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Sydney SEOWe offer affordable SEO that works on increasing website and brand visibility on search engines for a lower price along with maximum benefit. Getting premium SEO services at a discount can be financially beneficial for a business on the basis that they have chosen a reputable company that provides the same or a higher than normal tier level service at a lower price. Obtaining affordable SEO that is effective can give you the opportunity to invest your savings in other marketing sectors like pay per click marketing to further dominate your space.

Our Sydney SEO services are both affordable and effective in ranking your website on Google at its very best. Our aim is to think long term, rather just a short term ranking boost. We are a 100% Australian online business that enables us to provide the best SEO services at a fraction of the typical cost as we pass on savings and overheads on resources to rank you further. Our SEO packages would typically be in the thousands, but since we don’t have high overheads like high office rent and a whole heap of brick and mortar expenses, we pass that value to you.

Low cost SEO packages from $720 per month also means you can spare more of your budget for Google Ads and other online marketing services to further increase your business exposure. If you’re looking for the best SEO services in Australia, we can help your small business get the most value for money. Start increasing your sales today.

Ranking your website higher on Google increases the direct value of your business, so we like to refer to SEO as being an investment for your business as opposed to an expense. The more you invest into ranking your website higher, the more its worth. It’s also likely that you will increase sales which once again further increases the value of your business.

Our Vision

To put small businesses in reach of premium packages, usually pursued by larger companies due to cost.


If you require affordable SEO in Sydney, BrisbaneMelbournePerthAdelaide, Hobart, Darwin or other cities, we service businesses Australia wide. We have a range of affordable online marketing services for all business sizes.Our Sydney SEO consultants provide a full range of search engine optimisation services and can work on a monthly basis on your website or blog to steadily bring up its rank online for targeted customers and visitors. SEO pricing starts from only $720 per month with no lock in contracts on all plans meaning you can try out our services for a short term or until you are satisfied with the results, so there’s no initial pricey outlay. We believe in giving people outstanding cheap SEO services and a great experience that comes with the freedom of moving to another provider if they are not completely satisfied with our SEO packages and services. 

Australian SEO Services


Lower overheads means premium plans at a fraction of the price


A generous list of inclusions to get you there


SEO Manager with over 8 years experience

SEO Benefits
Strategic planning and implementation
We’re always researching your competition
Proven, effective SEO techniques to rank faster
Business strategy suggestions to increase overall inquiries and conversion


We guarantee that we will provide you with top value SEO services and keep you informed along the way of all progress so you get a good indication of exactly how fast your ranking is changing. We will sit down and work with you from a business point of view rather than just implementing SEO for business without insight.


We will learn and understand your business goals and industry before attempting to implement our SEO services to focus on the best approach of increasing your return on investment. Many other companies do not offer this sort of exclusivity and do not understand your actual business goals. In some cases, a business is almost entirely dependent on its website sales and performance, so have a good think about who you are leaving your business with. While our services aren’t necessarily the cheapest SEO services out there, we do offer outstanding quality and value for the price.


Our services and packages are suitable for tradespeople, professionals, SME and small business owners. We also specialise in providing affordable SEO packages for small business, where performance is necessary with a strict budget.


Plumbers, electricians, painters, landscapers, builders, contractors, construction, carpenters, roofers, photographers and pest control



Plastic surgeons, engineers, optometrists, dentists, accountants, physicians, chiropractors, doctors, artists, architects and lawyers.



Real estate, commercial, education, colleges, education, retailers, health clinics, healthcare, restaurants, hospitals, medical centres, law firms, strata management, tourism, travel agency, legal firm, hotels, agriculture, manufacturers, occupational, insurance brokers, jewellers, finance, accommodation, party entertainment, function centres, lighting, e-commerce stores and other corporations.


We are a local business based in Sydney, Australia, so rest assured that we’re always here to help you every time you email through or decide to call, and that’s not something an offshore SEO company can guarantee simply because of time difference. Communication is paramount when ranking and running your business as we alter, publish and manipulate your website content on an ongoing basis, so we understand the importance of choosing a local provider you can rely on and communicate with consistently. As we have mentioned previously, businesses in Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, etc. can benefit from our services while keeping a peace of mind that their business is being professionally looked after. If you’re outside of Sydney, speak to us about our SEO Services Sydney specialist services that provide online services to all Australian businesses where a physical consultation is not possible.


