May 22, 2024

The growth rate of smart speakers is faster than any device since the smartphone.

Publishers are investing heavily in audio in general – a key trend for 2019.

Specifically – smart speaker adoption is growing by 48% annually, and this is set to continue until at least 2020.

Amazon Echo Amazon Echo is one of the most well-known smart speakers. Alexa news notifications are growing to become a method for us to keep up-to-date.

We’ll show you how implementing the Alexa News Skill could benefit your newspaper.

What Are Alexa Skills?

Alexa Skills allows businesses to instruct devices with Alexa capabilities new commands and also publish these skills to the Amazon App Store. Amazon App Store.

The most sought-after ability you can develop, including one that you can build, is the Alexa skill to perform new functions, often referred to as “flash briefing” or “Flash Briefing Skill.”

The Flash Briefing feature allows a user to receive a five-minute summary of the most recent headlines from their preferred news sources right out of the Alexa-connected device.

Actual-world examples of companies that employ Alexa Skills

Within the news section in Alexa’s News section of the Alexa Skills store, you’ll find capabilities for an array number of sources for news. Let’s look at some examples of companies that are already making use of them, as well as the options you have to connect the skills.

It is the Alexa feature for news that utilizes a specific type of skill called”Flash Briefing Skills API. “Flash Briefing Skill API.”

The listener can make use of the following voice commands to communicate with news professionals via Alexa:

Numerous news outlets are creating their commands and setting their own as a result. Alexa connected devices.

The Wall Street Journal

By using the Wall Street Journal ability, users can listen to the most recent news and market news. It is also possible to access their most-loved podcasts on the WSJ.

Users are able to name their preferred WJ podcast’s name.

If you’re creating various types of content, then you’ll benefit from this function just like the WSJ can.


This CNN Alexa News skill can be among the finest examples of how you can bring an Alexa skill’s news function to your news agency.

A summary of CNN’s most recent news stories is accessible through this feature, but its commands go further than that.

You may request additional news stories if your report wasn’t enough.

You can be updated with the latest information on a particular topic or even take an interactive game.

You can also play videos on CNN as well as manage playback in a variety of ways.

Why You Should Create an Alexa Skill

The popularity of voice search is increasing rapidly, and you could consider creating a presence on the platform to enhance your mobile and web-based applications.

You may also be wondering what the true advantages and costs of creating an Alexa news-related skill are.

You can use the Flash Briefing Skill API mentioned earlier to make your own Alexa skill easily.

If you’re looking for something like what the WSJ as well as CNN provide, it’s best to seek the assistance of programmers or a service similar to MobiLoud.

Let’s look at the reasons why your website’s news should have an Alexa news-related skill.

Amazon’s Market Share

Amazon was the most dominant sales of smart speakers during the year 2017 and the year 2018.

The 2017 Strategy Analytics Consumer Survey revealed that 61 percent of smart speakers within the United States use an Amazon device.

News websites that publish for an English-speaking audience have the greatest benefit from launching an Alexa expert news show for their company.

According to Canalys according to Canalys, it is estimated that the United States currently accounts for more than 40% of the world’s sales of smart speakers. However, just like smartphones and other smart speakers, the rest of the world is expected to catch up in the near future.

What is the outlook for the future? A study dubbed The State of Voice Assistants, published by Adobe in September 2018, revealed that 32 percent of US users currently have smart speakers. They estimated that 48% of the population will have smart speakers by the year 2019.

Be An Early Adopter

Adobe’s survey showed that people use smart speakers regularly for music and also to look up news and weather updates.

Let’s look at a real-world scenario. Check out the screenshot of Alexa Skills. The Alexa Skills storefront is shown above. The major news agencies have only just a handful of reviews. A single of their most extensively evaluated skills, Fox News, has more than 1100 reviews.

The Fox News application has more than 252,000 reviews in Google Play and over 225,000 reviews on the App Store.

Suppose the adoption of smart speakers continues to increase at its current rate. In that case, creating the Alexa Skill on your information site right now will put you in the perfect position to expand and be noticed by your readers when they begin to utilize their smart speakers more.

Wider Content Distribution

There’s a reason to post your content on Medium ma, YouTube videos, and upload your podcasts to iTunes.

You’d like to reach out to new audiences and increase the amount of traffic that isn’t the blog you have created and Google.

This is also the case when it comes to Alexa Skills, which connect directly to one of the strongest search engines on the internet.

The possible audience reach for intelligent speakers across the US was 57.8 million in September of this year. This number is likely to surpass 60 million at the close of 2018. This is a significant number of new listeners to connect with on a regular basis in a mostly untapped market.

Adobe’s survey revealed the following: 70% of the voice assistants across the US are using their phones at least one time per day.

In the second place, “news” was the second most requested choice in the survey that asked people what topics they use their smart speakers about the most. The question offered 18 options to choose from. “News” made up 39.1 percent of the responses.

Additionally, you are able to have the possibility of receiving non-intentional recommendations via word-of-mouth. It is because a figure in the Adobe survey found that 72 percent of owners of smart speakers have a good feeling using voice commands in front of others.

Easier Than Podcasting

You might think that creating Alexa Skills Alexa Skill is going to take time and effort, as podcasting does.

However, they can be a huge expense. They are usually between one and two hours in length. It is important to invest the time and money needed to prepare for your show in the form of research on topics or audio-based production.

An Alexa skill can be a simpler way for your business to get into the market for audio content.

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