May 22, 2024

Looking for high-availability WordPress hosting services? Cloudways Autonomous? What is Cloudways? What is it for? Cloudways Hosting plan: Who is it for? What makes this hosting plan so special?

How can it provide peace of mind for individuals who have a business or blog where the traffic fluctuates frequently? Answer these questions. As a Cloudways user, I’d like to introduce the new highly available WordPress hosting service – Cloudways autonomous.

You don’t need to worry about your traffic increasing or decreasing if you have a high-traffic WordPress website that News media, Reddit, or an ecommerce site drive. Autonomous Hosting solves this problem with its auto-scalability plans.

It is important to know about the features and pricing of this fully managed WordPress hosting. Here, I will explain why Cloudways Autonomous offers the best solution for businesses, how it can solve traffic problems, and its best features.

Let’s get all the information you need to make a good decision about your online business.

Cloudways Autonomous: What is it?

Cloudways Autonomous, a recently launched Cloudways hosting solution, is based on a Kubernetes cluster to enable automatic autoscale deployment. The pricing plans are autoscaling to ensure that business apps and websites can grow.

The website will no longer go down because of multiple simultaneous requests. Cloudways and other hosting providers have a data transfer limit. Your website may be affected by the limit if it receives a lot of traffic because of a viral marketing campaign or article.

Switching to autoscale hosting may be the best choice if you have experienced this or think that it could happen to you as your business evolves. This is the best eCommerce hosting because normal hosting plans cannot guarantee your store’s accessibility during peak times.

WordPress’s high-availability hosting guarantees 24/7 uptime. You’ll also get 24/7 uptime!

Cloudflare Enterprise: Optimal security

Cutting Edge Kubernetes Infrastructure For Autoscaling

High-Speed WordPress Administration Through Object Cache Pro

One-Click Backups and Staging

Professional 24-Hour Technical Support

Self-Migrating Plugin is Also Available for Free Website Migration

Additional Features & Advanced Load Balancing

How does it compare to other hosting services? Tell me!

Cloudways Autonomous vs. Other Managed WordPress Hosting

Cloudways Autonomous is a leader in managed WordPress hosting. It ensures high-traffic websites run smoothly with autoscaling, high availability, and other features. These features improve reliability and scalability while setting new industry standards.

It would be best if you had high storage and auto-scaling to prevent site downtime when your website experiences traffic spikes. Cloudways’ Autonomous Hosting plan offers WordPress high-availability setups that are not available in any other managed hosting service. Compare the two clearly!

The WordPress High Availability Hosting Provider Offers Excellent Features

Cloudways Autonomous Hosting Plans: Here are their best features. You can find out if this high-availability WordPress Kubernetes host is a good fit for your business by reading the features!

PHP Workers

PHP workers are a vital part of hosting. Yet, they are often overlooked. These workers are responsible for managing or executing the code when we visit a website. This all happens on the backend.

These PHP workers could struggle to handle the workload if your hosting provider only allocates a small number of PHP workers for your site. This can result in slower page load times, server errors, or timeouts.

Cloudways Autonomous is the solution. Cloudways Autonomous gives you unlimited PHP workers. These PHP workers will ensure that your site runs smoothly without any delays.

Website Accessibility

The auto-scale features of the hosting are a great help! It is now easy to access and maintain the website or app for your business. You won’t need to worry about traffic spikes.

Cloudways Autonomous’s hosting server will automatically upgrade your hosting plan based on the traffic needs of your website. As soon as the traffic returns to normal, you can expect your hosting plan to return to its original state.

Sleek user interface

There are minimal options and a simple user interface. There are no confusing settings! You can see the picture below. You can easily create and manage WordPress or eCommerce applications. You can see the details of your disk usage, visits, and bandwidth.

Fast page loading

Your hosting server will determine the loading speed of your website. Cloudways Autonomous offers a solution to slow-loading web pages. It’s powered with Cloudflare CDN, and it is integrated with Object Cache Pro for quick content delivery to your visitors.

Compare the load testing performance with those of the leading competitors. This reference is from the Cloudways Blog post. I will soon perform speed tests and report the results!

CDN Network Support

Support for CDN (Content Delivery Network) is another feature that makes this Kubernetes WordPress hosting stand out. The data centers can be found anywhere in the world.

If a user from Australia visits your website, CDN will deliver content from a server closer to their location. This improves loading speeds and reduces latency.

Security and Backups

Cloudways Autonomous provides high-level online security for your business. This hosting includes a WAF, or Web Application Firewall (web application firewall), that provides DDoS protection and blocks malicious traffic around the world.

The hosting provider will also automatically back up the data on your website. Website owners can also request backups on demand, which makes it a safe solution for an online business that is growing.

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