May 22, 2024

Please do not panic, and we have all been there. Let’s get started and show your site some SEO love so that it will rocket up in search engine rankings. Where do you begin? How can you get your website back to being SEO-friendly? This post will give you some practical tips to help you get your SEO strategy back on track after you have neglected it for a while.

What you need to do if your SEO has been neglected

SEO is important, even though I know this may seem obvious. SEO is the best place to hide corpses. Ranking high is important because you want people to visit your site. We can make sure your SEO is not neglected. It would be best if you worked hard to drive traffic to your website. It can be not easy to keep up the good work. You probably have a million other tasks to complete. Don’t feel guilty about not doing enough SEO work. Let’s show that site some love and give it proper SEO care!

Four phases will get your website back to SEO-ready!

My recipe for getting back in top SEO shape has four phases. The first phase requires thinking. You will need to use your brain and some data (Google Analytics/Google Search Console) to think. You’ll need to perform maintenance after the completion of the first phase. You’ll need to spend a few hours cleaning up your site’s internal linking and getting your technical SEO in order if you have neglected its SEO. Phase 3 is about planning. What are you going to do to improve your site’s SEO? Phase 4 will make SEO a part of your routine. Let’s take a deep dive into each phase!

Phase 1: Thinking!

Think about who you are currently reaching.

Before you jump into SEO action, spend some time thinking about your audience. Although it may sound simple, understanding your audience can be quite difficult. Who is your target audience? Who are you trying to attract to your site? What are they like? Depending on the topic of your website, they might all be teachers or gardeners. Your audience is not just about their age, gender, and education. You need to understand their motivations for visiting your site. Here are some other questions to ask:

  • What do your customers know about your brand and website?
  • What do your visitors want to see, do, or purchase on your website?
  • What search intent do people use to find your site?
  • Has your audience changed since the last time you worked on SEO?
  • Has your business changed?

These questions will allow you to concentrate on the important things. Are you ranking using the right content? Are you focusing your content on the right audience? It will be easier to improve your website if you’ve considered all these factors.

Phase 2 Maintenance

Perform some SEO maintenance on general content: SEO workouts

Are you ranking with articles that you desire to rank with? Are your internal links up-to-date? There’s a good chance your internal linking structure needs to be updated if you haven’t been paying attention to SEO lately. These workouts can be accessed online, and you will find solutions to major problems in minutes. It only takes a few hours to restore your internal linking structure.

The cornerstone content exercise will allow you to determine which articles are most important. You can choose which articles you want to rank with. The workout will help you ensure your internal linking structure allows you to rank with the articles you want. You can use the abandoned content workout to identify all articles without internal links. Maybe you could add links to the page to make it more searchable. Perhaps these links should be removed and redirected from your site. This workout will help you make a decision and suggest some internal links to help you resolve all your content issues.

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