May 30, 2024

Do you want to know the best way to determine which keywords are most competitive for a better search engine ranking? It’s not an easy task, especially now that there are so many tools available to help you with this. Don’t worry, I will answer your question in detail.

It’s like finding a needle among haystacks to find a reliable tool that can provide authentic data. But lucky you, I’ve got your back covered! My extensive knowledge in SEO allows me to tell which paid and free tools I should use.

In this article, I have listed the top 10 keyword checker tools. Three of these tools are free, while the rest are paid with limited searches or free trials. Let’s dig into the details to determine which keyword competitor finder is worth investing in!

Why do you need to check the keyword competition?

In reality, it is much easier to create a blog or website than it is to run one well. If not all of them, then thousands of sites would be your competitors. These sites may be ranking for hundreds or even thousands of keywords, and yes, they could also be ranking for one article or topic.

The secret to their ranking lies in their keyword analysis. They likely worked with low-competition, untapped keywords. These keywords are easier to rank. I’ll give you an example to help you better understand the importance of these keywords.

Imagine you are a blogger and would like to write a blog post on “Best places in Europe to visit.” This is a very competitive keyword, with many established and large travel websites fighting for it. Do you think that working on a keyword like this makes no sense at all?

You’re right, of course. Your blog will be ranked after 50-60 searches if you focus on this keyword. Who is reading the content on the seventh or eighth page? Nobody. It’s not the perfect keyword, especially if you have a brand-new blog with no domain authority.

You can rank easily if you choose a keyword that is easy to use and has low competition, such as “Best places to visit in Europe in December.” You’ll face fewer competitors, as there will be more occasional large blogs. Your website will then quickly reach the first page in Google’s search results and become more visible.

What Tools Are Available to Analyze Keyword Competition? Paid Tools

Now you know why it is important to focus on keywords that are easy to rank and have low competition. We’ll now discuss how to use different tools to analyze keyword competition. To help you, I have selected eight devices that are always up-to-date and provide accurate metrics.


I would answer “Ahrefs” without hesitation if asked which tool is the best for keyword research within the SEO industry. Why is this tool ranked at the top? It’s the accuracy and reliability of the data that it provides on a keyword.

The keyword’s competition level is checked, as well as the number of websites that rank the keyword. The keyword selection process is made easier by several filters that allow you to select countries and KD. It’s my favorite tool for competition analysis.

Amazing Features of Ahrefs

Free tools include DA Checker, Keyword Generator, etc.

Site audit, ranking tracking, and backlink checking tools are available.

Choose from 4 different plans, ranging from Lite up to Enterprise.

A detailed overview of the keyword competition.

The extension “Ahrefs SEO Toolbar” is available.


BuzzSumo comes in second place on my list of the best keyword competition checker tools. It contains all the tools that an SEO expert needs to select keywords, including trending topics. You can access a detailed breakdown of the difficulty and the keyword on the dashboard.

It is best to select the keyword and then use the “content analyser” tool to analyze it. The device will tell you when to publish your content, how long it should be, etc. It’s a great way to maintain your flow.

Amazing Features of BuzzSumo

Site audit tools, ranking tracking, and backlink checking tools.

You can analyze the content by keyword.

Topic explorer, trending feed, question analyzer, and topic.

Ideal for content ideas that will generate a flow of content.

Create an optimized outline of the keyword.

Five plans are available starting at $95.


If BuzzSumo were to be removed from this list, then I would have placed SEMRush second. It is a great tool to check keyword competition scores. I use it. Its dashboard looks similar to Ahrefs and gives you quick access to all the tools.

You can use this tool to see the ranking of your website, backlinks, DA, and competition. SEMRush lets you know the amount of traffic that your competitors receive from Google. SEMRush can also help you find related queries or terms to use.

Features of SEMRush

Use low-competition keyword phrases in your content.

Analyze the keyword and backlink strategies of competitors.

You can track your keywords rankings and perform a site audit.

Analysis of search volume, competition, CPC, and other factors.

There are three plans: Pro, Guru, and Business.


SpyFu is a great tool for keyword competitor analysis. The data is accurate, and I’ve cross-verified it with other well-known devices. Why should you choose SpyFu over other instruments?

It’s easy to use and affordable for those who are just starting in blogging. The prices are lower, even though it is not free. You can check the keyword competition, but you must pay if you want to see all results (more than five to six).

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