May 22, 2024

Do you want to find the best WordPress plugins for search? You don’t have to search for other plugins. These top 8 WordPress search plugins are the result of extensive research.

These plugins not only work well, but they also make sure there are no negative effects on the website. Many plugins, for example, can cause your website to slow down, which is bad for the user experience and rankings.

Let me now introduce the crème de la creme of WordPress search plugins to you. These extensions will take your website’s search to a whole new level and offer a great user experience.

Why do you need search plugins for WordPress?

Imagine that your website has a wealth of valuable information, products, and services your audience is eager to use. It’s impossible to find the needle in a huge haystack without a powerful search feature. Frustrating, right? Search plugins can save you!

Many reasons make search plugins a necessity for WordPress websites. It is a great way to direct your users directly to the content they are looking for, resulting in a better user experience.

Google also likes search plugins. It may surprise you, but even small things such as having an essential page like our about us page or a website with a clear structure, a search bar, and a form to contact us can make your site better than the competition.

WordPress Search Plugins to Find Needful Content

It’s now time to dive into the details of WordPress’s eight most popular search plugins. You can also read about the top features and the overview. You can read the summary and the best features to help you decide which plugin is right for your WordPress site.

Search WP

When it comes to WordPress search plugins, Search WP has always been my first choice. It is a one-stop solution that provides the best user experience. Search WP is unique in its ability to dig deep into the content of your website, including custom post types and custom fields.

Install the software and then select which features or settings are desired. You can choose from PDF, docs, or media files, as well as excerpts, postings, listings, etc., to search for. The advanced features include keyword stemming, which shows partial matches in the case of incorrect spellings.

Search WP Plugin: Fantastic Features

The WordPress Media Library allows you to search for PDF, Office, and text documents.

Search all fields, including Custom Fields and Shortcode output.

WooCommerce integration to search product details.

Search results can be easily excluded or attributed as required.

Get better results by using keyword stemming.


Relevanssi is my second pick after Search WP. This plugin is for people who are looking for a great plugin that has both free and paid versions. It is Gutenberg-friendly, so you will not have any problems using it.

Relevanssi delivers relevant search results. It offers a variety of useful add-ons to improve your users’ experience, including fuzzy matching, search term highlighting, and much more.

Features of the Relevanssi plugin

Search results that are more relevant and enhanced

Fuzzy matching to better handle typos

Comprehensive PDF search results

Keyword suggestions are provided for the user’s convenience

Search terms highlighted for user clarity

Multilingual support for global audiences

Compatible with shortcodes to display content in a flexible manner

Users can choose between free and paid plans

Fibo Search

Fibo Search, if you run an ecommerce store and want a good plugin for search, is your best choice. In the past, it was called Ajax Search and was designed to help e-commerce sites with their search.

The plugin allows your customers to search for products based on titles, short and long descriptions, image descriptions, and tags. The premium version has fuzzy search options that will work with minor typos.

Fibo Search Plugin: Great Features

Search results are accurate and fast, thanks to advanced algorithms.

Customize the search interface according to your site’s branding and design.

Fibo Search allows users to sort and filter search results using different criteria.

All devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones, can be used seamlessly.

Supports different indexing options, including images, products, custom fields, and more.

The dashboard provides an intuitive interface to manage search settings and indexing.

WP Google Search

WP Google Search is another popular search plugin. The popularity of this plugin is due to the fact that it offers all its features for free. The plugin also delivers visitors with fast and accurate search results.

The WP Google Search plugin is easy to install. You can easily set up the WP Google Search Plugin. Just create Google Custom Search and copy your search engine ID. Paste it into the plugin’s settings. The results will be based not only on content but also on images, excerpts, and tags.

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