May 30, 2024

What is an RSS Aggregator?

An RSS Aggregator provides a straightforward concept for readers: find all relevant information related to a specific subject all in the same place. An RSS Aggregator will bring the web’s content from different sources together for users to get news from multiple sources more easily. Despite not being a new technology, they’re still very popular due to their ease of use and their efficiency in collecting and saving information from your favorite websites, and also because they can be used on desktops as well as mobile. They’re still popular – for instance, Feeder makes an argument in favor of its popularity RSS by pointing out the fact that they have grown organically, gaining 600,000 subscribers in an extremely short amount of time. To give a few of the most well-known ones, Techmeme for news about technology, Mediagazer for media news, and obviously, Google News. Well, you can create one on your own using WordPress.

Do I have the ability to build an RSS Aggregator with WordPress?

Similar to the RSS aggregators that you read, the one built into WordPress is able to use a clean and professional interface, which follows the look and feel of the top newspapers such as The New York Times or Wall Street Journal. An excellent instance of a news aggregator created by WordPress is News Desk from WP News Desk, which integrates WordPress-related content across the internet. Here’s a look at the website:

With the help of a WordPress theme as well as a selection of necessary plugins that are easy to begin and are a great supplement for your news aggregator toolkit. To achieve similar results to an individual news aggregation system, you can use these themes and plugins

Best WordPress RSS Aggregator Themes

It is essential to choose a theme that has a clear and simple interface, is well-organized, and is extremely fast. This can provide the site’s users with a fantastic experience, and if your site’s speed is lightning fast and the UX is extremely beneficial for users, it’ll aid your site to rank better on Google, too.

WP Drudge

The most well-known RSS aggregator WordPress theme available is WP-Drudge. It’s designed to allow you to build a website similar to that of the Drudge Report, an established news aggregation site (although they aren’t connected), and only use WordPress.The WP Drudge theme makes it easy to publish any content and includes a space for advertisements to help you make money from the traffic to your site. Price:$89 for one site license


Voice is an excellent choice for those who want to make a good first impression and also make profits through your content aggregate service. Whether it’s newspapers, magazines, or your blog site, you could utilize this theme to design beautiful, well-designed websites for your content, as well as the aggregation and re-use of content from others. As an added benefit, it includes seamless integration with ad networks to enable the monetization of the range easily.

“Voice WordPress theme is created with magazines and news websites in the back of your mind. It’s a meticulously designed and well-thought-out theme that aims to make publishing your content as simple as is feasible. The simple-to-use module system allows you to organize your articles and other content however you want and ensure that they look great whether you run an unassuming blog or a huge editorial website .” Bojan Petrovic MeksHQ


Newspaper is a great choice because of the variety of styles of news that you can use it with. Want an elegant look while you publish the latest fashion and entertainment news on your site for content aggregation? Perhaps you’d like something more cutting innovative as you gather the latest software-related information? The newspaper includes a wide variety of demos that you can try. It also comes with features such as the integration of social media, videos, and byline widgets that save the time of creating these on your own. The Company behind Newspaper explained to us the reasons it’s a great choice to create an online news site: News website:

“Newspaper helps you create a beautiful website out-of-the-box, with an easy to use drag-and-drop page builder, hundreds of beautiful templates and pre-built ad slots to help you monetize your website! “– Alina S TagDiv

Doesn’t sound like a good idea? If you are looking to start with the Newspaper WordPress theme, they suggest beginning by reading this guideline. Price: Licenses starting at $59

MH Magazine

The MH Magazine theme is a perfect option for your content. It’s contemporary, clean, and fully responsive and works well with news RSS aggregator sites, blogs, online magazines, and other editorial or content-based projects. It provides a variety of additional options, such as customizable widgets and advanced layout options, and the capability to completely alter the color scheme and style to match your brand’s image. Price:$49

Best WordPress RSS Aggregator Plugins

News themes typically handle the features needed to present your posts in the best possible light (as illustrated by the articles mentioned above). But news aggregator WordPress websites have extra requirements that you’ll need to consider addressing by using plugins.

WP RSS Aggregator

In order to start creating your site for content aggregation, it is necessary to install a plugin such as the WP RSS Aggregator. This plugin will help you aggregate news feeds of many sources and display them as one feed on your site quickly and. You’ll also be required to consider the Feed-to-Post enhancement, which transforms an otherwise uninteresting link aggregation to other websites into a news source that can be read on your personal WordPress website or application.

“Starting with a website focused on content is not easy, especially since it takes time to populate your website with valuable content. With WP RSS Aggregator, you can solve this problem. As you write up your original content, import content, import articles, videos, and more from top sources in your niche to start attracting new visitors and keep them coming back for more, day after day (remember to credit the source! ), making it an ideal plugin to create a news aggregator. “” – Mark WP RSS Aggregator

If you’re looking for guidance for setting up a news or content curation website using WordPress and WP RSS, they have written this useful guide to start with the WP RSS Aggregator. Price: Free for the base version. Fees for add-ons differ.

Feedzy RSS Feeds

Another highly-rated WordPress RSS filtering plugin that is popular with users of WordPress can be found in Feedzy RSS Feeds. Feedzy offers RSS feeds as well as auto blogging functions. It will simplify the process of setting up your site and begin aggregating, arranging, and curating the most relevant content from your field all over the web. The plugin is mobile-friendly as well, which means you can offer your site users an excellent experience on any device! If you decide you’d like to create a mobile-friendly app for your visitors on your website in the near future, Feedzy provides the perfect design to make the app look stunning. Price:  A free version is available. Plans that are paid start at PS57.


RSSImport is a light and versatile plugin that doesn’t take any time to set up. Simply download it and then install it. Then, utilize a shortcode, widget, or PHP function to create your feed! It works only with the standard WordPress functionality, which means it doesn’t require installing any additional libraries or making the setup more complicated by any means! Price: Free

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