May 22, 2024

In 2021 2021, the percentage of mobile sales was projected to grow to almost 18 rate. Clearly, eCommerce businesses and subscription-based commerce websites are highly successful ventures. As eCommerce becomes an ever more feasible (and widely used) purchasing option for consumers in an increasingly connected world, you’ll want your company to be in a position to grab some of the revenue. Getting your goods and services into the marketplace quickly is the best method to assess the potential of your website and begin creating a base of customers and earning revenue. To achieve that, the online face of your eCommerce store must be functioning properly.

WordPress is the best CMS to choose from in order to begin a strong eCommerce business without doing too much work. It powers 43 percent of all websites currently. Here are some examples of eCommerce sites using WordPress.

A portion of it is yours to control. But in terms of design security, performance, and design, it is best to use your WordPress themes and plugins to assist you where they can. Using WordPress plugins will allow you to reduce the time spent building functionality by starting from scratch or hiring a developer to build it for you. They’ll be able to work straight out of the box and will have a quick assistance team. Don’t be deterred by themes or plugins that are expensive to download – usually, the minimal initial cost is worth it due to a top-quality product and the service they offer.


WooCommerce can be described as the world’s most well-known eCommerce software to use with WordPress, and it’s totally free! WooCommerce makes it possible to sell any digital or physical good. It can also allow users to set up periodic subscriptions, scheduled appointments, memberships, and others, making the process of launching your eCommerce website much easier using the use of this plugin. Because WooCommerce is such a well-known solution, it will be no surprise that there’s a complete collection of extensions and plugins designed specifically for it. If you’re looking to build on the capabilities that the WooCommerce plugin can accomplish, make sure you take a look at the Extensions. These extensions are especially useful in the context of integration with payment gateways, allowing your website to take on subscriptions that are recurring and much more.

“WooCommerce is friendly to budgets of all sizes and can be extended and scaled as your business grows. From coffee subscriptions to gym memberships to fashion to personalized jewelry, WooCommerce is what you make with it. ”

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is another excellent choice to manage your eCommerce website. The major distinction between this and a plugin such as WooCommerce is the fact that Easy Digital Downloads only works using digital services or content that is available for sale. So when your website only offers digital products, and you’re looking to cut down on space on all the other things that come with WooCommerce, This is the perfect plugin for you. It is more focused on the products you offer, and your requirements and functions will be more likely to be fulfilled than if you use a plugin with more functionality. Kyle from Easy Digital Downloads thinks this is the reason you should consider using this for an eCommerce MVP.

“Easy Digital Downloads is a excellent way to begin in the world of digital eCommerce since it comes with all the features you require and nothing you don’t. The set-up process is fast and easy with no unnecessary features preventing you from doing so. Additionally, it’s free of charge, so you can set up your store and begin selling without having to pay a dime until you’ve validated your business plan !”

WP eCommerce

The very first WordPress eCommerce plugin WordPress eCommerce has been in use since 2006, helping businesses sell their services and products as well as subscriptions and memberships online.WP eCommerce is open-source and is free to use; however, there are premium add-ons that can aid in providing your online shop with all the features it’ll ever require! Price: Free. Paid add-ons are available.


It is worth noting that the JigoShop eCommerce plugin is a great option for your eCommerce website. On their website, they emphasize the performance of the plugin and the easy-to-use features, thanks to a user-friendly dashboard, as well as advanced analytics and reporting features if you sell downloads or virtual items such as variable products (e.g., L, S, or L), affiliate products such as Travelpayouts, and other regular, one-off items. Price: Free as well as paid add-ons and themes are available.


While it’s not an extension, this live chat tool will prove to be an important asset in your quest to grow your prosperous eCommerce store. Acquire can be used on your mobile application and your website and can expand your business. Price: Free. Plans that are paid start at $25 per month.


It is not just your customers who will want to communicate with one another; it is important to ensure that you (or your staff) are accessible for assistance requests and queries as well. This is possible via a live chat application such as JivoChat. This plugin lets you connect with customers live and any screen they might want to chat with you from. Here’s the reason Paulo from JivoChat believes it’s the ideal solution for your business:

“JivoChat is a business messenger tool that helps you reach visitors and make them your clients. They will be able to talk to you via online chat, calls, emails, Facebook, Telegram, Viber and much more. Also, everything is centralized in one tools, helping managers to understand where they can improve their support. ”


A fresher addition to the WordPress market, BigCommerce is a well-known eCommerce CMS that has developed its own WordPress eCommerce plugin that can increase sales through a fantastic user experience. It’s an effective integration, and because of its configuration (content is handled via the front end), your website should be able to be able to run fast and assist users in making sales without technical problems. If you own multiple eCommerce websites, you’ll be able to use BigCommerce across all of them as well!

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