May 30, 2024

Do you want to know how to get more links from other sites? It’s easier than you think! Many types of content are more likely to generate natural backlinks. We will cover seven of these in this blog.

Create content that fits into these categories if you want to improve your SEO and increase the visibility of your website!

How do you Write blog content that will get more backlinks?

The following content types will help you implement a natural link-building strategy on your WordPress website.


Egobait can be a great tool to generate backlinks, as it is content that people will naturally share.

This strategy involves mentioning or featuring influencers within your niche. It is an effective way to get links from authoritative websites.

You could, for example, create a listing of the top experts within your field or publish a post that features the best advice given by different thought leaders.


Interviewing experts can give you valuable insight into the current trends in a certain field.

Asking open-ended and deeper questions can help you better understand how trends affect a specific area of work. These insights can be used to develop strategies that deal with new trends and news.

Interviews can be a great way to build natural links because they feature people who are well-known in your field and are more likely to share the content of their site or social media account. This is also a great opportunity to develop relationships with these influencers.

Posts Roundup

A roundup post is a great way of combining all the best articles on a particular topic into one piece that’s easy to read. This can be a great post for your readers, particularly if you link each piece that you include.

Roundup posts are not only useful for your readers but can also help your blog’s search engine optimization. You can encourage people to link to your site by including links in your Roundup Post.

Award-Winning Businesses

Awarding prizes is a great way to boost SEO and attract backlinks.

You can improve the visibility of your website and its search engine ranking by creating and organizing awards. Awards can also help you build relationships with other websites within your industry and brand awareness.

Here are some Marketing Awards that you should consider applying for.

List Posts

Lists are very popular content on the Internet. They usually consist of lists in chronological order or order by importance.

Lists are an easy way to digest information. Lists are popular because they’re easy to read and often contain useful content.

There are some things to keep in mind when you’re thinking of writing a listicle. Make sure your list is engaging. If it’s just a list of random facts, people will lose interest quickly.

Second, be as concise and clear as you can. Nobody wants to read pages of lists. Use bullet points as a third way to make the list easier to understand.

List posts are a great way to promote your SEO business.

The Top 6 SEO Trends to Follow for Higher Ranking Websites.

What are the best SEO tips for beginners?

SEO Myths: The Most Popular Ones.

SEO Tricks that Work Wonders.

If your list is comprehensive and informative, you’ll get more links.

Brainstorm similar items

You need to brainstorm similar or related items to write an informative and comprehensive list post. This will allow you to create a logical list and make your writing easier.

Some techniques you can use include:

Brainstorming with your friend or colleague.

Find inspiration by browsing other online list posts.

If you’re writing a post on SEO, for example, you might consider a list of SEO trends, SEO tricks, or SEO myths.

Order Logically

After a brainstorming session is over, you can start to order your items logically. It is crucial that your readers can easily follow your ideas.

If you are writing a post on SEO tips, for example, you should start with the most basic tips before moving on to more advanced ones.

Number the Items

After you’ve ordered your items, it’s now time to number them.

It will help readers quickly scan through your list to find the information that they need.

Select Great Titles

You want your title to be informative and catchy. A good title will draw in readers and encourage them to read the content.

Make sure to choose a title that accurately represents the content of your article.

Keep it short and sweet. Don’t forget your keywords to make your title unique and exciting.

Data Collection

You’ll be in a great position to attract backlinks if you have a site that collects information.

Data is always sought to back up claims and arguments.

You’ll get more mentions if you have access to unique data.

Your data will attract people who may link to it to use the content in their research.


A survey is an excellent way to gather data that will be useful to others. You can create your survey or use one that already exists.

Ask questions relevant to your field when conducting a survey.

You can use social media, email marketing, and forums to promote your survey once you’ve completed it.

Mobile Data Collection

You can collect data using a mobile application. It is particularly useful if your app or location-based service contains data from users.

Many ways exist to collect mobile data, including GPS-tracking apps and text messages.

You can collect mobile data in order to learn more about your target market or customers. This is an excellent way to gain insights into your customers’ needs and wants.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a great way to collect information. You can participate in a focus group or create one yourself on social media.

Focus groups are a way to bring together people who can be asked questions on a particular topic.

You can also use it to gather feedback on your product, your service, or the needs of your target market.

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