May 22, 2024

To thrive long-term, businesses need to remain focused on creating value.

You quickly get distracted by other factors, such as profit margins, product catalogs, or competitors.

Businesses must have a mission that inspires and unites people. “Make more money” will not do. According to Simon Sinek, “People do not buy what you are doing; they buy the reason for which you do it.”

It is for this reason that organizations develop mission and vision statements.

These statements will unify your organization and focus everyone on the essential things. Profits will follow if these are done correctly.

This post will introduce you to these two statements. We’ll also share some examples of mission and vision statements to inspire you.

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What is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement summarizes an organization’s core goals, purpose, and focus. It usually includes a short description of the organization’s primary objectives and what it does.

What is a Vision statement?

A vision statement is an overview of the organization’s goals and its intended impact. The vision statement should serve as a guide for everyone in the organization and be used to determine the company’s direction.

What is the difference between a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement?

The mission is “what” and “How “and the vision is “Why. ”

The mission statement explains what the organization does. It also includes tangible goals that it strives to achieve. The vision statement should define the organization’s aspirations and direction.

Many organizations combine these two statements into one apparent reason for existence that unites all the participants.

Do you need a mission and vision statement for your business?

Mission and vision statements can be used as a guide.

Compelling mission and Vision statements will unite a company’s focus for the organization and its targeted audience.

You can use mission statements and vision statements, regardless of whether you are a large corporation or an entrepreneur. They will help you gain clarity and ensure that your decisions align with your ultimate goals.

These statements will also help you build a stronger brand to differentiate you from your competition.

Mission and vision statements are inspiring

Look closely at these examples of mission and vision statements and identify the main components.

TeslaMission Statement: Create the most compelling automobile company of the 21st Century by driving the transition to electric cars worldwide.

Vision Statement: To accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy.

Tesla’s vision and mission statements are class acts.

It explains how they plan to achieve this goal. “By driving the global transition to electric cars.”

The car company’s clever use of “accelerate” helps to liven up their lofty ambition. The vision statement shows their passion (pun intended!) for sustainable energy and how that drives the business.

This also allows them to explore their other energy solutions: Powerwall, Powerpack, and Solar Roof.

Tesla’s vision of sustainable energy resonates with many people worldwide.


Mission Statement: Create innovative sports innovations, produce our products sustainably, and build a diverse and creative global team.

Mission statement: Inspire and innovate for every athlete* around the globe.

Nike’s mission might seem mundane, but it sums up its goals and how they intend to achieve them.

Note the words Nike uses to describe its core values: innovation, sustainability, community, and diversity.

At first, “To inspire and innovate every athlete in the World” seems vague. Bill Bowerman, the co-founder of Nike, added a line that hit home: “If you’ve got a body, you’re an athlete.”

Bowerman’s statement is a strong call for inclusion and stands firmly against body shaming. This shapes Nike’s marketing and philosophy:

Nike’s vision is now a powerful statement that will impact anyone who reads it. This is also one of the most inspiring vision statements for business owners.


Mission statement and vision statement: Our company was founded on the idea that style should not be expensive. We want to revolutionize how you view fashion by offering premium, radically affordable designs.

MVMT has combined its company mission and vision statement into a single account addressed directly to its customers.

The vision is: “Style should not break the bank.”

This statement of business vision is short and to the point. It perfectly summarizes MVMT’s main selling proposition: high-quality watches at low prices.

It then proceeds to describe the mission.

They tell you first what they want to achieve, “Change your perception of fashion.” And then, they explain how they plan to accomplish it “By providing premium designs at radically reasonable prices.”

Warby Parker

Mission Statement: Warby Park was founded with a rebellious spirit with an ambitious goal: to offer designer eyewear for a revolutionary cost and lead the way for socially-conscious businesses.

Mission statement: Buying glasses should be fun and easy. You should be happy, look good and have money in your wallet. Everyone should have the right to view it.

Warby Park’s Mission Statement reminds us why the company was founded, and then it reveals its goals for a brighter future.

Their core business goal is to “offer designer eyewear for a revolutionary low price.”

The vision statement addresses consumers’ main problems when buying glasses: it can be frustrating, tedious, and expensive, and you still worry about whether they look good.

They aim to solve this problem and make purchasing glasses fun, easy, pleasing, and affordable.

In both statements, Warby Parker is also credited with its commitment to providing glasses to those in need worldwide.


Vision statement Makes commerce easier for everyone so businesses can concentrate on what they do well: building and selling products.

Shopify’s Vision statement begins with the overarching goal: To improve commerce for all.

They then promote why they are driven to remove the complications and hassles of managing an online store: so the businesses can focus on their most important goals.

Shopify’s mission and vision for business are crystal clear: Empower businesses.

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