May 22, 2024

You have a vision for how you want your Tweet to look. So you write the text, add the image, and then add a few hashtags. Then you send it out into the world. You notice the tweet does not look as you had intended.

This tutorial will show you how to preview tweets and make sure they look the way you intended.

There isn’t a tool to do that?

Does have a preview tool that allows you to see tweets before they are posted. It will enable you to enter your tweet text, images, and links, as well as hashtags, in order to get an exact preview. This preview is a precise representation of your Tweet. You can check that it looks exactly how you want before you post it on Twitter.

Why should I preview tweets before posting them?

The actual tweet may not look the same as the one you see in the editor. This may be because:

Twitter will replace the URL in a tweet with the title of the page, a preview image, and possibly a brief text description.

The amount of words per row is different between different devices (mobile/tablet/desktop) and screen resolutions.

Twitter may automatically shorten a URL if you post it using services like

You can see in the screenshot below that the image was cropped after the tweet was sent. It is important to have a preview to avoid situations where the Tweet may change slightly (or even more) after it has been sent to the world.

Before posting, Twitter shows the full picture, including the legs and a gap below the legs.

After submitting the tweet, Twitter decided to crop the image, and now we can’t see the full image (bottom cropped).

Watch a video preview of a tweet

If you post a YouTube URL on Twitter, the link will be automatically transformed into cards. This card usually contains a screenshot of the video along with the title and description.

An example of a YouTube link preview on Twitter.

Twitter’s card validator allows you to preview the YouTube card before tweeting. You only need to submit the URL, and the tool will automatically generate a preview.

Twitter card validator can present a preview of YouTube links on Twitter.

Tweet preview with WordPress blog link

This card will contain the blog post’s title and description as well as a featured image. This card includes the title and description of the blog (using card markups), as well as the featured picture.

Twitter card validator allows you to preview the WordPress postcard before tweeting. You only need to submit the URL for the blog post, and the tool will automatically generate a preview.

Twitter card validator can present a preview of the blog post on Twitter

View a tweet in text, video, or image

Twitter has a preview tool that allows you to preview link-based Tweets. Unfortunately, there is no preview tool available for text, images, or videos.

It is recommended that you create a Twitter test account and send the tweet using this account before sending it from your actual account. You can then delete the tweet once you are satisfied with its appearance and submit it again using your Twitter account.

It may not be what you wanted, but Twitter does not currently offer a way to preview how a tweet will look before it is submitted.

How to preview a Tweet before you post it

Preview tweets There are several ways to preview tweets, depending on their content.

You can submit the tweet to a test account first if it is text/image/video-based.

You can preview the tweet if it is a link (a YouTube link, WordPress blog post link, or other link). Use Twitter card validator.

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