We offer affdable SEO to provide:

  • Premium plans with a cheap price tag due to a company having low overhead.
  • Quality service with no exceptions.
  • Management of your business like it’s their very own.
  • Scalability for your brand to ensure you can outgrow your competition.
  • An overall outstanding client experience.

We strive to offer the same level of SEO performance from a $5000 package at a lower price.
Our vision is primarily focused on providing premium plans at a cut rate price to put more smaller businesses in reach of first rate SEO services.
Finding a “cheap SEO” company that does not delivery quality work can end up hurting your rankings or have you removed from search engines, these companies may give you a temporary boost to your website that usually comes with consequences shortly after which may devalue your business if you wish to sell in future. We perform a full top down procedure and optimise everything on your website changing all back end code and content with best practice, unlike many SEO companies that only change what’s necessary to rank you now. We urge that this may work temporarily and is not reliable for stable business. Companies promising cheapest SEO services and packages without quality work may end up costing you more when you factor in lost business potential, time and the need to hire a new SEO company to repair any counterproductive work. If your website has never been optimised, it is recommended that you use an SEO service for at least 1 month to ensure your website is compatible on a fundamental level.


Choosing an internet marketing company that is offshore may be cheaper for the short term, but will probably not be there to help you the moment something goes wrong with ranking. We’ve seen many of these companies take shortcuts with the implementation of SEO and therefore the rank of your website may only have a temporary boost, usually with a lower ratio of relevant traffic since it is not targeted. Punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes could also be an issue with your website when outsourcing services to non-native English speaking countries. Expertise to localising for a certain audience is also very important and should be considered prior to selecting a provider.


In this example, let’s suppose you own a massage business in Sydney, it would probably be pointless for your website to unintentionally target other countries and irrelevant regions, when it could effectively place all its focus and potential on targeting a local audience in Australia. If it’s down to a particular suburb or even a street, SEO FIX can optimise your website to a locally targeted audience.

For long term search results, it is also advised that any content added or changed on your website is checked via an SEO consultant to ensure that it coincides with SEO guidelines, this makes sure that your modification will assist in increasing your websites ranking. Targeted traffic means that you are marketing your website to customers who are potential clients, essentially increasing relevant customers and sales conversion rate.

We do not guarantee that you will be on the first page of Google, however due to our precision, consistency and proven work; you are very likely to be. If you’re searching for the finest SEO services in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia and want the very best in value for money, then we suggest you have a look at some of our SEO packages and services. Although all our services are completely month to month, we strongly recommend that you use our services for a minimum of 3-6 months for optimal results. Our aim is to be the best Sydney SEO based Company in Australia offering top value for money service.


SEO business packageOur leading SEO packages are suitable for a range of businesses in Australia. Have a look at our plans to learn more about specific inclusions and to find one most suitable for your small business. All packages also come with many other inclusions that are not listed in product descriptions, so speak to a consultant for more information. The prices displayed are final and do not attract any start up or maintenance fees and are inclusive of GST. We can also assist you in choosing the right SEO services for your business to ensure optimal results. Our services are specially designed to provide SEO for websites built with; Wix, WordPress, Joomla or just plainly coded websites. We also offer SEO for Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and Neto.Inclusions consists of on-page SEO such as; website content, meta information, tags, back-end code optimisation, layout and design modification, conversion optimisation, speed enhancement, mobile friendly and copyrighting. Services also include off-page SEO such as brand recognition, directory listings and networking. We generally also like to keep an eye on our client website servers, to ensure that there is no overload or downtime, as this can also affect ranking. If we find that the servers your website is negatively affecting your website ranking, we would suggest and assist you to promptly moving to another server.


You can Trust us with your Business

As previously mentioned, some SEO companies offer a guarantee, where they promise to rank your website on the 1st page of Google within 90 days or your money back. Their SEO experts also usually mention something about taking no risk, nothing to lose and everything to gain. They will usually limit your options and rank you for keywords that have low traffic and therefore far easier to rank than competitive keywords. Once they have easily ranked you for these practically useless low traffic keywords, their terms and conditions sometimes specify that you are then locked into a 12 month contract.

The business owner is left out of pocket and ranked for keywords that no one is searching. Be sure to check reviews for the SEO Company you plan on taking on to see what others have said. We do not believe in or offer guarantees, but what we do assure is authenticity, value and long term results. Do a search on the top 10 SEO companies Sydney, or wherever you’re planning to take out the service and thoroughly compare SEO packages along with their inclusions to make sure you’re getting the very best SEO services available.

