May 22, 2024

The ” social media manager” title was initially introduced as a new marketing position. Then, ‘influencer.’ The era of ‘content creators’ is now here.

Content creators can be a powerful tool for expanding your brand or campaign. In a creator report, Sprout Social found that Twitter conversations around content creators have increased by 35% since 2017. This is a lot of talks around a rapidly-growing title.

Businesses are also catching up. Our research found that 74% planned to spend at least a quarter on Creator Partnerships over the next few months.

Include creators in your strategy for social media marketing. You can attract the best candidates by writing an excellent content creator job description. This article will give you a good starting point.

What kind of content creator roles are you looking to hire?

Content creators do precisely what is written on the box: create content. This is a broad category with many possibilities.

Jayde Powell, a freelance content creator and marketing expert, says that “content creator” can vary depending on a brand’s needs and perceptions about content’s role in its overall marketing. Content creators are people who create content. Different types of content can be made, and there are various ways to do so.

Ask yourself these questions before you create your job description for a content creator.

What are your goals for hiring a designer?

It is essential to have broad goals.

Get specific: What type of content would you like a creator’s focus to be? According to our Creator Economy Report, Instagram Story posts and TikTok links in bios are just a few examples of content formats marketers will partner with creatives to produce.

Jayde said, “A brand might want to hire someone who makes videos in short form for their social media channels.” A brand might want its content creator to design graphics or write copy for print campaigns. By stating what type of content you need, it will be easier to determine whether someone is qualified for the job. ”

This will allow you to hire someone proficient in creating the content that best suits your needs. (More on this below).

Are you looking for a freelancer or a company-owned creator?

The two types of content creators, in-house and freelancers, are not mutually exclusive. They do, however, have their unique selling points.

By partnering with a freelance creator, you can reach new audiences. Most likely, their content will live on their channels rather than yours.

The “unboxing” and “reveal content” that 42% of marketers collaborate with creators on is a great way to generate buzz for new products or campaigns.

Be prepared to negotiate a price and work together on a contract. Pay for great content.

Content creators in-house can help you with your daily posts. Unsurprisingly, 25% of marketers hire content creators to ease the burden of creating content.

What kind of specialization are you interested in?

As of the writing of this article, over 2,000 LinkedIn job postings were found in the US under the heading “content creator.”

Not all content creators have the same job duties.

Consider these roles:

TikTok content creator

TikTok specialists and content creators are more prevalent with the growth of this platform.

What to consider: To increase your audience and presence on TikTok, diversify the short-form videos you post on the platform.

Content creators with industry-specific expertise

Working with content creators can be appealing because they can create a community centered around them or their passion.

This “in the know” level boosts your content’s authenticity while connecting you with a new market that shares your passion for your industry.

This post is about the outdoor lifestyle.

This one is looking for music lovers.

Considerations: If you want to reach a specific audience or are looking for someone with a deep understanding of your product, service, or industry.

Social media content creator

If you are looking for a content writer who creates content for social media.

But this title is worth considering–especially if you’re not hiring a creator with a platform-specific focus.

When you should consider: Your social media campaigns must be enhanced, and your team wants to reach new audiences. You also want to build relationships with your community.

Skill-specific content creator

Creating different assets, from short-form videos and memes to different types of investments, requires different skills.

The following are some areas in which creators may specialize:

Short-form video

Long-form video


Graphic Design


Writers of content

This position seeks content writers proficient at writing and optimizing content.

Consider If you’re searching for a content writer specializing in your chosen format.

Senior-level content creators

Content creators with more experience can manage projects, lead other content creators in imagination and management, or have higher expertise.

The senior content creator is “collaborating with other content creators, designers, strategists, and stakeholders to develop content ideas.”

Considerations: If you’re creating an in-house creative team and need a leader to lead it,

Content creators typically have a variety of responsibilities

The responsibilities of a creator will vary depending on what you and your team want and need to accomplish with this role.

Beware: One of the most common mistakes businesses make is creating descriptions that are too vague or overburdening responsibilities.

Jayde says, “Many job descriptions ask for things beyond just creating content. For example, they ask creators to create and publish content on their channels. Others will ask the creators to reply to comments. “While a content creator might have the skillsets of a social network manager, writer, videographer, and photographer, that doesn’t mean they should do all these things.”

Let’s look at some of the skills most commonly listed in job descriptions for content creators.

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