

Paul: Yeah. This one I’m not particularly too fond of; let’s just see if they have any…

Paul: Yeah. The font they’ve used, the slide-in transition effect. That’s a lot of effort.

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