Often, SEO companies that offer a guarantee also use unapproved SEO methods that violate Google’s guidelines that will ultimately do more harm than good to your website ranking. We are leading SEO professionals and provide authentic and approved Google methodologies for ranking your website, to ensure you are not punished by Google at some date and potentially have your business partially or entirely removed from Google. We really do focus on providing both affordable SEO and quality work.


SEO (search engine optimisation) is the use of techniques, tools and strategies to influence the visibility of a website in unpaid search results like Google. Currently in Australia, SEO is becoming a necessity for almost all businesses that rely on their website for customer sales and acquisition.You could have the best sale on in the world, but if no body knows about it, then you probably won’t be selling.


So why should websites be optimised?

If you don’t optimise your website, you could be preventing search engines from being able to see and understand your website. Websites have core structure, back-end coding, content, data, media and keywords that are better ranked when optimised. This is where an SEO company can implement fundamental changes or fix components of a website to rank higher on Google and other popular search engines. Cheap SEO coupled with website advertising are progressive advertising techniques that have been proven to be remarkably effective in growing both new and established enterprises.

Search engines have a job at selecting the best and most relevant website when displaying results from a typical search. This is why we generally see useful and relevant information when we perform a search. It involves the modification of the entire website to a “language” search engines can see, understand and appreciate. Sure the front-end of the website may appear to be stylish and creative in design, but there may be underlying problems at the back-end that you can’t see, which could be holding back your ranking. Simply put, the better optimised your website is, the higher your website will rank on search results when someone searches for relevant keywords. Web marketing services, also known as; search marketing, web marketing company, internet marketing services, website promotion or SEO marketing is an absolute critical strategy that should be incorporated into every business budget. There are potentially tens of thousands of Australians searching for your products and services on Google every day, so your ultimate goal would be to take part of or maximise that market share.


Number of websites in the world

Ranking in search results is now so competitive that website optimisation is an absolute must to stand out amongst other websites. As of September of 2014, the number of websites in the world reached 1 billion, so there are numerous algorithms calculating and incorporating hundreds of measures to sort out the best from the good. You can guarantee that almost every website you see on page 1 of search results has had their website optimised to some degree.

We’ve listed some search engine optimisation FAQ’s and useful links:

1. Why do I need search engine optimisation for my website? – Learn more about why it’s important for your small business.

2. How much cost? – SEO pricing varies amongst companies and really depends on things like inclusions, which is what you’re actually getting in the package.

3. Our SEO specialists – Learn more about why to choose Australian SEO Services from Sydney over outsourcing web marketing services to offshore agencies.

4. Can affordable SEO work? – We talk about the level of quality service we provide with our affordable SEO relative to the price tag.


Approximately 50% of all mobile searches are made to find local results, a staggering 60% of which lead to purchases. Local Searches are the results that come up on a local map along with corresponding contact information. So find out if the SEO company you’re choosing includes this in their package or if it’s an additional cost. Due to the fact that these results show on the top of the page, some businesses are flourishing solely from local search results due to the amount of traffic they are capable of driving in. There is no doubt that these Thai restaurants in the example shown have had assistance

Local Sydney SEO

A Google search of Thai Restaurants in Newtown, Sydney

from SEO Sydney services to come out on top of all the other Thai businesses listed in the Sydney region.In the following image, we’re showing an example of a Local Search for the keyword “Thai restaurant Sydney” in Google. SEO FIX optimises your website for both local search and normal search results to give you better exposure to all avenues of search traffic. Our leading SEO firm doesn’t just want to be an agency that offers low cost SEO services, but one that offers best value and quality.​

Local SEO Facts

Website optimisation is a great marketing tool for your business, having over 50% of Australians shopping online for products and services makes it a worthwhile investment to consider. Read more on small business marketing and why your website should be included as part of your marketing campaign. Depending on your industry, online marketing can work out to be a much cheaper alternative in comparison to other methods of promoting your business. Finding out how to get clients to your website or to increase the base that you already have is an obvious but vital requirement for success and business competence.

We provide more than just affordable SEO for business, we also provide a range of digital marketing services, which is a paid means of advertising your business. A digital marketing agency or website marketing company may not initially seem cheap when looking into Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns particularly if you’re in a highly competitive industry like insurance or finance, though the benefits of targeting specific audiences and finding customer who are actually looking, needing and wanting your services right at the moment are winning advertisers over by their performance. To be the best SEO company Sydney, we focus on leads, not irrelevant traffic that is unlikely to make a purchase.

