May 22, 2024

Regular website maintenance includes optimizing your site to get a higher ranking on search engines.

93% of online experiences start with a search engine. SEO is an integral part of online marketing, even though it can be time-consuming and technical.

We know that many small and medium-sized businesses need more time to devote to SEO maintenance to learn what works and don’t. That’s why we put together these simple SEO tips.

Improve your page loading speed

It is essential to do this for several reasons.

Google will penalize your rankings if your page is slow.

Google will punish you for this, and your users may need to engage better with your pages. Google reports that 53% of mobile users will leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Users who leave your site in less than 3 seconds will unlikely return. This could lead to a loss of sales and traffic.

It’s easy to improve. If you are a Bloomtools customer, we can speed up your site!

Develop a link-building strategy

Link building is crucial to any growth plan and can improve your organic search engine results.

Backlinks are links from another website that refer traffic to your site. Internal links are links from one domain to another. These links can be strategically used to boost your website’s ranking in search engines and improve your site’s authority.

Internal links also improve the user experience by making navigation easier on your website. This is not only favored by Google but also increases the likelihood that users will spend longer browsing and engaging with your website. All of this sends Google positive signals about your page’s value.

Backlinking is when reputable sites display a hyperlink to your website. This type of link-building can be more complex and may take some time and dedication. This can be achieved by creating content of high quality that other people will want to share.

Links tell Google about your website. It would be best to link to any pages or blogs referring to your services or products.

Optimise alt tags

Images and videos on your website enhance the user experience and provide additional optimization opportunities.

Alt tags are used to provide text alternatives for images or videos. This will help crawlers of search engines find your site when people look for relevant content.

Alt tags should be descriptive, relevant, and specific.

Create content of high quality.

Content is a critical component of an effective SEO strategy and is also considered one of the top-ranking factors on search engines.

Your audience should always be the focus of your content.

You will also likely get links to your website (as in the case of those backlinks mentioned above).

You can create SEO content in many forms, including product pages, blogs, articles, guides, videos, and infographics.

Here you can find out more about creating optimized content. You can also hire a copywriter to help you with your body text. This way, you’ll hit all your keywords while providing the information your users want.

Utilise social media

Google confirmed that a social media account alone does not directly affect your organic SEO ranking but that social signals generated by the channel can be influential.

Likes and shares on social media can create social signals which could potentially:

Increase visibility by distributing content.

Brand awareness and reputation.

Increase the longevity of your posts.

Increase organic traffic.

Social media can be used to boost your SEO.

Bloomtools users automatically get share buttons.

Do not be afraid to ask others to share.

You can host a contest on social media and ask people to share and like your post.

In your posts, you can link to or mention local businesses with whom you are familiar or who may find your helpful post.

Engage your audience by answering any questions they may have left in your position.

An SEO Health Check will help you understand how well your SEO efforts work and which areas need more attention.

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