May 30, 2024

Small Business Blog Ideas can be hard to come by, because we have to squeeze blogging in between our busy schedules.

Blogger is a concept that may be alien to small business owners.

What are you writing about? Where do you find content ideas? You may think it easier to stop blogging, but hold on!

Start a blog for your small business to help you with digital marketing and to promote your brand.

Search engines reward websites that consistently update their content with more organic traffic. This allows them to compete more effectively against larger brands and reach more potential customers.

Create a Content Strategy for Your Business Blog

Content marketing strategies require a lot of research. So, set aside time to do your homework.

Understanding your ideal customer and their challenges and problems is essential. It is important to understand your audience and what their problems are.

You can reuse the same blog topic over and over to help your audience discover you. Here’s our list of 30 small business blog topics that we use and love.

Evergreen Blog Post Topics

When you are creating new blog content, you should start by focusing on topics that will last for years.

Evergreen blog topics will continue to provide solid traffic, engagement and SEO value in years to come.

How can you tell which topics are relevant and evergreen in your niche? Content that is evergreen focuses on the basics. These are the fundamentals and guiding principles of your topic, which you would recommend to a beginner. Imagine yourself in the shoes of someone who is completely new to your topic. What are the first topics they should understand?

You will always find an audience for these topics for beginners in your blog!

Answer the Public is a great tool for helping you to come up with topics.

WordPress Themes and SEO: How templates impact ranking in search engines

WordPress themes have a significant impact on SEO. However, many website publishers believe that all WordPress theme vendors have optimized their themes for SEO. Search Engine Optimization is affected by many factors. From content quality to keyword research to backlinks, it’s difficult to tell what changes are having the most impact.

Repurposed content for your blog

You may be a master at podcasts, videos, webinars or social media. You can repurpose the content to gain more from it and to increase exposure.

You can expand this content into a longer blog post. For audio and video, you can include the transcripts.

Online Bloggers Course

Learn how to get more traffic, leads, and sales from Google. This WordPress SEO course will teach you how to create optimized content that Google appreciates, so you can rank higher and convert more visitors into sales.

Tutorials and How-to posts

How-to guides and tutorials are great resources for your blog, as they have a triple value.

It is not only educational, but also helpful to your audience.

You can also reduce the number of support requests you make or the time you spend on support by using these posts.

They also serve as proof of your small business’s knowledge and expertise in order to provide a quality service for clients.

The posts should be numbered and have “how-to phases”. As you tell your readers how to accomplish a goal, encourage them to progress.

Ultimate Guides

The ultimate guide or step-by-step guides are great ways to add educational material to your website. They are similar to tutorials, but they are much more extensive in their content and appearance. These do not need to have numbered steps or be strictly instructional and tend to last longer.

Success Stories or Case Studies

It is worth it to spend the time and effort to create case studies and success stories. They can help you increase your sales or conversions. These are great places to include testimonials.

The Mai Testimonials plugin allows you to display testimonials anywhere and at any time. The Mai Theme Pro bundle includes Mai Testimonials, 12+ premium plugins and access to the Mai Pattern Library.

Turn Industry Trends into Small Business Blog Post Ideas

Do not ignore industry trends. As a small company, you must stay up to date on the latest tools, apps and tech. You also need to be aware of opinions, rumors, and other news in your industry.

Blog posts on important topics (with your opinions and insights) are worth reading.

Editorialize! Editorialize! Why should people care about it?


Choose products that complement your own offerings but are not directly competitive with them. Choose products that complement your own but do not directly compete against your brand.

Mai Favorites allows you to create a collection of all your favorite items, such as affiliate products and services. You can get Mai Favorites with the Mai Theme Pro bundle, which also includes 12+ premium plug-ins, the Mai Pattern Library, and all of Mai Theme Essentials.

Compare the two

Comparing two or more products is a good idea when reviewing for your audience.

These comparison posts can be more general. You can use titles such as “What’s the difference?” or “vs/versus.”

Answer: The Public is also very useful in this case, as it generates a list of comparisons.


Interview thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers on a specific topic, or ask them about their business, what they’re working on, etc.

You can also highlight your favorite charities, companies, affiliations or other organizations.


Podcasts are closely related to interviews. Podcasts are similar to interviews.

podcasts generate great blog post ideas for small businesses.

You can turn podcasts into blog posts. You can include the audio and/or video of the podcast, show notes, bios or spotlights for guests, resources, as well as a transcript.

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