Catering for business of all sizes

We also understand that for every business size, there is a reasonable business budget. There are SEM (search engine marketing) services for large businesses that charge tens of thousands of dollars per month that may be completely irrelevant and out of reach for many smaller businesses. Any small business still requires the best SEO company they can find to rank them for optimal leads at a low cost.

This is why we have developed cheap search engine optimisation for small businesses, professionals and tradesmen. The idea is to have a low cost solution that offers SEO for small businesses who only pay a fixed amount for a website of a certain size. We do cater for large businesses, however if a website is of more than 20 pages, then services are only available via a quote. Learn more about our exclusive cheap SEO services Australia to see just how affordable a web marketing company can be. Our first-rate SEO firm always keeps customers in the loop as to what work is being carried out as well as the level of progression so you get a better peace of mind of what’s being done.

To know more about the steps involved before we get started working away on your website, click to learn more about our leading SEO company Sydney. We’ll also explain a little more about who we are, our values and level of dedication we put into our work. We’ll always be there to help out your Aussie business.


We help you find the right keywords to use that have the highest traffic according to your industry and niche.
We control your budget so you can virtually spend as little or as much as you want.
We optimise your campaign for maximum performance for more customers and lower cost per acquisition.
We offer highly effective but cheap Ads management services and packages in Sydney for tradesmen, professionals and businesses of all sizes. Our digital advertising agency focuses on campaign performance, return on investment and value for money. We work to optimise your Ads management to the fullest to make sure you are receiving the maximum amount of recognition for the lowest PPC, to conserve your budget. The longer your budget lasts, the longer your ad stays up on Google, allowing for more clicks and/or calls from potential customers.

What do we do as an effective Google Ads provider? We thoroughly analyse campaign analytics while constantly changing settings, targeting, bid style, keyword target style, landing pages, add extensions, keyword elimination, PPC amounts and other changes to ensure you end up with a successful advertising campaign that gets more customers. Our Google Ads specialist will actively monitor your advertising campaign continuously throughout the duration of the plan to increase sales customer and customer conversion from Google.

If you’re searching Google Ads agency Sydney and want a company that is determined in working with you to increase your customer base, then contact us to see how we can get your ad right up on the first page of Google for multiple keywords. We service Google Ads management campaigns for only $365 per month for up to a generous 1000 keywords. Our Google Ads agency services extend to businesses in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and other cities.


Our SEO services Sydney are available to small to large businesses in NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, NT, SA, ACT and TAS.Moreover, popular areas we service in NSW include; Sydney CBD, Sutherland Shire, Wollongong, Canberra, North Sydney, Liverpool and Newcastle.  Similarly, areas of service in QLD are; Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine coast. Due to the fact that our work can be completed remotely, we can help your business in the most rural areas of Australia that is far from a central business district. Learn more about our SEO packages to get a better idea of what we offer. We’re a cheap SEO company in Australia that bundles hard work and excellence to give you ultimate value.
Still not sure of your best options? Call an SEO consultant for a free consultation on more information or just email us. Don’t be fooled by false promises and ranking guarantees by other firms, the best thing a company can promise is quality work and great value, so before you commit yourself and buy SEO in a package, make a few comparisons. We want to be the best SEO company in Sydney, Australia by providing premium, cost effective website optimisation that’s economical for Australian businesses. We deliver this with our SEO experts and top value for money services for a better return on investment.

Contact us to speak to an SEO consultant Sydney, tell us what you’d like to rank for and we’ll assist you in getting the finest SEO and best valued service. If you know what you’re after and you want to buy an SEO package for your business, purchase your plan today to get ranking sooner.


How long will it take to rank my website on the 1st page?

While SEO typically takes time to rank competitive keywords, many of our customers have ranked well for some keywords in very first month. As a general rule of thumb we usually rank clients for competitive keywords within a 3 month period to the 1st page of Google. It can also take time to bring that keyword up to the 1st or 2nd result of the first page depending on the industry.

Can I try your plan for 1 or 2 months?

Yes, our plans are designed so you have the freedom of trying, continuing or pausing your service as you please.

Which of your SEO Packages is most suitable for my website?

It depends on a few factors. Your industry, the size and current rank of your website as well as the keywords you’re targeting.

We generally recommend our SEO Professionals package for lightweight websites containing 5-10 pages, and the SEO business package for a website containing many pages like an eCommerce website with hundreds of products.


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