May 30, 2024

There are more than a few session recording tools in the market, allowing you to record and playback your users’ journey on your website. Most devices are used either for behavioral analytics or for bug-tracking purposes.

Hotjar is one of the more popular tools, allowing you to record sessions, view heatmaps of webpages, and survey users directly on your website. It comes with a price.

Although Hotjar offers a free tier, it’s very limited, and you’ll probably hit the paywalls very soon after starting to work with the tool.

In this article, we’ll review the limitations of Hotjar’s free plan and suggest free alternatives.

Session recordings traffic limitation

As of today (December 2021), Hotjar offers a free tier, allowing website owners to record up to 35 sessions per day and up to 1,050 sessions per month. So, assuming you have more than 35 visitors on your website on a daily basis, you can only record 35 of them, and you miss out on viewing the recordings of all other visitors.

Data retention limitation

As Hotjar offers to keep up to 1,050 session recordings on the free tier, you won’t be able to access past data or explore older recordings. If your team’s work processes take more than a month, it may pose an issue as those recordings will no longer be available to watch after that period runs out.

Just recordings, no insights

Hotjar can record your user’s behavior on your website, but when you have more than a few recordings to watch, it can be very time-consuming, especially if they are long and you don’t know what you’re actually looking for.

Other (free) tools, such as Visualime usi, ng artificial intelligence to analyze the recordings and locate potential UI/UX issues so you can focus on what really matters, improve your website’s experience, and increase conversion rates.

Free alternative for Hotjar

Visualise is a free alternative to Hotjar, allowing you to record an unlimited number of user sessions. Visualize will automatically generate insights for you, powered by AI, to allow you to focus your time on what really matters most. The senses can focus you on potential UI/UX problems, such as rage clicks and abandoned forms, while directly skipping to the relevant part of the recording.

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