May 22, 2024

It can be unsafe to deal with Facebook ads when you are a newbie. Instead of becoming discouraged, remember that persistence will pay off. This video dives into Facebook ads. We will go over how to create ads that convert and more.

Transcript: Facebook ads are scary for beginners. Spending hundreds of dollars and getting no sales is not encouraging. It’s essential to get that first sale through Facebook ads. It shows that you can make money and gives you the confidence to expand your success.

In this video, I will talk about Facebook Ads for Beginners. I will tell you what countries not to target your ads in, how to calculate your budget, how to find out which products Facebook users love, and how to create ads that convert well on a budget. We have to start immediately if you want to earn money online. Let’s start with Facebook ads for beginners.

Facebook Advertising for Beginners: Tips

Jessica here from Oberlo. Today I will share some tips on making money using Facebook ads.

You need four things to make money on Facebook. You need the right product to sell, the right ad to create, the audience to target, and the budget to work with. I will detail each topic, but let’s start with products.

Sell products with a track record.

You can make money on Facebook by using specific Facebook Ads search hacks. You can sell anything. You’ll need to be more strategic to make money with Facebook. Ask yourself, “What am I trying to sell?” and not “What is Facebook buying?”

This is different from selling products with high order counts on a href=””>AliExpress/a>. It’s other than, for example, selling products with tall demand depends on AliExpress. You need to sell products verified on Facebook to make money from Facebook ads. How do you find out which products make money from Facebook ads? It’s simple. You’ll see how.

You can start by looking for a category of products that interest you. I suggest you choose something you have already purchased before. You may be used to buying dog products if you own a dog. You can type “dog accessories” in the search box, but you want to go one step further by adding a phrase that drop shippers or entrepreneurs usually include in their ads. This could be, for example, “50 percent off”, or it could be “free delivery” or “limited-time only.” Enter the keyword in the search box.

You can now click on videos to filter the results. Video Ads are the best way to advertise on Facebook for beginners. This list will show you the most popular dog accessory products. What you are looking for is views. The more views the video has, and the newer it is, the better the chances of the product being sold on Facebook. As a newbie to Facebook Ads, you’ll want the most bang for your buck. This Facebook ad trick can help.

This is not an exact science because you could find something that has over a thousand views but was advertised a year ago. Or you could find something newer with 10,000 views. Indeed, you should aim for anything with more than 10,000 views. The more views, the better. On this list, I can see many potential winners. For example, the dog bed and the nail trimmer were published relatively recently. This was in the last month. They have already received over a thousand views. Views are essential because they tell you whether a product has sold. The number of views on a video can be a good indicator of whether the ad has been successful.

Facebook ads cost money to run. It’s possible to get sales if someone pays for an ad running long enough. Some people warn against selling products that are already doing well. Some people say that the products are already saturated. But I have interviewed multi-million-dollar drop shippers whod buy their second Lamborghini using money they make selling dog beds or bikinis. They took everyday effects and marketed them creatively and in a new way to a new audience. This is the art and science behind ecommerce. You can take a piece of the pie.

Create Facebook ads that present a problem and a solution.

For most Facebook ads, the third step is all they do. This is why their ads are unsuccessful. You’ll still need to do some work to make this effective. You’ll need to purchase a product sample and record some product videos. This may require the assistance of friends. It’s not complicated. This is possible without special skills and in many cases, even without spending more money.

Three critical shots are required for your Facebook video ads. These three shots will get Facebook users to stop scrolling and begin buying. Your first shot should tell your audience what problem your product is solving. Show your audience that there is a problem and how it could affect their life. You can get ideas by looking at Facebook ads that performed well. I’m going to choose the dog nail trimmer as an example.

This is an excellent example of an ad on Facebook for beginners. This ad starts with the problem. In this video, you can see a dog whose nails are cut too short. This causes the dog pain. This is a perfect example of a problem. It’s emotional to see the dog wince as it hits you. Nobody wants to make their pet suffer that much. This video will show you how to clip nails properly. The language on the screen is also essential, as I plan to use it in my videos and Facebook ads.

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