May 30, 2024

Want to use Cloudways for team communication and integrate your Slack account? This is the place for you to add shared Slack channels to your Cloudways account.

Recently, I did the same thing for my teams, and my productivity is now tweaked. Scattered conversations between teams and delayed messages no longer plague me. My centralized communication workspaces give me peace of mind.

Cloudways team realized the importance of productive conversations between team members and has introduced this feature in CloudwaysBot. Let me first explain the benefits of Slack before I get into how to add it to Cloudways.

Why should you combine your Slack account with Cloudways?

Cloudways and Slack can be used together to reap many benefits. Let me explain!

CollaborationWhen a server task or application issue needs to be addressed, an alert will be sent directly to your Slack Account. Team members can then discuss the next steps, tag their colleagues, or share additional data without having to use other communication platforms.

Alerts: Receive real-time notifications about updates, backups, or other related notifications in your Slack channels. This keeps your team updated instantly.

Quick actions: Depending on the importance of the notifications, your team can take action directly from Slack to respond to alerts related to Cloudways hosting.

Centralized information: Instead, if you are constantly checking your emails or Cloudways, it is easier to get the latest updates through Slack, which is where your team communicates most.

Productivity boost: Faster communication and action will help you to solve problems quickly.

How to Add Slack with Cloudways Hosting?

Add your Slack account using the instructions below!

Step 1. Log into with your team and create a workspace.

Step 2: Click ” Launch the Slack After creating the workspace.

Step 4: Click on ” Apps ” from the left-side setting.

Step 5 You will need to look for ” Incoming WebHooks.” Click the Add button after you have downloaded it.

Step 6: Now, it will redirect the page to Incoming Webhooks. Click the “Add Slack button”.

Step 6: You will be able to add your Slack Channel on this page. Click the Add Incoming Integration button and select your channel under Send to Channel.

Step 7: You will be taken to the Incoming Webhooks Settings page. The webhook URL will be displayed. Copy the URL and add it to Cloudwaysbot.

Step 8: Log into your Cloudways dashboard and click on the CloudwaysBot icon, as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 9 Select the ” Channels ” and click on ” Add channel “.

Step 10: Select Slack from the dropdown list in the Add Channel section.

Step 11 Enter the Slack Settings. Paste the webhook URL into the URL section. Give the name of your notification channel and select ” events.” Click the ” Save & Test Channel Button.

That’s it! You have now successfully integrated your Slack account with Cloudways to receive the CloudwaysBot’s alters.

Note –After this Integration, visit your Slack Account and check if you have received an Alert from your Cloudways Account (Check the image below). This ensures the perfect collaboration!

Video Tutorial to Add Slack to Your Cloudways Account

Here is a video that will help you understand the steps to adding your Slack to Cloudways. Watch it Now!

Cloudways Integration with Slack – FAQs

1. Can I integrate multiple Slack channels into my Cloudways account?

Ans: Yes! It is possible. It is possible. You must follow the same steps as described in this blog.

2. Does Slack CloudwaysBot require payment?

Ans: No! This integration is free.

3. Can I cancel this partnership at any time?

Ans: Yes! You can remove your Slack account from Cloudways at any time.

Wrapping up

Your team can focus on improving business processes and tasks with a streamlined workspace. Cloudways is aware of this need and offers integrations that boost performance and productivity. Slack with CloudwaysBot, for example, is one such integration.

CloudwaysBot will send you notifications about server alerts such as Auto-scale & MYSQL, Web Stack Health, Two-factor Authentication & Server Upgrades, and application alerts, including CMS & versions & SSL alerts & Auto-repair Tables.

To receive the Cloudways critical notifications, you need to have a Slack workspace and an account. In this tutorial and the video, I explain how to add Slack to Cloudways. Both are intended to be clear and useful. Comment your thoughts in the comments section.

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