May 22, 2024

WordPress is the ideal platform to create a job board that both employers and candidates will love to use to post and apply for jobs. There are a few main ways that job boards work:

Develop a freelance services marketplace that is similar to Upwork and Fiverr. This will allow you to reach out to prospective employers and job seekers to come together on your marketplace and communicate with them for job opportunities.

Make a website with a job board in an industry in which job openings can be advertised, and job seekers can apply to them. It should look nice and is compatible with WordPress.

There are numerous tools that you can utilize to make your life easier, and it isn’t easy to decide which one is right for your needs. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective themes and plugins to create an employment board on WordPress:

When you’re “designing” a job board, you must ensure it has all the information you’d expect to see. A headline, an employer, and pertinent information regarding the job are all you need to begin. Still, additional options can make the experience more professional for everyone involved. Begin with a WordPress theme that will ensure you’ve got the best design immediately.

FreelanceEngineAre you looking to be one of the new Upwork?

Utilize this freelance engine marketplace theme to create your freelance job platform. Along with providing you with the page templates to run these marketplaces, the FreelanceEngine also has mobile-friendly counterparts, which takes away a lot of tasks you’d otherwise be required to complete in order to reach a mobile-friendly market.

“It can work seamlessly on any device. We offer you an assortment of plugins to allow you to have more control over your website and also the capability to begin monetizing your site”Annie, FreelanceEngine Annie, FreelanceEngine.


The theme has a sleek, elegant, premium appearance that your clients will appreciate. Employers will love the sleek user interface, while candidates can easily apply for jobs. Jobify is a reusable theme. You’ll be able to modify the typography, color scheme, and overall style to reflect your company’s identity. Another advantage to this Jobify theme is the fact that it’s compatible with a variety of add-ons that can be used to create new features, like gaining greater insight into the analytics of your website.


Another well-known WordPress Job board template that may be a great fit that you should consider using is JobRoller. This theme lets you create a job website that both employers and candidates who use it will appreciate. With a variety of impressive features like an online CV/resume database, customizable profiles, editable profiles, job types, CV search tools, and all other tools, an effective job board will be required. JobRoller comes with every feature you need to get started with your recruitment business.


JobCareer JobCareer is the best theme when you’re looking to create a stunning job board. It works ideal for hiring agencies and businesses employing internally, as well as for job aggregation sites, as it has more than a dozen demonstrations and a range of functions to choose from.


Jobmonster HTML0 Jobmonster is a WordPress theme that allows you to create fully functional Job boards that link prospective employers with candidates seeking to fill positions within their organizations. With a piece such as this, you’ll be able to improve the process of managing the submission of applications and jobs and speed up the process through which candidates are hired (and you earn revenue).


WorkScout WorkScout is an employment board theme designed for WordPress. Through this theme, you’ll assist job seekers and employers alike in managing their profiles online and establishing connections that are worth it. WooCommerce integration lets you charge users to purchase an account with services, pay to be applied to a specific amount of positions, or pay to publish open jobs.

LaborTime by Crocoblock

LaborTime is built using JetPlugins along with the Elementor page builders, which contain the necessary features needed for a job site that includes advanced filters and customized post type types, user and corporate profiles form, pop-ups, and forms. It is possible to build a job board’s site with JetPlugins. or install the LaborTime interactive template and then customize the website according to the requirements of your client.

“Crocoblock is a WordPress toolkit designed for web development professionals. LaborTime is an excellent template that can be used to show our users how to create job board websites using our plugins. The template lets you look up features and take the opportunity to look through pre-designed filters and searches, pre-defined profile forms, pop-ups, and forms. It lets you not only build your hiring websites but also know the JetPlugins capabilities as well. WordPress job board site structure, including custom forms, post types filters, search engines, and forms.” Andrew Shevchenko, CTO at Crocoblock.

WP Job Manager

It comes with an in-built contact form to allow collecting details, so you don’t need another plugin for this function. (That’s great, as it makes your site lighter than it normally would be. )WP Job Manager allows you to integrate this plugin into your site. Resume Manager plugin to add the form to submit resumes on your site as well as resume listings that are manageable through the WordPress administration dashboard.


The plugin includes everything, including job listing management and an employer portal, application tracking, and integrations to Twitter and other job websites to provide your job listings with more visibility on the internet.

“WPJobBoard is a WordPress Job Board Plugin that helps recruitment agencies create an online job board that is self-hosted and has an integrated applicant tracking system. Hosting the job board on your website will boost search engine optimization by increasing the page’s visibility in search engines. This is perfect for generating the right amount of traffic to verify your job site’s new look.

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