May 30, 2024

Do you need some ideas to help you design the design of your Instagram account? We searched the globe to discover an Instagram account that is well-known distinctive, fascinating, and executed flawlessly. The influencers, brands, and fan pages push their daily consumption to levels so high that you’d get exhausted trying to get there. If you didn’t make it to the list this year, do not fret. You can still leave a comment with your Instagram account’s URL below to be included in our 2021 edition.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez might be among the most famous pop stars of the moment, but this isn’t the only achievement she has to sing about. With more than 156 million Instagram followers, her account is among the most well-known Instagram accounts on the market. Why did she get so popular? It could be because of her warm and friendly nature. Gomez is someone that everyone can relate to. She’s also not scared to lift the people around her by praising them. Her photographs are all beautiful, as well. She also shares behind-the-scenes photos and videos with her followers. If you want to make yourself known as an influencer, Selena Gomez is likely to be the most popular Instagram account to follow.

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo leads the rankings for the top Instagram accounts. He is the most followed person on Instagram, with more than 182 million users. Instagram’s performance is its own is in the top spot with over 312 million fans. Cristiano regularly posts photos of his family and himself, his travels, and football.

Humans of NY

Humans of NY was the first in its genre when it was first introduced. Brandon Stanton would photograph random individuals in NY and share their stories in the caption of each photo. It’s among the few Instagram accounts with more compelling captions than pictures. Users get a peek into the person they follow. People that they have seen walking by without looking. The Instagram account also has posts from people from different areas of the globe, such as Cairo, to provide people with an insider’s view of other cultures. The greatest thing about Human of NY is that it helps to humanize individuals through photos and gives an inside view of people’s lives.

Doug the Pug

It’s time to put a few looks at the people who are slaying on Instagram to highlight the four-legged star: Doug the Pug. Doug is among the breeds specifically bred to live the life of a celebrity. Doug is everything you’d expect from the world of celebrity dogs: engaging and relatable. He’s also funny and a delight to look at. The most famous of his videos are the reenactment of TV and movies. It’s not surprising that the nickname he gets is the King of Pop Culture. If you plan to create your own Instagram account to create a star for your pet Doug the Pug is a fantastic source of ideas. It’s not only about snapping pictures or making footage of the pet. The goal is to treat your animal as a brand and give them an identity evident with each document you produce.

Kylie Cosmetics Kylie Jenner might only be 22, but she has two of the most popular Instagram account: her own and Kylie Cosmetics. Even though Kylie Cosmetics doesn’t comprise 16 percent of her fans, her brand has a staggering $990,000 in just three years. While most of her sales come through Instagram, her Instagram posts are helping. Many of her posts feature her merchandise openly; sometimes she’ll throw in a photo of her. Still, the Kylie Cosmetics Insta account is an inventory feed for her collection. If there’s an internet-based retailer within the beauty industry, take Kylie Cosmetics as inspiration instead of doing it on the fly.

KKW Beauty

It’s not our intention to get into sibling rivalries, so we decided keeping up with Kylie Jenner and her big sister Kim would be best. Instagram accounts aren’t as perfect as KKW Beauty’s and Kim Kardashian’s. In light of how the Kardashians use their brand names to market their products, influencers can learn tricks from KKW Beauty. Models or beauty styles are juxtaposed with photographs of the product. Additionally, traditional makeup brands can learn more about inclusivity through their Instagram account. Models featured in the photos are from different races and ethnicities. This shows that Kim knows her intended market, which is a global audience.

Gary Vaynerchuk

If there was a person in business who could be named the King of Instagram, it’s Gary Vaynerchuk. What he does to update his Instagram account up to four times per day isn’t known by anyone. You are particularly considering that he’s posting on other social media platforms and having a podcast and hustle as CEO and investor for two brands. If you’re looking to post on social media platforms regularly and consistently, you could use an automated marketing tool such as Later. However, being consistent with posting isn’t the only thing he excels at. He’s a master at experimentation and change. You’ll notice that almost all of his material is in video format. However, he’ll add text at the top and the bottom of his videos to convince people to view that particular video and draw the viewers into it. The account on the Instagram account is the epitome of marketing.


Instagram accounts such as ToyShades illustrate how you can showcase your product on every image without appearing too untruthful. Their Instagram images show customers sporting their sunglasses while out and about. While each image is distinctive, they’re unified by a similar visual style. Each of their pictures is urban in kind to them. ToyShades also has a few famous influencers who wear their products. If you’re searching for an excellent Instagram profile to be following, ToyShades’ future on Instagram is bright. Are you looking for influencers to help sell your products? Refersion allows you to track sales and pays influencers for sponsored posts.

Dumped Wife’s Revenge

Sometimes, the most popular Instagram accounts get inspiration in bizarre circumstances. Her husband probably dumped Dianne Laurance in favor of an older woman, but Dianne Laurance had the final laugh. What’s her strategy to get revenge? Through living the life she loves. She is an energetic and vibrant person. Instagram photos always convey an encouraging message about taking good care of yourself, becoming your best, or simply enjoying fun. Her inspiring videos are fun and will remind you of how you can make a huge impact, regardless of the obstacles in your path. Laurance proves you don’t require an established brand to create a compelling Instagram account. All you need is a fantastic story.

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