May 22, 2024

Google will charge you a premium to ensure that your ads appear to customers searching for the keywords you’ve chosen. How can one track the return on that investment? Conversion tracking is the correct answer.

Google Ads will automatically track conversions if you configure them. A modification could be anything from a signup to a button click to a purchase or any other goal that you define as being beneficial for your company.

Before you create your ads, I’d argue that the tracking of conversions should be configured first. It is what will help you and Google to align your expectations for your ads.

How to track conversions in Google Ads

Go to your Google Ads Account.

Click on Tools and Settings in the top menu bar. Then, select Conversions.

The available types are Website (tracking online sales, link clicks, page views, and signups), App (tracking App installs, in-app purchases, and in-app actions), and Phone calls (tracking calls from ads or clicking on a number on your Website). There are three types of conversions: Website (tracking sales online, link clicks, and page views), App (tracking App installs, purchases in apps, and in-app actions), and Phone Calls (tracking calls from ads, phone calls to a mobile number, or clicks on the number on your site).

After selecting the conversion type, you will be asked to name it and assign a conversion value. If your average sale is $50, for example, you can use that as the value to convert purchase conversions.

All you need to do now is follow Google’s instructions.

Google Ads allows you to track multiple conversion types

Tracking different conversion types will help you better understand your users’ journey. If you run a SaaS company, you may want to know, for example, how many people signed up for the free trial and how many bought. These are two distinct metrics and two different types of conversion.

Google Ads allows you to track different conversion types per keyword and ad. You need to create multiple conversions and then integrate the code to trigger the modifications whenever an event occurs. You can start changes for every user signup and each Purchase.

You can then navigate to the Google Ads dashboard and click the Keywords box. You can choose Conversions by clicking on one of the top metrics, such as “CTR.”

You can choose Conversions to see which type of conversion you want to track. You can select Purchase to track how many sales were made as a direct result of the advertising of a particular keyword or Signup to know how many free trials have been started by clicking on a specific ad.

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