May 30, 2024

Jasper is a popular AI-writing software platform. Is it for you?

This post will tell you everything you need about Jasper.

We’ll start by exploring all the key features of Jasper. We’ll then explain how Jasper pricing works and reveal our thoughts on its biggest pros and cons.

What is Jasper

Jasper, a popular AI content writer and platform for marketing, is. Over 100k creators and brands use it.

Jasper provides everything you need for instant AI text generation, AI art, workflows, and even end-to-end campaigns.

You can choose from Jasper’s vast library of templates, workflows, and recipes to create what you need.

Click generate after entering some context to help guide the AI. Jasper will handle the rest, and the editor built into the software allows you to polish the content that it generates.

The software is powered by the best large-language models, including GPT-4 and Google models. Its interoperability between models makes it more versatile and reliable than its competitors.

The outputs of these LLMs are also infused with search data in real time, your brand voice, and optimization tools, resulting in the best marketing content.

Jasper is the AI-based writing tool of choice for many marketers and brands.

Recently, however, they have also revamped the editor and launched their revolutionary new Campaigns feature. This has taken the game to a new level.

AI blog writer

Let’s begin with a blog post, which is one of the most popular uses for Jasper.

You’ll see the Jasper dashboard when you log in for the first time.

Click + New content to create blog posts. Then click + New Blog post.

Jasper will open a window for you to enter your first post’s instructions or context:

Enter the blog topic and the content you wish to write about. Then, enter the audience you are writing for. You can change the output language as well as formality.

After you finish, click Generate, and Jasper’s magic will write it for you.

We asked it to create a blog about the five best budget travel destinations in Europe. This is a sample of what the program wrote:

It’s a good beginning, but it needs work. Click Open in Documents to open the document in Jasper.

Documents (content editor)

Documents allow you to write, format, and edit content in the same way as Google Docs or MS Word.

Documents have AI-powered editing features that speed up content creation.

Try, for example, highlighting a text in Documents and clicking Jasper.

Jasper can do many things for me to edit this text.

Clicking on one of the options from the drop-down menu will allow me to improve the writing style, change the tone and length, or repurpose content (i.e., As a Facebook update, an email, an SEO-enhanced copy, etc. You can also translate the text into another language.

You can also enter a command into the textbox to tell Jasper what you want.

Try changing the tone of the introduction to the blog post that it generated earlier.

We can make this blog more scannable if we add some bullet points under each destination subheading. So, let’s highlight everything and ask Jasper to do it.

This time, it did not do a good job. What it returned was:

You can see that the output has a lot of issues. It was too long, and only one destination changed, not all. There was also a spelling mistake in the title.

The pre-made options in Documents work much better for me than the custom commands.

Documents have a number of AI-driven features, including Ask Jasper.

You can, for example, click on the + icon and enter a prompt in order to have Jasper create something new.

You can also add context from the left-hand sidebar to help Jasper produce better content. Click Continue Writing, and Jasper will continue where you left off.

You can also switch between different modes within Documents.

The default mode is Focus mode, which is simply the regular editor. You can also click on the folder icon at the top to switch from Power mode to chat mode.

The chat mode allows you to generate content and ask questions in Jasper Chat easily, then copy it into the document with a few clicks.

The Power Mode allows you to access all AI templates from Jasper within Documents. (We’ll discuss AI templates in the next section). Copy-paste the generated content into your document.

It’s possible to use the SEO mode as well, but first, you need to connect Jasper with Surfer SEO. It offers SEO suggestions and scoring within the editor.

Documents have an integrated plagiarism checker, which you can use before publishing to ensure that the content is original.

AI templates

It can be used to create Facebook Ad copy, emails and Quora responses, landing pages, Tweets, and video ideas.

Jasper AI templates are the best way to do this.

Click + Create New Content > – New from Template. This will bring you to Jasper’s template library.

There are many templates to choose from for various use cases, which are organized into different categories.

Social Media, for example, contains templates such as TikTok video captions and Twitter titles.

You’ll find templates to suit different copywriting styles under Frameworks. For example, the PAS Framework template will write copy for you using the Problem-Agitate-Solution format.

You can also use general templates to generate ideas for your blog posts, outline them, or rewrite content in different styles and tones.

Select a template to match the type of content that you want to create. Jasper will then open a window for you to add contextual information.

If I select the Google Ads Template, for example, I’ll be asked to enter my product description, name of company or product, tone of voice, and two examples of Google Ads I like.

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