May 30, 2024

SEO: Why is a blog important?

Google understands the text. Sites with great content are more likely to rank highly in search engines. Blogs are a great way to share what you know. You can write content that your readers will enjoy. Ranking for competitive terms is something you want. It will be easier to rank for competitive terms if you have a variety of blog posts about these terms. You need SEO love and great internal links to rank well in search engine result pages.

Tips for starting a blog

You will need to learn about hosting, themes, and installing SEO plugins if you are starting from scratch. Let’s say you already have a website but have not yet started a blog. How do you begin your first post? Let’s look at some practical tips!

Choose your niche

Write only about what you are familiar with. It would be best if you didn’t write about everything. Pick a niche! Write posts that are related to the main topic. If you write about similar topics, it’s more likely your audience will return to your site and read your posts. They will be able to anticipate what to expect. A mom blog is where you share all aspects of your family and children. You will be writing about travel when you start a blog. While occasionally writing about something completely off-topic, staying within your chosen niche is best. A blog audience for a travel blog won’t expect to read a blog about gardening.

Do your keyword research.

After choosing your niche, learn the basics and techniques of keyword research. Find out what people are looking for. What keywords are they using to find information about your topic and niche? It is important to get into the heads of your target audience. You should have a long list of keywords you want to be found for if you conduct your keyword search correctly. It would be best if you tried to find competitive and long-tail keywords. Don’t forget to consider search intent!

Site structure is important.

It’s best to start from scratch. What niche categories are most popular? What are the most important keywords that you want to rank for? These keywords should be the subject of a lengthy, exaggerated article. These articles will be your cornerstone content. These articles should be prominently displayed on your website.

Write many blog posts about subtopics related to the main topic after you have written your cornerstone articles. Always link back to your cornerstones. This will tell Google what your most important articles are.

Think about style, personality

Blogs are often informal in style. Blog posts are often informal, much like talking to a friend. It all depends on you and your blog’s topic. Decide on a style before you start a blog. How do you want your posts? Your blog should be formal if it is about corporate finance or accountancy. A blog about guinea pigs, however, could have a completely different tone!

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