May 22, 2024

Over half of American users said they’d love to give their mobile numbers for text messages to companies in exchange for rewards. What do you plan to do with the data?

Text messages are an effective method of interacting with your customers. A platform for SMS can enable you to send out text messages in bulk and create customized SMS campaigns, as well as drive conversational commercial applications.

Yet, SMS integrations have the potential to make text-based marketing more effective. It is possible to boost the effectiveness of your marketing through text by connecting it with other applications and systems. Instantly, you’ll notice that your SMS APIs are able to create an ERP and project management application, as well as a customer service portal and even an app for tracking sales!

Integrating the SMS feature into your marketing text messages will result in a more effective and seamless experience for your clients and your business.

Connect your marketing platform for SMS to your e-commerce store to customize your shopping experience. Utilize your Integration to connect your SMS marketing and your online store to improve customer engagement, increase sales, and enhance the overall experience of customers. It can be used to send out SMS notifications to remind customers of special offers or even updates. Customers will receive texts that are customized for them, including discount coupons and product recommendations that customers can track right via their mobile phones.

This Integration ties your text message for your e-commerce marketing system to the data contained in your ecommerce platform. This means you can tailor messages to customers as well as send important SMS alerts and appropriately divide your audience. The Integration then connects back to your online platform to share information regarding the engagement of your customers via your text marketing campaign.

With the Integration of your mobile platform with online stores such as BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, or WooCommerce, You can also monitor the sales generated through your SMS marketing campaigns to determine their effectiveness and better target them in the future.

Connect your CRM to an SMS platform to monitor your customers’ behavior.

Connecting your CRM to an SMS application, you are able to track the behavior of customers and their preferences quickly. This Integration lets you classify customers based on the previous interactions they have had with your company. It is possible to send SMS messages that are tailored to the needs of each customer and preferences, resulting in a more personal experience that is certain to make an impression.

Your CRM must have a full picture of the behavior of your shoppers and their journey with you, which includes the response of customers to SMS marketing. Your CRM can help you determine the best way to reach customers based on past patterns, detect patterns, and help build the trust of your customers through your text marketing campaigns. Create SMS integrations with apps such as Recharge to increase the value of your data.

Update the contact information of customers via SMS messages and connect your CRM email, SMS, and CRM platforms.

If you’re running a CRM system, an email marketing software, and an SMS platform, all running in isolation, it isn’t easy to keep your contact information current. The Integration of SMS with these platforms will ensure that you are able to access the most up-to-date telephone names and addresses customers have shared with you.

Capture emails that customers communicate with you via SMS messages, and then store the messages using applications like Bronto, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, or Zaius through an integration.

Create a pop-up window to collect the customer’s phone numbers

Utilize an SMS integration in an application such as Justuno, Privy, Sumo, or Wisepops to build pop-ups that contain mobile numbers of customers on your site or online store and forward them directly via your messaging platform. Be sure to get the customer’s consent before you send mass SMS messages using appropriate marketing campaigns.

A pop-up on your website that’s activated by specific actions gives you the capability of collecting customer numbers or opt-ins to text messages for campaigns. Offer customers special deals or discounts exclusive to them, as well as other notifications to their mobiles in two clicks.

Respond to customer inquiries by texting them using a customer support app for SMS integration.

Integrate your Integration for SMS with support software like Help Scout, Zendesk, or Gorgias in order for customers to text back to your marketing SMS program and receive answers to their queries.

This Integration lets customers send and receive answers to queries immediately, regardless of time of the day. This also helps reduce costs for customer support, as many of the most frequently asked questions can be answered using this messaging tool.

The SMS platform you use can be integrated with a service program that allows you to answer one-time questions via text messages from customers. Agents can respond to tickets through the support program. Those follow-ups are then sent via text messages to customers.

Utilize an integration for SMS to simplify internal communications

Integrate your SMS marketing into chat apps on the internet and other software that your team uses to communicate. An SMS integration will connect your marketing text directly to Slack in order to receive notifications and assign tickets in the same application.

It has several significant benefits for your staff. It helps reduce the number of messages from different programs and simplifies the internal workflows as team members do not have to switch between applications.

SMS integrations create an educated customer communication platform

The main focus of marketing is on delivering the right message to the correct audience. Your brand’s voice is more prominent in the context of connecting with clients in their world. That’s usually through their phones.

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