May 22, 2024

In this guide for beginners to SEO I’ll take you through the essential information you should be aware of. This is a basic guide and you’re unlikely to be an expert in SEO after reading this guide however If you’re an online marketing professional needing a better understanding the basics of SEO, this guide is to your liking. What exactly is Search Engine Optimization and what exactly is it? It’s essentially about improving and linking websites so that they appear at the top of Google. If you have an online presence, you should consider SEO. The term Search Engine Optimisation is broad term that encompasses several tasks that aid in creating a site that is easy for Google Bot to comprehend the code of, and crawl the site’s structure and assess the quality of its pages. Each of these aspects, from the load speed, have an impact on the Google results for search optimisation

A clean, quick loading, simple to navigate website is great for both users and search engines. Clean Code Since Google Bot needs to understand every line of code on each website page, having less codes is an advantage. Your site should use simple CSS (cascading style sheet) for every page. If there is a chance to tidy up any code and establish an overall rule for the CSS rather than having specific (and often long) codes for particular pages, it makes your site simpler to Google Bot to understand and index more frequently. This can also help decrease the time it takes for users to load your website as well, an aspect that Google Bot also measures the performance of your site on. Html and Xml Site Maps Google Bot doesn’t just crawl your site in the front-end like an individual user, but it also crawls sites using both Html site maps and Xml sitesmaps. It’s a good idea to have both, if you can or else an Html sitemap can suffice. Site Structure Again, in order for Google Bot to be able to quickly crawl your site having a neat site structure. It’s not only for Google as well, but also for the users to get their way about. The ideal is for a user to never be more than three mouse clicks from their Home Page. The more complex your website structure is beyond this and the more likely (or often) these pages will be accessed. Friendly Urls Short URLs are excellent for Google and also great for users as well. If they have keywords to describe what your pages contain, they’re more effective. Urls that do not contain keywords the page’s content is about, or are long and filled with unrelated code has been shown to have lower click rates. 

On page optimization

In order for sites to rank on Google the search results, they must be optimized for search terms. Title Tags To allow pages to rank on Google in order to rank, they have to be optimized for search terms. For instance, if you’re creating an article on walking shoes, ensure that your Title Tag reads “Walking Boots” It is possible to include additional words in the Title Tag to make the page rank for related terms. For example, the title tag says: Walking Boots Waterproof And Leather Walking Boots Free UK Delivery will allow your site be found for walking boots for walking in the UK waterproof boots for waking boots waterproof walking boots made of leather Meta Descriptions Meta Descriptions do not help Google rankings, however you can help get your company’s message across and use similar keywords to those in your Title Tag so that they appear in Bold when someone is searching for them. For instance: Purchase the top walking boots online or in stores from the outdoor shop UK. Leather and waterproof walking boots and light walking boots are available now. This can help boost the CTR of your ranking. H tags (semantic marks up) Google likes pages that have rich content. If you split up your on-page content by using sub-headers such as H Tags that contain your targeted keywords, you will improve the relevancy of your site to Google even more – which could also improve your rank.

Link building

Optimizing your website is just the first step in gaining Google rankings. You require hyperlinks (lots of hyperlinks!) to ensure that your pages appear higher than they originally show up in search engine results. Link Sources The most effective places to obtain links are websites that are relevant to your field of expertise. So, for instance If you were link developing to build links for Your Walking Boots Page, you will want links from sites that focus on hiking, walking and other outdoor activities. Anchor Text Raw link value obtained from the relevant websites’ links is great. However Anchor Text Link are superior. If you create a lot of links with the words “walking boots” and point to your Walking Boots Page, this informs Google that your website is focused on walking boots, and in turn, Google is likely to rank your site higher in results for the search phrase Walking Boots. Make sure to mix the words in the Anchor Text to create a look that is as natural as you can. Going back to this Title Tag example, you could create Anchor Text links for “walking boots”, “waterproof waking boots” and “leather walking boots” which will improve your search engine rankings on Google for Walking Boots. It can also assist the Walking Boots Page to rank for these search terms as well and it’s always a good idea to optimize the Title Tag for a number of search terms that are closely related. Link Types There are a variety of types of websites and pages that you can make links to online. Each one has different worth based on the type of website they’re on. Additionally, each site has its individual Domain Authority and niche which determines the worth of a hyperlink. It is essential to think about how you’ll get the links you want, as spamming forums or asking webmasters to add a link to your site will not be a good idea. Here are 10 kinds of sites you can get hyperlinks from: “Bookmarks” * Directory Submissions Commentary on Blogs, Articles and Bookmarks Forum Posts, Blog Posts with Social Profiles” Blogger Outreach” Content Marketing Press Releases It’s best to acquire hyperlinks from as numerous niche-related websites as you can.

Social media

Social media was around for a long time before Facebook and, contrary to what some people believe websites will not climb up the ranks of Google solely based on social signals by themselves. Social signals are nice to possess. When you can, it is best to utilize your social media channels as a part of a marketing campaign which incorporates SEO as well as Social to get the most effective outcomes to your marketing campaign.


I hope this article has provided you with an understanding of the world of Search Engine Optimization. There’s plenty to be learned and we’re constantly exploring new ideas for ourselves. Welcome to the dark web, in which every link means something. The internet will never be the same way again!

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