May 30, 2024

You need to take advantage of a great opportunity if you offer products online.

Anyone can use the Facebook Shop feature. It’s a great way for ecommerce stores to use social marketing.

Facebook also allows you to create a mobile-optimized shop that people can access on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Shops is a new feature that allows users to browse and buy products directly from the platform they use every day to experience new things.

This article will teach you everything you need about the new Facebook Shops. Then, we’ll show you how to create a Facebook shop the old-fashioned way and integrate your Shopify store into Facebook. Also, stay until the end of this article to learn how you can tag your products on

What are Facebook Shops?

Facebook Shops, a feature introduced recently to help ease the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.

This allows you to display your products on both your Facebook and Instagram profiles in a manner that provides a native buying experience.

Facebook Shops allows you to create collections of items in your inventory. This makes it easier for your customers to find your products.

You can also present your brand or storefront differently by customizing the colors and layout of your Facebook Shop.

Facebook Shops allows you to create a brand image across Facebook and Instagram with full-screen images.

Many small businesses need help migrating their business online. Right now, they are concerned about the condition of their storefronts.

People are ordered to stay home and struggle to make enough money to keep their businesses open.

Facebook Shops allows smaller retailers to gain more customers and whether the COVID-19 hurricane.

Customers can access your shop and view your collection from your Facebook Business Page, Instagram Profile, or Instagram Story after using Facebook Shops.

You can connect with customers through Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram Direct, to answer their questions, give them tracking updates, etc.

Facebook has also announced that customers will soon be able to view and purchase products directly from a business’ Facebook Store within the chats of these communication channels. You’ll have more chances to sell via cross-selling and upselling.

Shopify merchants can now create Facebook Shops

Shopify and Facebook have been working together since 2015 to offer sellers the best multichannel commerce solutions. Shopify has partnered with Facebook to offer its merchants a new mobile-first experience.

You can expect that it will be available as a new sales channel if you already sell products on Shopify Facebook Shops. You’ll also be able to use it to create a branded storefront for Facebook and Instagram.

After publishing, You can customize your shop and curate collections of products directly on Facebook or Instagram.

Shopify integrates your inventory with your online store so that you can run your business in one place and provide a seamless customer experience.

Shopify will offer product checkout to store owners. Some merchants are also experimenting with Instagram Checkout.

Facebook Shops will be available to all merchants in the coming months. However, you can start now by adding a Facebook Channel to Shopify. Please continue reading to discover how to create it and sync existing products to the channel to customize your Facebook Shop when available.

What is the traditional way to create a Facebook shop?

Facebook Shops are a great way to get a Facebook Storefront. Before Facebook Shops, you could only create one using your page’s “Shop” button.

Most businesses must wait until the global rollout is complete before migrating from the Facebook Shops tab.

If you live in a country that needs to adopt Facebook’s services faster, you must use the traditional method to create a Facebook store.

The shop is a Facebook tab that you can add to your page to sell and promote your products to Facebook users directly.

Here’s a Facebook Store example from Shopify user Best Self Co.

When they click on a particular product, Facebook users will be presented with an expanded page. This page lets users view product images and videos and read the description.

What are the benefits of having a Facebook shop?

Before we get into how to set up a Facebook shop, it is essential to know how a Facebook store will help you to grow your ecommerce business.

Here are three significant benefits to having a Facebook Store, whether it is mobile-first or traditional:

You can tag your products in Facebook posts to boost sales

You can tag any product you feature in your photos once you’ve set up a Facebook Shop.

You can use this to ensure your products are visible to everyone who visits your post.

You can see thumbnails of the products under “Products Shown” in the Nike example.

Also, have you noticed that each product in the picture has an icon for a price? The product information appears when the user hovers their mouse cursor over the icon.

It’s easy to tag products in your Facebook posts once you have set up your Facebook store.

In a moment, I’ll elaborate on this.

Facebook Social Engagement: You can tap into it

Facebook is a popular place to hang out.

Remember that the average user spends almost an hour on the platform daily.

You can use the Facebook Shops feature or add a Facebook Shop Tab to your Facebook page.

When people visit your Facebook store to view your products, unlike your website, they can like them, save them, share them with their friends, ask a question, or post a comment.

If you are in the U.S. and checkout is enabled, your customers can order directly from the platform.

These actions can help you introduce your brand in the best way possible – by a friend.

These engagements are a powerful form of social evidence, meaning people’s opinions and actions significantly influence them.

A Facebook shop can help reduce friction in the sales process

Make it as simple as possible for customers to buy your products.

If you make your customers jump through more hoops, they are more likely to give up on their purchases or become distracted.

A Facebook store is a simple way to make life easier for customers.

You can allow them to browse your products while they chat with their friends. They can also add items to their shopping cart, check out via the platform, or go to your website to complete purchasing.

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