May 22, 2024

Looking for a social media contest to help you grow your online business?

Contests can be a great way to grow your social media audience and increase sales and engagement.

Giveaways, sweepstakes, and raffles are all social contests that offer value to the audience.

This post compares the best tools and apps for social media contests that you can use to promote your business.

SweepWidget is a great contest app. It supports more than 90 entry methods, and it is compatible with 30+ social media platforms. The plan is also free. You can embed your SweepWidget on any page of the blog. Free plan and dedicated WordPress plugin included.

The best app for contests is Woorise. It offers additional functionality to generate leads. Create landing pages for different contests and giveaways. This includes Twitch competitions, unlocking game keys, and much more. Create lead generation pages, as well as quizzes, surveys, and other forms of content. Free plan available.

The ShortStack app is the best choice for agencies and teams that are looking to create a powerful giveaway application.

The tools listed above will likely be appropriate for most users, but I would recommend reading the remainder of the article in order to find the tool that suits you.

Each of these tools offers either a trial or a free plan so you can decide if they are right for you.


SweepWidget offers 90+ different entry methods on over 30 social media platforms. You can easily grow your followers, likes, and engagement on virtually any platform. You can run these types of contests.

Drag and drop the contest builder to create your contests. SweepWidget offers an advanced design editor as well as a custom CSS builder for those who are aesthetic. You can embed your Sweepwidget hosted landing into your website or blog once your contest is complete.

SweepWidget integrates with over 20 email marketing and marketing tools via API. Mailchimp Mailerlite Aweber etc. There are also API integrations with Zapier, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. They even have native APIs.

SweepWidget allows you to track and manage your entries easily easily. You can select the winners manually or randomly, delete/disqualify entries, and export all information about users to a CSV. You can also view/edit each user action from the advanced analytics web portal.


ViralKit, the world’s only AI-powered contest builder, is powered by. Their intelligent AI will create your entire social media campaign for you, from the title and description down to the prizes and entry method. You can also build your contest using their easy-to-use and feature-rich contest builder.

ViralKit is the only contest tool that offers 250+ different entry methods on 60+ platforms. It is easy to run contests across multiple platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

You can also add viral sharing (refer a friend), vote polls, and collect customer reviews. Create custom forms, upload files, request secret codes, or ask for app downloads.

Update the style, fonts, and colors with ease. Choose from multiple layout options. Add custom branding. The updates can be viewed in real-time.

ViralKit offers many CRM integrations for email tools. Mailchimp includes Klaviyo ConvertKit, Drip Mailerlite, and MadMimi.

You can filter users by conditions and disqualify them using the detailed user management section. Also, they have a detailed traffic analysis section.

ViralKit’s security features are industry-leading and designed to protect your brand from fake entries, cheating, and other fraudulent activities.


Woorise allows users to create contests on social media and other lead-generation campaigns.

Woorise allows you to create social contests for a variety of platforms, such as Instagram contests and Facebook giveaways. You can create contests on other social platforms, such as Twitch and YouTube.

Woorise allows users to create quizzes and surveys for lead generation in addition to contest creation. You can use this to improve your conversion rates, nurture leads, and gain insight into your audience.

Woorise comes with a powerful page builder to help you host giveaways. It is easy to create high-converting landing pages with the landing page builder’s drag-and-drop editor. It also includes a bio-linking tool, which is ideal for Instagram marketing.

Woorise offers a good solution for agencies, as it lets you create different workspaces to manage accounts for clients and brands.

You can see that this app is much more than just a competition app.


ShortStack is a powerful tool that can be used to run your social media competitions.

You can do everything from Instagram and Twitter hashtag contests to Facebook giveaways.

Great Lakes held a Facebook contest using ShortStack. Generated more than 200,000 entries. This helped Great Lakes grow its Facebook fan base by 200 percent within three weeks.

ShortStack is also compatible with Instagram and Pinterest.

You can create a giveaway campaign using over 90 templates, 30 themes, and drag-and-drop functionality, which even those who are not tech-savvy will be able to use. Custom URLs can also be used to match your branding.

ShortStack is a powerful choice for social contests because it offers detailed analytics, voting that has been verified, and voting restrictions.

You can reward your participants with additional chances to win if they refer friends. If you want to collect leads or information, ask your participants to share their email addresses and where they live.

ShortStack has an action gate function that helps you build your list. You can have an entry do something, like enter their email address, to get a discount or an entry.

ShortStack is a versatile and easy tool to help you build your brand, as it allows you to use a wide range of media to reach your audience.

ShortStack is a powerful tool that allows you to build landing pages and has a wealth of features for your campaigns to deliver results.

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