May 30, 2024

Want to know how to get Cloudflare CDN for your website to load super-fast? Here, you will find a list of reliable hosting companies that offer Cloudflare services.

Every second counts in today’s fast-paced world. Your website performance can give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Website performance is an important factor that affects search engine rankings. For the best performance of your website, it is best to use a Content Delivery Network.

Hosting providers play a crucial role in ensuring that your website is fast and runs smoothly. The result is spectacular when they integrate Cloudflare CDN.

It takes some time and effort to choose the right hosting provider for your business. We can help.

This article will examine the best host that offers Cloudflare CDN integration to help you supercharge website performance and user engagement.

Understanding Cloudflare CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) consists of servers strategically located around the world that deliver web content, such as images and scripts, to users more efficiently.

Cloudflare, a CDN provider widely recognized for its outstanding performance, ease of use, and robust security, is the most popular CDN. According to the report, Cloudflare is used by 79.9% of all websites that rely on Content Delivery Networks.

Why should you choose a CDN, then? Let’s dig deeper!

Cloudflare CDN benefits for website performance:

Increased loading speed: The extensive network of reduces the distance that separates your website content from visitors. It ensures faster loading times for users and reduces the time it takes to load your website.

Improved Website Availability: Uses advanced caching technologies to ensure that your website is available for visitors the majority of the time.

Advanced security: This technology offers protection from online threats such as DDoS attacks and malicious bots and filters traffic via its global network.

SSL/TLS: Cloudflare provides SSL/TLS encryption to secure data transmissions and improve search engine rankings.

Global Reach Cloudflare’s data centers are located in countries around the world, making it possible for websites to load fast, regardless of visitor location.

By choosing a web hosting company that integrates Cloudflare, you can take advantage of these features and improve user experience, security, and performance.

Top 8 web hosting with Cloudflare CDN integration

This list includes the top hosting services that allow you to integrate Cloudflare CDN in order to improve site loading. These hosting providers also offer security and reliability for your business website. Let’s dive into the details.

Cloudways ($30 Discount)

Cloudways has a long-standing reputation in the web hosting industry. It provides a range of hosting options to suit the needs of companies of all sizes. This managed hosting offers a complete set of features to ensure high speed, reliability, and security.

Cloudways allows you to manage Cloudflare’s CDN settings easily easily. Cloudways also will enable you to select from multiple cloud providers, such as AWS, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean. You can also scale up or down your hosting resources according to the needs of your site.

Features and Key Features

Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting that will take care of all your servers and needs.

It offers advanced caching features to speed up page loading. Here, you can easily activate Object Cache Pro.

This software also includes advanced security features for DDOS and malware.

Cloudways Promo Code is available to my readers. It gives you $30 off any pricing plan. Grab the deal by using the coupon code WPGLOSSY.

You can use Edge Page Cache through Cloudflare’s integration to reduce the LCP and TTFB of your website.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has a long-standing reputation in the industry and is well known for its lightning-fast site speed. Cloudflare CDN is integrated into its hosting service.

This hosting has a wide range of plans and services. They also allow you to pay month-to-month without having to purchase a full year in advance.

A2 Hosting uses Turbo servers that can supercharge the performance of your website by 20X compared to other hosting companies.

You don’t need to worry about technicalities or site migration because they offer a free service.

The customer service team is ready to assist you 24/7.


Siteground is known for providing hosting services with exceptional performance and reliability. Cloudflare’s partnership with Siteground ensures faster loading times for websites hosted on the platform, as well as enhanced security and global CDN.

They provide excellent customer service, helping with any technical issues or questions you may have. Siteground is a top WordPress host, but you can also use it to host sites built with Joomla, Drupal, and other CMS platforms.


Siteground provides a full package of managed WordPress services. It’s a popular web host for this reason.

It provides a free SSL Certificate and advanced security features.

Easy-to-use panel with one-click installation.

InMotion Hosting

It was established in 2001 and has made a name for itself in the web hosting industry by providing reliable hosting with comprehensive features. They provide a variety of services, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting.

It is a good thing in InMotion. It offers high speed through the integration of CDNs and free SSD storage. This leads to a faster page loading time and a better user experience.


InMotion offers a 90-day refund guarantee in the event that you change your mind.

SSD storage is a great way to offer faster loading times and increased speed.

Customer support is available in the US 24/7/365.


DreamHost offers affordable web hosting services, particularly for those who are new to web servers. They provide a variety of hosting options, including managed, shared, and dedicated hosting.

DreamHost offers unlimited bandwidth. You don’t need to worry about high traffic or extra charges for your website. Any size of business can businesses of any sizes:

Domain privacy protection and a free domain name are included in the offer.

Unlimited email accounts and complete website hosting

Install popular software like WordPress in just a single click with the One Click Installation feature

WP Engine

WP Engine offers the best WordPress hosting service with Cloudflare CDN. Although their hosting plans are costly, experts still consider them to be one of the top WordPress web hosting options.

The platform is suitable for any business that uses WordPress as a CMS. They also offer Global CDN Integration. The cache is automatically created, which reduces your website’s load time for visitors.

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