May 30, 2024

I was caught in the Facebook marketing deep end after starting the dropshipping shop-themed Halloween just a few months ago.

While I received help from reading the posts on the Shopify blog and the ability to talk to people with prior experience using Facebook advertising, I found my first real leap into the realm of Facebook ads a daunting experience.

Facebook recognizes that its ad platform can be complicated and constantly changing the design for Business Manager; it also provides a variety of courses for free and information to inform users who use ads.

In addition to that, Facebook also has several Marketing Experts that reach out to users of Business Manager to provide specific suggestions regarding how to start campaigns and increase the return on your advertising.

Wanting to know how I can make the most of my brand new (and not very lucrative) shop, I placed an appointment with a Facebook marketing Expert to find out what they had to say about it.

Though I’m still not implementing any of the suggestions I received, it was a fun procedure. I figured it would be beneficial to share the experience with other drop shippers just beginning their journey to dropshipping.

If you’re still wriggling your head around the complexities of Facebook advertisements and Business Manager or simply curious about what the experience of an interview with a Facebook Marketing Expert can be like, take a look at my experience and the tips I received.

Why Is Facebook Marketing So Good For Dropshippers?

If you’re beginning your store, you already know that Facebook ads – which include advertisements on both Facebook and Instagram- are the most well-known form of marketing used by drop shippers. However, why is this? There are several reasons:

The ads can have a massive impact on the people who view them: Facebook has more than 2.7 billion active users per month across the globe, and Instagram has more than 1 billion users, which is a massive audience for your advertisements.

It can be used with every budget. Suppose you’ve got hundreds of dollars to spend and hundreds of thousands. In that case, you can start a Facebook advertising campaign that produces results, making it fantastic making all-scale businesses and large corporations.

It’sandasy to expand: If you find an advertising campaign performing well, it’s easy to develop. For instance, you can increase your budget, use audience analytics to reach out to users, or extend your reach by focusing on new markets.

It is used in conjunction with your Pixel. Its integration with the Facebook Pixel makes it easy to monitor the people interested in your product and use that information to design ads with the highest chance of conversion.

You can create your creative ideas: Whether you want to use images, video ads, or a mix of both, you can do it all from inside Facebook ads. This flexibility is fantastic because it lets you design an idea to showcase your product to the fullest extent.

Who Are the Facebook Marketing Experts, and What Do They Do?

A lot of money is used to pay for Facebook advertisements each day, and Facebook intends to maintain this trend. This is the place where their Marketing Experts step in.

Facebook Marketing Experts is a team that works with users who frequently spend funds on the Business Manager platform. They offer advice and provide details that are relevant to your business and provide suggestions on how you can focus your advertising or make use of features that (ideally) yield better results.

Since Facebook Business Manager frequently changes and there are many advertising alternatives, talking to a marketing expert can help you understand the Facebook platform or, at minimum, explain the features most appropriate to your company.

Although it’s the Marketing Expert’s job to aid users of Business Manager, it’s essential to keep in mind that they are as well employees of Facebook. They want you to be successful and properly utilize their platform. However, they also want you to keep paying for their services.

It’s not that you shouldn’t listen to their opinions as they might be able to show you many features you didn’t know about. However, remember that positive results don’t necessarily mean they’re guaranteed.

How Can I Speak With One?

If you’re looking to speak with a Marketing Professional, there’s only one method to get there – right, you’ll need to invest that money. Speaking with those who have previously spent money on advertisements gives them knowledge and details on what you’ve tried to accomplish with your marketing campaigns. In turn, they’re more able to provide suggestions and tips specific to your company.

I can’t say precisely what amount or frequency you should spend on advertisements to talk with an expert. However, I started receiving emails after spending around EUR700 in around five weeks. Incredibly, even though I spent my last money on advertising in October of this year, eight weeks later, I receive emails from time to time inquiring if I would like to talk to somebody, and you’ll be in the running for a while.

If you’re interested in finding out if it’s possible to talk to a Marketing Expert, go to this page and the “Next Steps” and “Next Steps” sections. If you ca unable to get the call, you’ll be recommended to other sources to help you enhance your campaigns.

Tips I Got From My Facebook Marketing Expert

In my conversation with my Facebook Marketer, Patrick, I had an impression of a highly skilled person who understood the insides and outsides of the platform. This is vital since it’s not an absolute. It’s possible to speak with someone new to Facebook or unsure about your specific requirements.

In my situation, Patrick seemed to know the best strategy. He knew that I ran dropshipping stores and that it was themed around Halloween and relatively new. Based on his knowledge, he provided some tips during our 20-minute discussion.

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