May 30, 2024

As a store manager already managing so many different elements of business and social networks, what time can you spend learning about Pinterest and developing a plan to use it?

Our guest in this week’s episode on Start Yours will help you by assisting you.

Kate Ahl is a Pinterest expert who has helped companies grow their businesses by using Pinterest. Together, we look at everything from how to get started with Pinterest to optimizing the way you Pin images to understand how Pinners think and act.

Whether you’re a novice to Pinterest or just need to refresh the basics of your Pinterest strategies, you need to listen to this channel.

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Do you have a short time? Here’s a seven-point TL: DR summary:

In contrast to Facebook and Instagram, which are more similar to social networks, Pinterest can be described as a discovery and search engine, just like YouTube. Google.

Pinterest images are vertical, and their ideal ratio is 2:3. If larger, the algorithm could decide not to show them.

The text on pin images should be concise (four to 5 words) and clickbaity but truthful and punchy. Also, they should highlight the advantages of the product.

You’re unlikely to have your images perfect in the first attempt. You’ll have to test them repeatedly.

With Pinterest SEO, look at the terms Pinners will use to search for something they may need shortly.

You don’t need to publish frequently throughout the day. However, at the very least, have a few of your items and content posted to Pinterest regularly.

The number of females using Pinterest was up to 80 percent. However, as Pinterest expands globally, its use of men on the site steadily grows.

Evolution of Pinterest

Aleisha Kate, You are a Pinterest expert. Do you want to tell me a detail about how you came involved in this industry and how it has evolved in the years of creating the series?

Kate: Yeah. I’ve been producing the show for four years. I’ve been involved in Pinterest marketing for the last seven years, and it’s been through many changes that I’m sure to happen daily. I started it because I was already doing Facebook marketing, and many people were looking to shift to Pinterest marketing to diversify the source they received traffic from.

It was a mystery to them. It. They were thinking, “This feels really weird. I use it personally, I don’t know how to use it professionally. Can you help me do that?” Then I found myself in a position to help people learn how to use Pinterest for business.

Aleisha, Do you know that it was about to explode like it was in the past as an online platform?

Kate: No, I didn’t. I am aware that Pinterest is quite distinct in its users. It’s different from traditional social media. It’s more of a searching and finding. In that sense, I believe it can cause some confusion to those who ask, “What do I use Pinterest for? Why do I need it?” Therefore, I figured it should be a little sleeper.

However, in the past that we’ve been experiencing COVID, the COVID epidemic, it’s increased because people in the home are also looking for inspiration. Pinterest is the best site to find them, which is why they’ve experienced an increase in their numbers. However, this year has seen their growth accelerate.

Aleisha, It’s fascinating as a variety of platforms, as we’ve talked about¬†podcasting which has been taking a drop because there’s no one traveling. No one is listening to podcasts on buses or cars more, and podcasters had to adjust to various levels of listenership or, at a minimum, different patterns in how they listen. Of course, the majority of there are people who are home. They’re in a frenzy and want to make something or create something or do something, and Pinterest is a massive inspiration platform for crafts and activities.

Kate It’s it’s really about being able to imagine. If you’re at home and you’re unable to travel or aren’t in a position to think about what might happen shortly, the platform offers you the chance, through the pictures posted on the forum, to take a step outside of your world and envision what’s short.

This is the way Pinners usually think. They put a lot of ideas on their boards and return to their boards when they’re willing to buy. So, in this day and age that, we’ve got lots of time on our plates; Pinterest is the place to think and to let go of what’s happening or make improvements to something might be in your kitchen, and you’re home every day looking around, thinking “This kitchen is horrible. It’s time for an update. Let’s go to Pinterest to see what this could look like.”

What Sets Pinterest Apart

Aleisha, It’s time to go back to the very beginning. If we have listeners who’ve never used Pinterest and don’t know the significance of it, I believe that every person has preconceived notions about what Pinterest is, based on their friend group. I have a side business selling planning wedding books, so I’m aware that many people in my neighborhood share their weddings on Pinterest. But I’ve also had many people renovating their houses, and I have boards that say just that; they’re all concerning their ideal kitchens or dream bathrooms.

Let’s look at the advantages that Pinterest provides users as a service, particularly in comparison to other kinds of online social networks available, because it is distinct from Instagram and it’s different from Facebook. Let’s explore what makes it special.

Kate: Yeah, such a fantastic differentiator. Facebook along with Instagram are very similar at the moment. If someone posts something, it generally lasts between 15 and 30 minutes before it goes away. It’s not happening anymore.

However, Pinterest is a platform to share ideas or even post things you like, and people can save it to their boards, and that’s about it.

There’s no interaction, so this is the main difference… Pinterest is… It’s the perfect place for introverts. You can indeed be within your world. There’s no need to endure the noise of conversations. You can indeed get involved in any topic; since there’s everything available on the platform, we can think of it as somewhat like an image of Google. When you visit Google and search for items and get text. When you visit Pinterest and look for something, you see pictures. People want to be involved with how things appear and understand them within the overall context of their personal life.

That’s the main distinction. Pinterest is a search engine and discovery tool, and Facebook and Instagram are both social media platforms.

Therefore, we would not put Pinterest into the bucket of social media; instead, we would place it in the same bucket as YouTube and Google.

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