May 22, 2024

A striking logo is crucial for catching your client’s attention, developing an audience, and ultimately earning some revenue and sales. In reality, 75%¬†of people identify a brand based on their logo, while 73% of consumers would purchase from a brand with a logo that they are familiar with. Naturally, the impact of your logo shouldn’t be undervalued.

This article will talk about some strategies and tricks that can be used to help you create an appealing logo that will increase the success of your company.

What You Need Before Designing Your Logo

Before we dive into the steps on how to create your logo, we’ll first take a look at a brief overview of the things you’ll need to have before starting.

The Brand’s Identity Your logo must communicate your brand’s personality ide, identity, message, and brand. Would you like your company to be perceived as welcoming and accessible? What about a mentor, an authority persona? Are you looking to be perceived as a joyful and lively brand? After you’ve established your brand’s personality, it will be simpler to create designs that clearly convey the message.

The Target Market A further important aspect to understand and identify is the target audience. Since they’re those who will see your logo as well as those who are likely to buy from your brand, you must ensure that your logo’s design is something that they like.

Business name Many logo designs typically include their company’s name. Before you start creating the logo, you should decide on the title first. If you’re not sure of a word, you can try playing using the business name generator¬†tools to start sparking some ideas.

Play around with the abstract and conceptual design

Logos are generally designed to be simple and easy to understand. Consider logos from well-known brands such as Apple, Target, Dove, or Puma. Their logos are literal representations of their brands’ names.

Utilizing an expert tool for designing logos, such as Adobe Express Chrome Extension, can make a difference in the way you approach your logo and allows you to develop a striking, distinctive brand identity that connects with your customers, helping your business grow. A well-designed logo can create brand recognition and build trust, which will lead to an increase in customer engagement and development.

While this style of design is certainly simple to remember and comprehend, it shouldn’t be an unbreakable norm for all companies. Sometimes, experimenting with ideas that convey the message of your brand can make your brand more memorable and distinctive.

Some instances of logos that are abstract include Adidas, AirBnB, Slack, Mitsubishi, Pepsi, and Nike. These logos do not necessarily employ real icons to explain their names or products. Instead, they utilize abstract shapes and colors to convey their message.

Consider the Nike Swoosh logo, for example. It’s a symbol of speed and movement, which is fitting for the brand’s sportswear. The abstract form that is its shape is meant to represent speed and motion; the Slack logo is actually a combination of two things – a hashtag and a speech bubble. This makes sense for a messaging application since hashtags are an organizing element that is used in the app, whereas it is designed to represent communication and chat.

As you can see, you do not necessarily need to stick to the traditional logo style. Innovating with abstract concepts can help you stand out and distinguish yourself from the competition.

Try playing around with negative space.

If you’re looking to be more innovative and original, then why not experiment with negative space for your logo?

Logos with negative space are those that use white space in between or around the images or letters of the logo. One great example can be seen in the design of FedEx. Take a closer look at the word “Ex”; you can discern an arrow that’s pointed towards the right. The hand symbolizes precision, speed, and forward-thinking, which is in line with the idea of the delivery firm.

Another instance is the logo for Toblerone. Take note of the mountain that appears in the logo’s design, and you will observe a bear’s silhouette. The reason for this is that Toblerone’s headquarters is in Bern, Switzerland, which is known as “the “City of Bears.” In addition to being visually stunning, it incorporates their history as well.

Logos with negative space are distinctive as well as creative, and visually appealing. Why not try something different with the design of your logo?

Experiment with typography

One of the most important trends in 2023’s design is the use and creativity of typography. Suppose you like the graphic and bold fonts that fit the brutalism style and the retro font design suitable for the 90s or the sleek and clean sans-serif fonts. Using distinct typography can create a distinctive logo.

However, typography isn’t just limited to the font style you choose to use. You are free to play around with altering your text in a way that makes the letters disappear using different textures, like liquid chrome or gradient, or playing with the form by having those edges in your design bubble up.

Typography can express the personality and image of your company according to the style you select. An informal, handwritten style may make you appear more relaxed, While a sharp, slim serif style will make your appearance more sophisticated and traditional. Explore typography in your logo to show your brand’s personality and style.

Consider minimalism

Minimalism has been a long-lasting trend in graphic design, and with good reason. A sleek, clean, and minimalist layout is excellent at communicating your message to your audience. By having only the necessary elements on the display, your thoughts and messages will be instantly understood.

But it doesn’t mean that your style has to be dull. Be aware that the concept of minimalism is more of a philosophy than a rule. To create a minimalist-inspired logo, concentrate on selecting the right colors and fonts, then ensure that your elements are aligned properly and adhere to the patterns of visual hierarchy to maintain a balanced look.

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