May 30, 2024

It is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available today. You want to make sure that the content on your landing page is fresh and relevant. Your ads have done a great job of bringing customers to your site. Good landing page design can be the difference between conversions and a change of mind for customers.

You should use an evergreen Black Friday Landing Page for your Black Friday Marketing Campaign. Evergreen landing pages are a great way to boost your digital marketing campaign during the holiday season and Black Friday.

Why Evergreen Content

Evergreen content, as its name implies, is named for evergreen trees such as pines or firs that never lose their leaves and remain green all year. Evergreen content is also sustainable, just like the trees. Evergreen SEO landing Pages stay relevant and fresh for holiday shoppers. This improves your rankings and leads to greater visibility. While Black Friday is only one day per year, you can use your evergreen landing pages to inform your audience months in advance about Black Friday offers.

Landing pages are not typically thought of as evergreen content since they are usually focused on a specific promotion or event. With a few simple strategies, it’s possible to use the landing page design all year long and increase its effectiveness and ranking.

It can be tempting, however, to create new landing pages every year for your holiday promotion due to the importance of a landing page. You shouldn’t.

Why You Shouldn’t Create A New Landing Page Each Year

You don’t need to create a separate landing page if you already had one for Black Friday 2016. It would be best if you used the same landing pages every year.

It is important to have a strong landing page that converts leads into purchases. You can increase sales by creating a strong landing page. Below, we’ve listed a few.

Take Advantage of SEO During Holidays

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective marketing tools you can use in digital. Many companies miss out on utilizing SEO for their holiday promotions because it takes longer to gain traction. Start early to take advantage of SEO during the holiday season.

It takes SEO months to gain traction. This is why it’s important to create a holiday landing page that will last throughout the year. Create your landing page as early as possible, whether it is for Black Friday or another annual promotion. This will allow the page to rank in search results before the holidays. It will not only gain rankings before the holidays but will also maintain black friday keyword rankings in years to come.

What Keywords Should You Use After?

You might be wondering what keywords you should target now that you understand how SEO can help you with your holiday plans. It’s good to know that some of these keywords are already well-established. If you are known for Black Friday sales and your brand, then there will be many searches for Black Friday.

This is a great start, but it’s also important to include non-branded keywords. If your company is in the retail industry, for example, you might focus on keywords like “Black Friday jeans,” “Black Friday sweaters,” “Black Friday dresses,” and so on. You can reach a different audience by targeting keywords that are not brand-named. They may be unfamiliar with your company or promotions. This will help you attract a new group of customers, and your Black Friday sales can be the biggest ever.

Uses for your Evergreen landing page

You can use your Black Friday landing pages to promote other sales or upcoming deals. This will help to promote your brand, your promotions, and your landing page’s ranking for keywords. You can maintain the freshness of your page’s content by making simple adjustments.

You can use ads all year long to send people to the same landing page. Facebook and Google ads are great ways to get people to click on your page to learn about your Black Friday sales or upcoming events. Your landing page is useful all year long and will continue to improve your ranking for your company or agency.

What Should You Do With Your Landing Page Before Your Sale is Announced?

It’s not as difficult as it may seem to maintain a landing site throughout the year. Keep your content simple. If you know when your Black Friday event is, include that information on your page. You can also have an email capture form on your page if you don’t know the date of your Black Friday event. Offer a small incentive to encourage people to enter their email.

You could use language like “be among the first to learn about our Black Friday deals” to entice people to give their email. You can also offer a gift card or a percentage off to encourage them to buy when the time comes.

You can also list other dates for promotions and sales in the off-season to alert potential customers. When are your other holiday sales, for example? In the meantime, you can encourage visitors to your landing page to visit your main site and browse the current products. To build anticipation, you can tease the Black Friday sale by using hints or even a simple banner that says “Coming Soon.”

This can improve your ranking and increase the traffic to your site.

Who should use Evergreen landing pages?

Companies that run promotional sales will benefit from evergreen landing pages, particularly those that have special offers or promotions during the holidays. These pages are great for E-commerce websites, but they can also work well for membership-based organizations.

A Black Friday landing page that is evergreen can boost your Black Friday sales not just before the event but throughout the entire year. An evergreen landing will allow you to keep your content current and take some of the pressure off your business. You can use the same landing page for each promotion instead of creating a new one every year.

By making a few content changes, you can improve your rankings and increase sales. Evergreen landing pages are a win-win! This holiday season, consider using an evergreen Black Friday page and watch the results grow.

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