May 30, 2024

This blog post will explain how to add an Author box with the Divi theme to a WordPress site that has been installed. This is a quick and easy process. This task does not require a professional designer.

Use the ” module ” feature of the Divi theme and customize your Author Bio through its detailed settings. These preferences are easy to understand and do not require any prior knowledge.

Let me summarize the benefits before I go into the details of how to add the author bio to your Divi site. Get Divi, the best WordPress theme for building attractive websites.

Why Include Author Bios in Your Blog Posts?

Establishing Credibility- Your audience is more likely to trust your information if they know the author and are familiar with their knowledge.

Enhancing Your Brand- This ensures that your content has a consistent look and feel, reinforcing the brand identity.

Improving the User Experience- It helps visitors navigate your website effectively and find content that matches their needs and interests.

SEO Boost – This sends out a message to Google about your experience and qualifications, which could positively affect the EEAT score for your website.

Check the integration process for Author Box if you are using the GeneratePress theme.

How to add Author Box in Divi Website

After reading the benefits of adding an author bio to your website, you would likely like to implement the same for your Divi-based websites.

Here are the easy steps!

Step 2: Click ” Enable visual builder,” as shown in the screenshot below!

You are now in editable mode.

Step 3: Click on ” Add a New Module,” which is located in the circle with the black button. (Marked in the image below)

Step 4: Clicking this option will give you the search settings for the module. Find the module ” Person.”

Step 4 Select the module and enter your details such as Name, Social Media Profile, and Description. Refer to the image below.

Step 5 View the screenshot below to see my details, including my name, designation, and social profile. Once you’ve entered your information, click the Green Colour Tick to save it.

Step 6 Next, I will add an image to the Author Bio section. Add my photo using the “Image” feature and change its background color.

Add your profile picture to the WordPress media library. Go to the background settings of your profile image and select the desired color. Refer to the screenshot below.

Don’t forget to click on the Green Tick Button after uploading the image and selecting the background color to save the changes.

Step 8: Now, let’s go to ” Design,” where you can configure the content sections such as icons, images, titles, etc.

You can fix your car in this section.

  1. Icon Colour
  2. Icon Font Size
  3. Style & Border for Image
  4. Title text size
  5. Title letter spacing
  6. Title line height
  7. Title Text shadow
  8. Spacing (Margin & Padding).
  9. Box Shadow

You can change the size and color of your social media icons! Change the Icon size and color.

You can also design the Image Shape and apply a shadow effect! You can see these settings in the following images. I use 100px for the profile image of my author bio.

Change the font, size, shadow, and spacing for your Title.

I will now customize the background shadow and spacing settings. Please refer to the image below.

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