May 30, 2024

It is not expensive to start a dropshipping business. Just think outside the box to cut down on costs. We’ve already done it for you. Here are five marketing strategies that will not cost you much money for your dropshipping business!

You’re excited to launch your ecommerce business. You’re concerned about the marketing costs you’ve heard about. YouTube comments have quoted numbers as high as $5,000 to start. Let me set the record straight. You don’t need $5,000 to start. In this video, I will show you five low-budget to no-budget marketing strategies that can help you increase traffic to your online Store without affecting your profit margins. The best part is you can implement all these low-budget marketing strategies right now.

These strategies apply to all ecommerce sites and will increase conversions. Watch this video if you are a person who sells print-on-demand t-shirts or a drop shipper. Stay until the end for a low-budget marketing strategy that a six-figure entrepreneur will share with you to help drive more traffic to their Store.

Advertise Less Expensive Products

The first thing you should do is advertise lower-cost products. Why? Advertising costs more when a product is more expensive. If you have a $100 product in your shop, you may need to spend $300 advertising it before you begin getting sales. If you sell a cheaper product, announcing it will be much more affordable.

This is because customers are more likely to purchase more expensive goods if they have more information.

Customers are more inclined to purchase less expensive products impulsively and do not need much convincing before clicking “buy.”

We spoke to a multimillionaire ecommerce businessman who multiplies the price by three before deciding whether a product is a winner. If you sell something for $15, give yourself $45 to test it with Facebook advertising and see if there is any interaction.

This low-budget marketing strategy has another benefit: If you use less expensive products to attract traffic to your online Store, you can always upgrade them to get them to buy your more expensive items once they are there.

You can use this strategy if you are dropshipping and choosing products from another vendor to sell in your Store.

You can drive qualified traffic to your Store by using email

What is the next low-budget marketing strategy you should consider? Email can be used to drive qualified traffic into your Store. When you first start, convincing someone to join your email list is hard. You’re ultimately after sales.

Email Marketing has a few things to consider. First, when you receive an email from someone, it means that they are interested in what you have to offer. Second, you can contact them anytime to give them more reasons to return to your shop and make purchases. You can email them about specials, discounts, and other offers.

Emailing interested customers to let them know about your offer is free.

As you build your Store, pay attention to how you can capture email addresses. You can do this using a couple of apps. Many of these apps are paid but have trial periods, so you can test them out and see if it works for your customers.

There’s another, more advanced way to use email lists. You should be aware of it when you are just getting started. You can use the list of emails you’ve collected to create a custom audience on Facebook.

It’s great because you tell Facebook they should find people similar to those who have expressed interest in your Store by providing their email addresses. Facebook will identify similar audiences, and you can advertise more effectively.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t understand everything. Oberlo101 will help you get to grips with Facebook ads. This is the best course to build an online store and find products to sell if you do not already have them. It also includes creating Facebook ads.

Create a community with content.

This next strategy for low-budget marketing is free but requires some effort. This strategy is about building a community through content. When people think of advertising their products, many think about Facebook ads. We’ve spoken to entrepreneurs who have done an excellent job building communities on sites like Instagram. They did this not by advertising but by creating fantastic content.

For example, Kory and Rodney tested various dropshipping categories they could sell on Instagram.

Rodney: We started a lot of organic Instagram accounts to test out different niches. We chose one account with a high engagement level, and developed it further. Once we got feedback from the community we built, we realized, “Okay. This is the niche we can sell to.”

Rodney: We started developing that and then kind of went from there.

Jessica: By finding content their community members loved, they began building communities on Instagram. Think of memes, helpful infographics, and inspirational tips. They invested in the Instagram community that grew the fastest and watched it grow.

They were able; once they had learned more about the niche, to launch a shop that was tailored to meet the exact needs of the place. The content they created in their Instagram community drove traffic to this Store.

Suppose you are willing to spend the time and effort to create an Instagram community, interact with people who leave comments, and find other Instagram accounts to engage with. In that case, you can also drive free traffic to your shop regularly, without spending any money. Without running a single ad, Kory and Rodney earned $3,000 during Black Friday.

If you have tried this low-budget marketing strategy but it hasn’t worked, I’ll give you a sense of how much work is involved. We spoke to an ecommerce businesswoman named Emma Reid, who suggested that if you are serious about building a community on a platform like Instagram, you should leave 100 daily comments.

Just last week, we heard of a new YouTube channel called Byte. We don’t yet know if the track will grow, but the first few people who join it have the best chance of success if the channel does grow.

Advertise on International Markets

Dropshippers are the best candidates for this next marketing strategy. Dropshippers can ship to any country in the world with ePacket Shipping. This low-budget marketing strategy involves advertising in international markets.

When setting up an online shop, most people immediately think about advertising in the US. This is because the US has a large ecommerce market.

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